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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 45

If words could describe how ben and nancy felt that moment, then definately, it would be happiness, a gigantic hilarity which they haven’t feel for a long time.
Ben was greatly gratified at that exact moment.
Both ben and nancy were lost in ecstasy, they remained wrapped in each other arms with a vast delight.
They’ve forgotten they were still in the hospital premises, as the people were mesmerized and dazzled, they stared at them in great awe.
Only ben and nancy could describe how they felt that moment, they never knew when tears dropped from thier eyes.
They shed tears of joy, after a long and arduous journey through thick and thin accumulated with deluded friends.
Finally, the once sealed womb of nancy was opened with force by thier perpetual prayers with their hope in christ.
With what seemed like eternity, ben and nancy finally disengaged from the long embrace, after they’ve received enough stares from patients and on lookers.
A flourishing smile emitted from their face, as they held each other hands and walked through the exit door of the hospital to their parked car.
They hopped in and ben drove off.
Ben turned on the stereo and a song by steve crown started playing.
you are great, yes you are,
holy one,
Walked upon the sea,
rise the dead.
Reign in majesty,
mighty God,
Everything written about you, is great
you are great
you are great
you are great
you are great!!!
Everything written about you, is great
Thay hummed to the song and sang along through the lyrics of the song.
The song seemed to be their favourite, and it was a song which sooth them at that moment as their joy knew no bounds.
Within minutes, they got home, and they hopped out of the car.
They held each others hand grinning from ear to ear as they walked in to the living room.
“ben, i couldn’t believe this, it all seemed like a dream to me, i was confirmed positive after all these years?
Take a look yourself”
nancy said joyfully as she flung a sheet of paper to him.
“well, all thanks to God, because am overjoyed at this moment.”
ben replied exuberantly.
“do you believe, i’ve been pregnant for over a month now?
Nancy asked as she sat down on a couch facing ben grinning widely at him.
ben asked with disbelief written all over his face.
“yeas dear, i never see changes in my body, even up to this moment. it was just a mircale”
nancy replied smiling sheepishly, while ben grinned back at her.
A knock suddenly sounded on the door, startling them.
They glanced at each other surprised.
They weren’t expecting a visitor.
Neither were they expecting a friend.
The unasked question on their lips was;
who could it be?
The knock sounded on the door again, then ben stood up and walked to the door.
“who is that?”
ben asked courteously.
“it’s faith from gunners company.”
the voice replied behind the door.
“faith from gunners company?”
ben asked himself surprised.
Faith was his secretary in the company, before he left the firm unannounced to meet his doom.
“oh! Faith, you may come in”
he said and opened the door for her.
She walked in and immediately curtisied for ben and nancy in respect of greeting.
“you’re welcome”
ben said and motioned her to sit.
She sat staring at nancy forgetting what she came to do.
Nancy noticed the stares and she readjusted her sitting position thinking she’d exposed her laps.
“so what brought you here?”
ben asked easing the awkward silence.
“oh sorry sir!, i almost forgot.
Well, i was sent from the ceo himself, he said i should deliver this letter to you”
faith said and stretched out her hand giving ben the letter.
Ben collected it and unsealed the letter.
He opened it and read the content of the letter.
Nancy stretched her neck trying to catch a glimpse of the letter.
Ben suddenly sprung up as if he was beign eletrocuted startling both nancy and faith.
“wow!, i can’t believe this”
he shouted exuberantly grinning widely, and his gaze still on the letter he held in his hands.
“my job has been restored, and i’ve been promoted to the post of a director.”
ben announced to the hearing of nancy and faith.
A smile wafted across nancy’s face and she jumped on ben for the second time in the day.
“God is really great!!
Nancy shouted in ben’s ear.

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