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Ghetto Life – Episode 19

I f—-d her as if am taking back my house rents we change style to cowgirl her moans want to bring down the roof, ahh mmm yea f–k me on god, my puna bros scater my puna oohwo yeah f–k me hmmmm haaaaa am cumming, i change her to d—-e style we f–k till the time clock 3am and cummed inside her

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Landlady:bros u sabi f–k oo chai my puna don scater, well at least u go dey f–k me now

Me:no problem(i no go ownly f–k u but ur daughter too,)

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Landlady:ma dey go na She left and around 4am i took the money to my father yard go my room dig ground put the money with the bag(sum of una go wonder my father na landlord and him give two rooms but na once in a while i dey go there) after i cement the ground i go back my house so as to sleep.

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I c-m dey hear heavy bang for my door i think say na dream till my door but open and two police men enter my room.


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Police2:u are under arrest for the robbery of a bank and anytin u say or do would be used against u in the court of law,

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