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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 46

Ben got to the hospital in a jiffy, he drove in to the hospital premises, he didn’t bother driving the car to the hospital’s parking lot but he rather parked the car behind the gate of the hospital.
He raced in with an automated speed, he gained triggered by the sudden news.
He walked hastenly to a nurse, deriving four nurse attention as they saw how restless he was.
“please nurse, i was called my wife was brought in here, can i see her?”
ben impatiently asked out of anxiety.
The nurse gazed at him with an askance look.
“your wife? How many wives would i know?, am i to be watching wives?”
the nurse replied sacarstically.
While ben looked at her with a scorn on his face, he termed the nurse rude and mannerles.
He got pissed and walked out on her to another nurse, hopefully she would give him, his desired answers, he only needed to polish his question.
“sorry miss, please, do you by any means saw a pregnant woman being brought in here?”
he asked the short but averagely fat nurse, the nurse kept mute for about some few seconds pondering over his words.
“was she brought in minutes ago?”
the nurse asked thoughtfully.
“i don’t really know the actual time she was brought in, but i was called”
ben replied.
“i guess she’s the one, but you need to see the doctor first”
the nurse replied and quickly added before ben could speak up.
“Meet Doctor Gabson”
“how can i locate him?”
ben asked.
“just at the far end of the hallway by the right hand side, you would see his office with the inscription ‘doctor gabson’”
the nurse replied and ben thanked her immensely.

He walked through the hallway looking at doors after doors on the right hand side, on the lookout of the inscription, ‘Doctor Gabson’, he eventually got to the said office, and just as he was told by the nurse, ‘Doctor Gabson’ was boldly inscribbed on the door.

He knocked on the door and a bass voice answered almost immediately.
He twist the door knob opened, and he went it.
The doctor looked up and met his gaze.

A brusque welcome was said by the doctor.

The doctor seemed to be in his mid forties, as his yellow face still glint and glow under the sun, he had no beards on his chin, but had a goatee moustache which suits him.
“what can i do for you?”
the doctor asked when he noticed ben was silent.
“oh sorry sir, actually, i was told to see you, i was told, my wife nancy was rushed in here”
ben expatiated to the hearing of the doctor.
“yeah, they rushed a lady in here minutes ago by some people who claimed she fainted, they dropped your number and the receptionist was the one that called you”
the doctor said and stood up taking out a file and handed it to ben.

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Ben collected it and made the necessary adjustment, which he signed.
“sir, can i see her?”
ben asked immediately he was done.
“no, you can’t see her yet, unless they are done with the operation.”
the doctor replied and sat down.
“oh alright sir”
“if the operation is done successfully, a nurse would come call you, go wait in the reception”
“okay, thank you doc”
ben said and went back to the reception room.
He sat down on an empty chair, and immediately buried his face in his palms, praying silently.
He hoped and prayed for safe delivery. And a successful operation.

No doubts he was worried with perplexity, as differents thoughts flashed through his mind.
What if nancy lose her life in the process?
Would she survive this?
Would the child survive also?
Would it be a male or a female?

That is not his main problem but loosing nancy and the baby together was his worst fears.
Why was he afraid?
Is he a man of little faith?
Why was he having doubts?
God never fails, and he had done it fot them before, then he would surely do it again.

He man up and held unto his faith.

With the hope that everything would be alright.
ben felt a slight tap on his shoulders jolting him back from his misery world.

He looked up to behold a nurse standing right in front of him.
“are you mr benson?”
the nurse asked with smiles which got ben annoyed.
“yes i am, any problem?”
he asked forgetting nancy predicament for a moment.
“not really, but your wife just gave birth to four bouncing babies”
the nurse said exuberantly, grining widely at ben whose expression was indifferent.
For a moment, ben was deaf and he went numb.
Was she playing tricks on him?
was it a sort of a joke?

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