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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 34

Ben held his cheek, he less expected that.
“is this what you call a wife?”
she shouted at him pointing her index finger at nancy who was now weeping bitterly.
“if i was blind then to have allowed you to marry her, were you also blind to see the writing on the wall?, don’t you have eyes to see that she’s barren?”
she continued ranting but ben intercepted.
“she’s not barren mom!”
he objected.
The grey headed woman suddenly gave a mocking laugh.
“but where are the children?, if she’s not barren as you said. Ehen?”
ben couldn’t protest nor say a single word.
He only kept mute and pondered on what she’d said.

Truly, she hadn’t bore him a child since their four years of marriage, but was it really her fault?
Was she truly barren as his mother had said?
He hadn’t thought about it, that he had no child to call him father.
whereas, most of his friends that just got married after they did are now counting up to three children.

Maybe his mother was right about getting a new wife.
But he loves her and all that matters is their love which supercedes all love and other things can be added to it.

The love matters most not about making babies.
Their love and peaceful marriage almost came to an abruptly end with the change of things at recent.
First, it was clara.

Then later Alice but now, it’s his mother bringing a commotion into the house.
“i can see, you’re now thinking deeply about it, don’t be sentiment, i’m only trying to help out in your excruciating predicament.
Who wouldn’t want the best for you?
And moreover, you’re my only son and child, thats why i had to act like a good mother i was.
Ben i know it would be hard for you to decide but i guess if you ruminate deeply about it, you would rather concur with me with no qualms.
I would simply get you a new wife as i stated earlier and i’m not going back on my words.
You would see me and your new wife when next i come, good bye to you.”
she expatiated and stormed out of the house casting nancy an evil glare that could kill.
Nancy broke out crying as if her cry engine was re-ignited.

She wailed uncontrollably.
Ben couldn’t withstand it, seeing her crying made him hate himself.
He knew his mother was keen and desperate but what could he do?
Absolutely nothing!
He could only stay back and watch as it unfolds.
But there’s no way he would allow that happen.
Not with all he passed through just to uphold their marriage and for his mother to appear from no where and make his efforts futile.
He consoled nancy crying himself.

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How would she withstand it seeing another person taking over her responsibilities, how would she stay in the same roof with another woman who know nothing about their marriage.
What a world we live in? sometimes, mother in-laws are the perpetual evils most couple found in their marriage.
“ben, i’m sorry, its all my fault, i couldn’t bore you a child but i believed am not barren.
I would go and allow peace to reign because i don’t want trouble, i would leave for good”
nancy said amidst tears.
“what is this you’re uttering out from your mouth?

I cant sit and watch someone else taking over you. And I won’t allow that.
You’re my love, the queen of my heart, my soul mate whom my heart chose.
You’re not barren my dear, lets just wait for God’s time”
ben said patting her shoulder and obviously smiling.
“but i don’t want trouble, i don’t want anything that could possibly cause havoc, i know am a failure but let me grant your mother her wish by leaving and moreover, i can see, she’s keen on getting you a wife that could give you a child that i can’t”
nancy said but ben interjecteted.
“you aiint leaving!, i won’t allow her bring anybody else into this house, and one thing am certain of is that, you’re not barren, you would surely bore me children in due time.
Lets just hope and have faith in God, i believed it would be soon.”
he said as he started using his kisses to dry off her tears.

Nancy wanted to resist and protest but her body weakly responded as she was lost in ecstasy and fantasy.
She responded to the soft kisses administered by ben.

Ben fondled her b—-t, he caress it erotically and brought it to his mouth, he started sU-Cking like an hungry baby would do to his mother’s b—-t.
Nancy couldn’t withstand the pleasure from concealing her mouth, she started m0an!ng encouraging him to continue the mandated job of fantasy.

Ben drew her skimpy short skirt to the knee level and shoved her blue Gstring pant sideways. He further dipped his index finger into her v—a and lowered his head on her c——s, he positioned himself in a way that nancy could have access to his d–k. Nancy aggresively grabbed his d–k and sq££zed it hard.

That almost threw ben offbalance as he groaned loudly.
Minutes later, they were both panting loud on the settee has they’d both reach c—-x.
Nancy blinked her eyes and opened it he saw ben smiling at her.
“i love you”
she said & smiled.
“i love you too”
ben replied and kissed her.

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