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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 35

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months but ben and nancy were still living peaceful as ben had earlier assured her that nothing would ever make her leave.
There’s no passing day that they won’t have sexual intercourse as it was now a daily routine. All in the name of seeking for the fruit of the womb.
But still, there were no signs or changes in her body for pregnancy.

Nancy was despaired, despite ben motive of not giving up.

But there came a day, a day that nancy would live to regret.

It all happened when
Ben decided to pay a visit to his old pal which was simeon leaving nancy all alone at home.
Ben found himself at the gate of simeon’s mansion.

He pressed the telecom, while it rang inside the house.

In no minutes, the gate was opened for him by the gateman after he was being thoroughly scrutinized and he was granted entrance.
Simeon saw him coming walking through the walkway, he quickly went out and met him on the way.
“hey buddy!”
simeon said while they shook hands.
“long time man!”
ben said.
“yes o!, so what brought you here?”
simeon asked as they both walked in and settled down on the couch facing each other.
“so soon?, aint you gonna entertain me?”
ben asked as he straightened his neck passing simeon a message that his throat was dry.
“oh! Pardon my manners, so what would you like to take?”
simeon asked and stood up in readiness to go fetch his order.
“was just pulling your legs, i’m okay man!”
ben said and smiled.
“you aiint serious”
simeon said and sat down chuckling.
“well, i ghat a problem with my wife and mother and i believed you could help me out with a piece of an advice.”
ben said looking straight into his eyes.
“so let the ears hear it and see if something could possibly be done to help you out”
simeon said while ben took a deep breath and readjusted his sitting position.
“my wife is still not pregnant man! And mother is threatening her to pack out and worst still, she said i should get myself another wife, so tell me what do i do?”
ben said with a tone of frustration.
“thats kinda complicated, but i would rather advice you to be prayerful so nancy would get pregnant, as for your mother, she wouldn’t be able to do anything, if nancy should blessed with the fruit of the womb.”
ben said and added.
“Don’t seek me for advice but rather seek God for solution and moreover, you never can tell, if she’s suffering from a spiritual bondage”
simeon said thoughtfully while ben nodded his head in agreement.
“yeah, you’re right, it might be something pertaining to that but i hope God would answer us”
ben said as his face lit up with much hope.
“yes, he answereth all prayers, your prayer would be answered, if you believe.”
simeon said.
“alright, i’ll do just that and i believe she would be pregnant soon.”
ben said and added.
“i’ll be on my way now”
he stood up and made to leave.
Nancy sat down on the couch and was drowned in her emotions, she felt demoralized and depressed and
her face looked pale. Tears flowed from her eyes and streamed down her face.

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The reason behind her tears wasn’t farfetched from not being able to conceive.
She cogitated about her predicament and what it had caused her.
Her eyes were reddened like a bloody murderer and her face was a total mess as tears had dismantled her makeup.
She’d taken brooding as a daily routine and she was getting sick. As the problem had weighed her down.

A knock sounded on the door startling her.

She knew it must be ben at the door as she quickly cleaned off her tears not wanting ben to know that she’d been crying.
She quickly rushed to the door as the knock was still persistent.
She needed to disguise herself before opening the door so that ben would be oblivious of the fact that she’d been brooding.

She tried and formed a smile on her face which evade the once gloomy face.
Her smile vanished and turned to sheer terror as she opened the door.
She unknowingly swallowed the lump that came to her throat and a shiver raced down her spine.

She stood gobsmacked and dumbfound.
And her brain seemed to have shut down its system.
She was staring at four inhumane prying eyes that pireced her soul.
Before one could say JACK.

Her mother in-law and her accomplice descended on her beating her black and blue.
Her mother in-law rained punches on her face. the young mad lady that accompanied her was not left out, she also gave nancy heavy blows which hit her vital parts.
One would think the lady was a mad woman originated from the village with the way she dressed.

She wore a native attire, typical of the yoruba wears.

The wrapper was tied to her chest and her headtie was left loosely hanging on her head and could possibly be blown away.

But what killed the show was the shoe she wore adorning her dress.

She wore a yellow sportshoe on a green native attire. And her makeup was overused in a way that it smeared her face.
Perhaps, she might be suffering from a brain disorder.
Who knows?

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