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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 31

simeon and ben planned to check up on nancy the next day.

They hopped in simeon’s bentley and drove off to the hospital.

They alighted from the car and went in.

Ben called a nurse in the reception room as she was about vacating the room.
“sorry, please can you take me to doctor richard’s office?”
ben asked the nurse.
“oh! Yeah, just follow me”
the nurse said and led the way to his office.
Simeon didn’t follow them, he sat on a chair in the reception room.

The nurse knocked on the door twice but got no reply, she knocked again but still there was no reply.
doctor richard bellowed out to them as he was walking down the hallway and saw them at the entrance of his office.
“good morning sir!”
the nurse curtsied in a gesture of respect.
“yeah Morning”
doctor richard replied patting her on her shoulder.
“sir!, he said he want to see you”
the nurse said refering to ben.
“alright You can go”
doctor richard said and dismissed her.
“morning sir”
ben greeted and bowed his head a little.
“yeah morning mr….”
doctor richard replied trying to remember his name.
“ben sir”
he quickly helped him out.
“oh! Come in”
doctor richard said and opened the door while they both went in.

Doctor richard went over to his seat and sat down, while ben sat on the visitor’s chair.
“mr ben, what happened?, you never came since five months now?”
doctor richard asked immediately they were done settling down.
“am sorry doc, it wasn’t my fault, i planned on visiting but couldn’t as i was detained in the police cell”
ben said while doctor richard’s eyes popped open surprised.
“you were detained?”
doctor richard asked and raised his eyebrows
“yeah, i was allegedly accused for murder and i was detained”
he said and added.
“but the officers couldn’t provide a proof but i was still held hostage since it had went viral, i was released two days ago and that was what proned me to be here”
doctor richard shook his head in pity for him, he wasn’t really sure, if he was being told the truth.
He shrugged it off.
“sorry ben, do you want to see nancy?” he asked.
“yes sir!, thats the reason behind my coming here”
ben replied.
“alright, follow me to her ward.”
he said and stood up.

Ben also stood up and doctor richard led the way.

He opened the door and they both walked in.

Nancy turned back on the bed on hearing the opening of the door.

Ben gazed at her beaming with smiles but nancy never smiled.

She gazed back at him with hatred written allover her face.

Ben smile vanished immediately he sensed what was on her mind.

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He knelt down before her.
“am sorry”
he said with remorse.

But nancy never replied him, she kept staring at him as if to slap him.
“am sorry once again, am sorry for the pains i made you pass through, i never intend to betray your trust, am really sorry”
ben said almost breaking down in tears.

Nancy said nothing as if his words fell on deaf ears.
“sorry mr ben, i guess you both had a misunderstanding, you can make it up to her when you both get home”
doctor richard said.
“is she discharged already?”
he asked as he stood up.
“yeah, she has been due since a month ago but i couldn’t discharge her as you never showed up”
doctor richard expatiated.
“i’m sorry about that sir, but she’s good to go now right?”
ben further asked as he was contemplating on how he would make her understand what he went through just to save their marriage.
“yes now, i will discharge her now”
the doctor replied and summoned nancy to get up.

Nancy was reluctant to go home with ben, she now hate ben for the betrayal part he played and worst still, he never came to check up on her, she was heartbroken and just merely looking at him got her pissed off.

Doctor richard went back to his office and gave ben some files which contained the operations passed on her and some prescribed drugs which he was to buy.

Ben and nancy walked through the hospital hallway to the reception room, and no one said anything to each other.

Simeon walked up to them as he’d sighted them coming from afar.

He congratulated ben and nancy, while nancy acted as if they were cool with each other.

They walked to the waiting car and simeon drove them to their house.

No one talked all through the journey, simeon partly understood the awkward moments between them and didn’t bother to bombard them with questions.

Nancy knew simeon backthen in school, she just behaved weirdly and acted if she never knew him but rather took him as ben’s driver.

Simeon drove in as the gate parted ways for them to drive in.

He drove off as soon as simeon and ben alighted promising to visit the next day.

Nancy tried to avoid ben’s gaze but couldn’t as he kept staring at her as they walked in.

She never wanted to follow ben home but she had no choice than to follow him.

She promised herself to pack out from ben’s house the next day.

She went straight to the visitors room to avoid discussion with ben, she shut the door immediately she was in.

While ben [email protected] on her door repeatedly

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