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GETTING TEMPTATIONS!! – Season 1 – Episode 30

A misaim gunshot was heard, it was obvious that it hit ben as he howled loudly in pain.

Alice boys immediately retaliated as they saw the smart move simeon made on their boss.

They pointed their guns at him, corked the gun in readiness to shoot.

Simeon tried his last luck as he bounced up and descended on them, he dealt with one with a heavy blow which hit him hard on his jaw and he staggard backwards and fell, he kicked the other one in a bicycle kick, while the remaining spared one shot him continuously in the chest region.

The force of the bullets took simeon off ground and he slumped to the ground motionless.

Everything happened so fast, it seems simeon was well trained in defence academy and was specialised in using kick.

Ben immediately stood up regardless of the pains he felt in his left arm.

Adrenaline rushed through his veins triggered by the death of his friend simeon.

He tightened his fist and gritted his teeth but he couldn’t move an inch as he saw mr obedience.

Shotgun and hand revolvers were pointed at him.

Alice was angry to have given simeon the chance to humilate her before her boys.

Ben writhed in pains as his left arm was designed with bullets and he was bleeding heavily.

Alice gun was also pointed at him, her thirst for revenge would be quenched today.

She corked the gun, while ben staggered backward he knew, she would shoot him soon.
“Ben, you will kiss this world goodbye and when you get to….”
sounds of gunshot was heard cutting her short.
Alice boys were already down before they could turn around.
The gunshots were emanating from the entrance of the building.
“drop your weapon and surrender”
a voice said as five policemen emerge and walked up to her, pointing guns at her.

Three policemen bentdown examing the deadones while two still pointed their gun at her.

She was reluctant to give in to subsmission.

She started devising a plan on how to take them all out at once without being hit.

She decided to toil with them, she bentdown as if she wanted to drop her gun but immediately shot the two officers on their legs, but the officers quickly retailated and shot her back as they fell on their knees, they never knew she was smart with her move to have gunned down the estimate of twelve officers, some were instantly dead while some still whimpers in pain.

Ben staggard backwards and fell down, he had lost too much of blood, his sight became blurry, he tried to steady his eyes but couldn’t as darkness engulfed him. He passed out.

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Simeon stood up limping on one leg surprising the officers that stood.

They thought he was dead.

What they never knew was that he wore a bulletproof vest underneath that saved him from the bullets but sustained an injury on his leg.

He looked up towards ben and saw him lying on the floor. His heart skipped several beats.
“was he shot?”
he asked a sergeant.
“yes he was shot”
the sergeant replied.
“we need medical service right now!”
he shouted at the officers, while they heaped the dead bodies on their shoulders and carried them into their cars and drove back into town as there were no hospitals in the village.

Ben and Simeon with some other injured officers were taken into a specialiased ward where bullets wounds are being treated in Royal hospital.

The same hospital where nancy was admitted.

But unfortunately the doctor in charge wasn’t doctor richard.

They were discharged after the wounds had been taken care of and were physically stable.

Ben was also discharged and the government foot the hospital bills.

He wasn’t aware that the hospital he was admitted in when he sustained the pellet injury was the same hospital nancy was admitted.

Ben sat on the settee while simeon sat beside him in his house.

Both with different thoughts.
“i’m really indebted to you, am so grateful man!, i would have been dead by now had it been you didn’t show up”
ben said gratified with simeon’s helping hand.
“oh! Lets just be thankful to the creator who made us to be alive till this moment, i would also have been long dead, if i presume not to wear my bulletproof vest underneath my shirt”
simeon said.
“huh?, you wore a bulletproof vest?”
ben’s eyes popped open in bewildment.
“yes i did, i trailed you, when you angrily went out the other day, before you were ambushed, i knew something bad would happen, that was what made me to follow you, i had to call for backup from the station when i saw how dangerous the task would be if i decided to take them all out alone, i trailed them without their notice.

The first set of officers were all shot dead, it was the second set that saved us from the death trauma.”
simeon expatiated in a sorrowful tone
“i just don’t know how to thank you enough, you’re really Godsent, i pray the soul of the deceased officers rest in perfect peace”
ben said while simeon broke down in tears for the loss.

Ben patted him on his shoulder while tears also dropped from his face.

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