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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 42

Ben was frightened.

Because to him, it felt real, seeing the ghost of clara in his dream.
He thanked his stars that he was able to get rid of her.
“what really happened?”
nancy asked as she noticed the worriement on his face.
“clara’s ghost was taunting me in my dream”
ben simply said and heaved a sigh of relief.
“clara’s ghost?”
nancy asked suprised and not sure of what he meant.
“yes, clara’s ghost appeared to me in the kitchen, it really felt real that i was choking to death.
She said you won’t conceive except if i do her rites”
ben expatiated with a quivery voice, looking from right to left as if clara’s ghost would appear to him.
“what rites is that?”
nancy asked as she couldn’t comprehend the rites ben was talking about.
“i myself dosen’t know what she meant”
ben replied flatly and added.
“but she mentioned something of a grave, she said, she couldn’t rest and she had no befitting grave to rest”
“does she mean, you would dig her grave?”
nancy asked petrified at the thought of grave.
Ben gasped out too, he never thought of that.
“No, i don’t think so”
ben replied with much confidence.
“don’t be engulfed with fear over this, lets just keep on praying and i believed the lord would do wonders”
ben said with an assuring smile.
While nancy nodded her head in the affirmative.
And the duo started praying.
They prayed and prayed till they got exhausted.

A knock sounded on the door and nancy went over for it.
Nancy halted just before the door, she decided to wait and hear the person’s voice but the person behind the door never talked.
Still, the knock on the door was still persistent and was becoming outrageous. And that was what made nancy to open the door for the intruder.
The door opened and she stared at an old rotound man.

The old man had a smoky grey hair, his eyes were aged and blood flecked and his face timeworn with wrinkles all over.
Nancy stood astounded staring at the old man.
She had never seen the man before.
And what could he want?
Perhaps, he might be one of the street beggars seeking for alms, because the cloth he wore was thorn, shabby and dusty.
“who are you? And what do you want?”
nancy attacked the old man with two questions at a time.
“let me in first”
the old man replied firmly in a hoarse voice.
Nancy raised her brows casting him a fugitive look.

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He seemed harmless to her, and his physique seemed like one who needed help.
She paved way for him, stepping aside and old man walked in, hobbling unsteadily aided with a walking stick.

The old man settled down and rested his hunch back on the couch.
Nancy only stood staring at him suspiciously.
“who are you?”
nancy restated her question but this time, a question at a time.

The old man grinned widely, showing out his missing tooth.
“you don’t need to know who i am”
the old man replied in his hoarse voice still smiling, then he continued.
“i’ll give you what you want”
nancy pouted her lips in abhorrence, confused on what the grey headed man meant.
“i didn’t come here for any introduction whatsoever, so keep the introduction for a next time.

Thats even, if there’s a next time.”
the old man said and paused.

The smile he had plastered on his face vanished and turned to a frown.
“you wouldn’t allow me rest, i came here strictly to give you back what you owned, what you were deprived of”
the old man said with a tone of frustration.
“i don’t really get what you saying sir”
nancy said with a pleading voice as she seemed lost, she added the sir when she realized the old man didin’t came to beg for alms as she had earlier thought.
“you still wouldn’t understand, even if i explain to you”
the old man replied non-challantly. Putting nancy in a thighter confusion.
“with time, you would understand, i only came to do this.”
the man said in a serious tone, then he stood up and pointed his walking staff at nancy.

A whirl wind suddenly came out from no where.

It whirl around nancy strongly almost engulfing her.

She became scared and petrified, not knowing what was happening.

She unwillingly closed her eyes and welcomed the darkness surrounding her.

The whirl wind seemed to stop for a moment and then everywhere became calm.

The staff was still pointed at her and her body suddenly vibrated.

Something black and oval in shape suddenly flew out from nancy stomach.
She immediately felt light and weightless as the strange object flew out from her.

She intended on opening her eyes but hey eye lids were too heavy to do that.
“you also had a dream?”
a familiar voice asked.

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