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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 43

Nancy blinked her eyes on hearing the voice.
she opened her eyes to see ben standing over her,
she immediately sprung up and looked around her.

The old man was no where insight, and what baffles her most was that, she found herself in their bedroom instead of the sitting room where she earlier was.
“you had a dream?”
ben asked the puzzled nancy.
“was it a dream?”
nancy replied or rather asked.
“i guess, you were also shown something in your dream”
ben replied and nodded his head in the affirmative.
“was it really a dream?”
nancy asked herself surprised, everything seemed too real to her,
she wouldn’t have believed if she was beign told it was a dream.
“what happened in your dream?”
ben asked and sat down beside her on the bed.

Nancy heaved a sigh of relief and reminisced over what happened in her dream,
“someone knocked on the door and i went to answer the person, but surprisingly, the person behind the door was an old man, which i’ve never seen before or knew, i opened the door for him, and he started saying things i couldnt understand.

The old man seemed to me like every other normal person, but the aura that lingers around him was weird and bizzare.

Wind suddenly came in from no where surrounding me, i never knew what happened next because i immediately closed my eyes not to see anything that would scare me.

I suddenly felt light as if something heavy left me and then i heard your voice to see myself here”
nancy narrated while ben dithered over what she went through.
“what is that thing that left you?”
ben asked confused.
“i dont know myself, all i knew is something came out from me.”
nancy replied.
“you said, you dont seem to know the old man”
ben asked again.
“i dont know him, i havent seen him before”
“we would surely understand our dreams in due time, and i believe our prayer has been answered.
“i hope so”
nancy replied.
__________ ____________________ _______
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__________ __________
Days flew by, and turned into weeks.
And Weeks turned into months.
Nancy was still worried as she saw no signs or changes in her body.
She’d determined it in her mind that she would commit suicide if it happens that she dosen’t get pregnant.
Ben however still held on to his faith, he knew sooner or later, she would be pregnant.
He only hoped for it to be soon.
As he still kept his hopes high.
As days went by, nancy would complain and lament saying after their three days of fasting and unending prayer that God still refused to give them a child.
Then ben would went on comforting her with soothing words that God never fails, he’d done it before and he would still do it. All she needed was to have faith in God.
If only she knew what awaited her, she wouldn’t have given discredit to God’s work.
__________ __________
__________ __________
nancy sat down on the couch in the sitting room, staring at what only God knows.
her arms stretched over each other and her legs placed on the low stool in front of her.
tears dropped freely from her eyes and she sniffed at intervals.
Ben came to the sitting room, he had been searching for her before his instinct told him to check the living room and there he saw her crying and obviously brooding.
She was visibly drowned in her thoughts that she was oblivious of the happenings around her.
She had thought she would be pregnant immediately after their prayer sessions and her weird dream but the reverse was the case.
She would wake up everyday check herself before the bathroom mirror, hoping to see changes in her body or rather see a protruding stomach, but all to no avail, it yeild no postive result.
She would cry her eyes out whenever she starts brooding.
Ben cleared his throat thinking he would get her attention by doing that, but he was proved wrong as nancy never heard that nor see him standing, she was obviously drowned in the ocean of thoughts that she never knew when ben came nearer to her, then tapped her.
She jerked off to see ben standing just in front of her.
She tried composing herself but was too late as ben had been watching her for over thirty minutes.
“Nancy, how many times would i tell you to stop brooding over this child issue?, or you want to develop high blood pressure huh?”
ben shouted infuriated at her brooding demeanor.
“why wouldn’t i brood, when we had no child to call our own, for over two months now, i see no changes in my body, so tell me isn’t it worth ruminating deeply about?”
nancy replied almost in whispers as she had lost strength to shout.
“thats true but you brood alot and it would affect you, i guess we need to see the doctor for checkup.”
ben said in a more cool tone while nancy concurred with him and they left for the hospital.
Ben drove to the hospital, while nancy sat beside him in the front seat.
Both with different thoughts as he drove on.
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