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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 44

They got to royal hospital within minutes as it was not that far away from their house.
Ben parked his only and remaining car in the hospital’s parking lot and they both went in holding each other’s hand.
A nurse attended to nancy and she took nancy to a test laboratory.
Ben beckoned on the receptionist and the following conversation ensued.
__________ __________
“please, can i see doctor richard?”
ben asked.
“doctor richard is not on duty today but you can see doctor alex”
the nurse replied while ben shook his head in disapointment.
“alright thanks nurse”
ben said in appreciation and the nurse left.
He wanted to see doctor richard and explain things to him, doctor richard seemed friendly to him that any doctor, he’d an encounter with.
He shrugged and sat down on one of the vacant chairs in the reception room.
He sat down with a heavy heart expecting nancy arrival.
With what seemed like eternity to ben, he saw nancy coming from the hallway accompanied with a nurse.
He stood up and quickly went over to meet them.
“whats the result?”
ben impatiently asked.
nancy replied and tried changing her face to a frown. But a smile crept over her face and made ben confused.
“its positive ben!”
she screamed jumping on him, while everyone in the reception room looked at their direction surprised at nancy’s outburst.
Ben grinned widely at her as his heart leapt up in joy.
“finally, i’m pregnant”
nancy muttered to ben under her breath as she was still held firmly in ben’s arms.

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