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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 32

Ben continued knocking and banging on the door shouting her name.

He knocked and knocked till he couldn’t knock anymore.

But nancy never answered.

He left downcasted and dejected. He was guilty of what he’d done and he showed compassion for it.

Tears dropped freely from his eyes as he remembered how she had loved him and was faithful to him but now where is the love?.

It has been replaced by hatred just for a cheat.

A day cheat.

The guilt overwhelmed him that he lost balance while walking to his room.

No doubts, he loved her with his whole heart, but there’s an hinderance.

Pangs of his conscience were really making it hard for him.

He knew he was at fault, but he wasn’t desperate.

He never deliberately had it with her in the first place.

It was all infatuation and a desire which he had craved for but he never knew it could be a thorn in the flesh.

He stood up and staggered back to the visitor’s room where nancy was.

He knocked hard on the door with his fist.
Nancy was really perturbed with the unrelenting knock on the door.

She still love him with all her heart could muster.

But she hate to admit it.

The knock on the door was becoming too outrageous for her.

As the knock sounded, it echoed in her heart making her heart beats faster than normal.

A part of her really wanted him back but another part of her resist the urge to go open the door for him.

She made no decisions and was still on the fence.

She found herself in a worst state of dilemma.
Ben continued knocking relentlessly regardless of the pains he was feeling on his arms.

he called out to her.
“i know you can hear me, am really sorry for what i’ve done in the past, it wasn’t intentional, just try and understand me. I know how hard it would be but please find a place in your heart and forgive me.

I’ve been carrying the guilt all these days and i couldn’t withstand it anymore.

My conscience is judging me nancy!

Am really sorry!, please hear the cry of an heartbroken heart.

My heart & soul calls for his other part, it needs you.

Remember the promises we made, remember the trust we had for each other, remember our loving days.

please forgive me!.

We do offend God most times and he forgave us how much more of we humans?

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Am dying of the guilt it caused me
please hear the wails of my heart, it crying out to you.

I’ve really passed through hell just to uphold our marriage.

There were loss of lives because of me.

I’ve conquered our enemy nancy.
i killed clara.”
ben said crying like a baby deprived of his mother’s milk.

He heard footsteps coming closer and closer and it suddenly stopped.

The door opened and nancy came out with a swollen eyes, it was obvious, she had been crying allthrough ben’s confession. As her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

She leaned her back on the door and folded her hands across each other still sniffing looking at ben who was surprised to see that she’d been crying.

He went down on his knees, and he joined his two palms together in a begging demeanor.
“i’m really sorry nancy”
he said amidst tears.
“it’s okay! I forgive you”
nancy said and smiled while ben stood up surprised and his mouth wide open agape, he ran into her waiting outstretched arms with a broader smile.
“thank you so much.
i love you”
he said patting her back
“but i love you more”
nancy replied almost screaming.

Their love and passion for each other increased that moment.

Ben head moved to her lips and nancy met it with hers halfway and their lips intetwined in a long passionate kiss.

They were kissing real hard as ben hands roamed all over her body as if looking for a lost treasure.

They were both in the mood as their tempo increased.

Nancy’s body was on fire and it almost got burnt if not for ben that suppressed the fire in her body.

They never knew when they landed on the bed, they were drowned in the pleasure, still kissing.

They started tearing each other apart and they flung each other cloths away to only God knows where.

One thing led to another and they end up having a mindblowing rounds of s-x.


We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.

And also Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

No matter the circumstances or how weighty it is.

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