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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 47 [Season 1 Completed]


Ben was convinced as the nurse suddenly frowned on noticing his doubts and quandary.
He stared at the nurse with uncertainity written boldly on his face.

Nancy gave birth to quadruplets?
How is that possible?
“sir!, don’t you believe me?”
the nurse asked with disbelief.
“i doubt it at first but i guess, you aint playing tricks on me and i see no reason for me to doubt you”
ben plainly said with a glint of hope.
“you need to see for yourself, if you still don’t believe me”
the nurse replied and led the way to nancy’s ward, while ben followed with reluctance.
They got to the ward, and they walked in.
Ben’s mouth flew wide open, as he saw the babies.
They were arranged in a row in such a way as they were born.

The first, the second, the third, the fourth.
Ben stood still with both disbelief and joy.
He looked at the babies once more, then down to nancy who was la!d on the bed.
Nancy smiled wryly at ben in a humorous way.
The smile was of fulfillment, amusement and joy.
Ben looked back at the babies who were la!d peacefully.

He never knew when a smile emitted from his face.

Finally, he’s now a full father housing four babies at a time.
What a miraculous God!
“Thank you God!”
Ben muttered under his breath still looking at the babies.
Who would believe he had quadruplets.
What a wonderful God he is, he does things in a miraculous way beyond human comprehension.
Some nurse barge in unannounced grinning as they saw the babies, some stretched their necks to have a good look of the babies as they were many occupying the room leaving no vacuum space.
They all shouted happily congratulating nancy who was looking in bewildement.

They took turns in taking pictures of the babies.
They complimented the babies, saying they look cute and they are also identical quadruplets.
First two were boys, and the last two were girls.
Which triggered ben and nancy happiness.
It was the first quadruplets the hospital ever had or witnessed, so thus made them overjoyous and even turned down the fees which ben was supposed to pay.
Nancy was discharged after three days of hospitality from the doctors and nurses.
They went home with different gifts from people who heard the frolic news.
They laughed and joked all through the ride home with a gigantic delight.
“Ben i’m so so so happy for this, see what God did for us”
nancy shouted happily as they walked in to their house, with two babies held in her hands, one on the right hand and the second on her left arm, same applied to ben. He held the two cute boys in his arms smiling sheepishly.
“well, you dont really know the velocity of my happiness at this moment, i’m just overjoyed. I felt like am ontop of the world, see nancy, am the happiest man on earth!”
ben shouted with a vast mirth.
While nancy laughed joyously as they settled down on the three seater settee, placing the babies on their laps supported with their hands.
“what names do you think we could give them?”
ben asked thoughtfully.
“oh! Thats true, i never thought about that”
nancy replied as she jolted into reality.
“okay, lets do it this way, who’s the first? and who came second, third then the fourth”
ben asked formulating a strategy to name them accordingly as they were born.
“i don’t really know myself, because i just can’t decipher which one came first, they all look alike but i remember the nurse gave them marks to differentiate them”
nancy replied after ruminating deeply while ben checked the babies in arms for the marks, and he saw it, it was marked on their forehead depicting how they were born.
“what do you…”
ben couldn’t complete his statements as a knock interrupted.

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Ben dropped the babies on the settee and went for the door.

He opened the door and his mouth went wide agape, he was surprised at the huge number of people that were at his doorstep.
Nancy had to come have a look herself, when she realized ben was dazzled.
the huge crowd before him shouted elatedly.
Ben couldn’t believe his eyes, the crowd outside was his collegues at work and his junior staffs, even the ceo was present.

Ben was higly honoured seeing the ceo present to wish him, though it wasn’t yet the day for the naming but people trooped in to wish them.

Friends and well wishers gave them numerous gifts, which they never expected.

Ben had to hold a sudden feast that day, and he was presented a large bouquet. The visitors enjoyed themselves with vast regalement.
Simeon also showed up, how he got the news baffled ben, he congratulated ben and gave the babies gifts also.
They were even ardoned with red carpets as T.v stations broadcaster were there and they were taped live.

They recieved donations worth millions of naira from different people who graced the occasion.
They were honoured beyond measure, as they were the happiest on earth and they lived happily everafter blessed with four identical quadruplets.

would you help them give the babies names?

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