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Gay High School: Episode 9

Gay High School

Gay High School

Jeffrey walked to me and dragged me to himself, he started shoving down his sweat pants, but I did something nasty.

I hugged him, tight, so tight, while crying “Please s Jeffrey, don’t hurt me…” I cried in his chest. He was bemused. “Please don’t hurt me.” I kept sobbing

as I tightened the hug.

My tears soaked his bare chest and he patted me.

“Chill Oliver…I won’t hurt you.” He’s voice was low, as if he took efforts to speak. I still tightened the hug. “Stop Ollie…it’s okay.” He said and I withdraw and looked up at him. “Thanks.” I said and he smiled at me and wiped off my tears with his thumb.

“You came to sleep right?” He asked and I nodded.

“Alright!” He said and brought a mattress at a corner. He placed it properly and beckoned me to lie. I looked at him suspiciously. “Don’t be afraid, I promise you, I won’t hurt you..I don’t fail promise, everyone knows me for that.” He said and I nodded. Atleast, I should believe him.

He inserted his hand in his pocket and brought out a ball pen with a sharp silvery mouth. He handed it over to me and I took it and looked at him quizzically.

“Stab me with it, if I try to make any advances to you.” He said and I nodded. At least, I’ve a weapon. Then slowly, I walked to the small bed and lye down. I watched him turn on the Air conditioner and fan and a sudden chill ran through me. Then he turned off the lights and the room became dark again.

I didn’t see him for a while and I grabbed the pen tight. Just in case.

Then I felt a hand on my body. I quickly stabbed him with it.

“Ouch…Oliver, why did you do that.” He asked quite angrily as he turned on the lights.

“You were making advances.” I replied with a shrug.

“Damn it…I was trying to cover you with the duvet, you were catching cold.” He

retorted as he held his injured arm.

“Am sorry.” I stated guiltly.

And his face softened. “No biggie.” He replied with a smile and laid beside me.


“Wake up boy,” Jeffrey nudged. I opened my eyes slowly. It’s morning. Ohh. “Good morning.”

“Yea, get up, so you won’t be late.” He proffered and I nodded and stood up.

“But today is Sunday.”

“Yeah…There are many activities on Sundays so you got to prepare early.”

“Would you come with me to my room?” He asked.

“No thanks.” I answered curty.

“You have to stop being scared of me, I won’t hurt.” He remarked.

“I know but Fred warned me against going to people’s room.”

He frowned. “It’s okay.”


The School bell dangled.

“’s time..hurry up to your room to take your bath, I’ll see you later ” Jeffrey said and rushed out.

I sluggishly came out of the Library and Fred was the first person I saw. “Oliver!!!”

My heart leapt. Am dead. “Where…”

“I slept in the Library.” I answered sharply even before he could ask.


“Jeff…rey.” I answered slowly.

“Jeffrey.. Oh God. Oliver, I guess your anus is burning by now…go to the room now and wait for me, you must be punished.” Fred yelled and I ran to the room. I pushed the door ajar.

“Oliver!!!!” Mason and Alex exclaimed immediately I got in. “Oh..My goodness, we were so worried about you.” Mason said with fawn concern. “Where did you sleep?”

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“In the library, with Jeffrey.” I muttered.

“Jeffrey!!!!!” The duo asked.

“Why did you sleep with Jeffrey,.” A voice asked behind.

Oh my ….

It’s Eric.

“Cause you guys don’t want me in the room.” I mumbled.

Eric scoffed and faced the mirror while drying his hair with a towel.

“C’mon boy…who said so?” Alex said as he walked to me and held me closely.

“You’d say so.” I defended.

“Look Oliver, I and Mason are sorry for what we said yesterday, we were just so angry, that doesn’t mean you should leave the room. And now you must be feeling pains in your anus, Jeffrey…”

“Jeffrey didn’t do anything to me.” I defended vehemently and they exchanged glances.

“Well, let’s leave that for now….Fred was blaming us for chasing you out of the

room, he was hell mad because of you.” M

ason prompted.

“Am sorry.”

“We’re sorry too but didn’t Jeffrey…”

“He did nothing.”

“Come here, Oliver, you got to be severely punish.” Fred voice jolted me. His face was clouded with anger.

“Am sorry but Jeffrey isn’t…”

“Shut up.” He yelled.

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“Can’t you listen to me for once, are you always rude, why are you so protective, am not a girl, stop acting like am your girlfriend.” I poured out my anger.

Fred was shocked. “Are you talking to me?” He asked.

I exhaled.

“Am sorry, but am tired of all this, you are making it seems to be like we’re in a relationship.” I said courageously.

Everyone was bewildered, including Eric.

“Are you saying am too clingy.” He asked with a frown.

“Yeah..somehow” I muttered

Fred tried composing himself. Then he drew in a long breath.

“Oliver, it seems a night with Jeffrey has affected your thinking spot,..”

“Don’t blame Jeffrey, you all are calling Jeffrey a gay, but we both slept on the same bed and he made no sexual advances towards me, but…” I paused to take a breath.

“But, anytime I sleep with you in a bed, you’ll keep caressing my body all night.” I threw the bombshell and Fred’s face scarlet with rage.

He looked at me deeply and tear slipped down his eyes. “Thanks.” He blurted out after the sullen silence. Why do I have to say that.

I looked at him, but he has climbed on his bed and covered himself with the bedsheets. “You’ve got nice guts.” Mason whispered to me.

“And today is our drama test.” Alex gasped making Mason flinched.

Fred also pulled down the duvet and stood sluggishly.

“Damn it…Why would a test be fixed on Sunday.” Eric snorted.

“Oliver, since you’ve nothing to do, you’ll come with us to the class.” Mason said and I nodded.



I and Mason got into the class, and I couldn’t help but admire the large class with cute guys. All eyes were fixed on us as Mason walked me to a chair, with his name on it.

“Hey!!” Jeffrey winked at me and I winked back. A boy scoffed angrily and I turned to him. He’s a prefect, so beautiful (Not handsome), he has pure feminine features.

“That’s Mitch, Jeffrey’s gay partner.” Mason whispered to me.


“Mason, where are the rest of the FAME.” The teacher asked.

“Alex is coming.” Mason answered.

“Fred and Eric?” The man asked.

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“No idea.” Mason prompted.

Wow, they are keeping malice….because of me.

“Sorry am late, did I miss anything?” Alex asked rushing in.

“You miss your period.” A boy said and the class laughed.

“Tony would you ever say something that makes sense.” Alex asked and the boy rolled his eyes.

I watched Alex as he walked to his seat, after shooking hands with many.

It’s obvious, he’s the most friendly among the FAME.

“Here comes Mr Grumpy.” A boy shouted as Eric walked into the class. Everyone chuckled silently, no one dare laughs out. They are afraid of him.

Then, Fred walked in with a weary face. He paid no one attention as he walked to his seat, after sparing me a glance.

“Wow…the FAME’s all came separately. I hope all is well.” The drama teacher asked.

No response!


“Well, the test is a practical test,…You Come here.” The teacher pointed at me and I looked at Mason who gave me a go ahead look.

“You’ll just act like a girl, while the boys would express their feelings to you…don’t fidget, it’s just a test.” He assured and I nodded ans stood front of the class.

“Mason, you’ll start…express your feelings to him, whatever feelings you’ve, express it.. act like it’s a movie, remember it’s hundred marks.” The teacher said and Mason nodded and stood up. He walked to me and look me deeply.

“How much I love you.

Even the stars can’t understand the love I have for you, the moon won’t understand either, cause my love for you is beyond understanding, I love you Oliver, right from the time I saw you, I tried making you mine, but you were blinded to know that I care much more than others.. be mine and I promise to make you the happiest human on earth.” Mason said and the class applauded.

Jeffrey stood up with a smirk and I can see two pairs of eyes glaring at him. Eric

and Fred.

“How much I cherish you.

All my life, I’ve never find anyone as special like you, my heart is intertwined with yours, my soul is blended with yours. Be mine Oliver and I’ll make sure no one would intimidate you again.” Jeffrey said belligerently.


“Am sick for today, let this postponed till next week.” Fred ordered and stood up.

“As you wish..” the teacher said and waved everyone off. Wow, so Fred do have much authority.

Everyone started walking out of the class. Fred walked up to me and I kept my gaze at the floor. I won’t dare look at his eyes. “Oliver look up at me.” He said and I shuddered.

“Look at me Oliver, you refer to me as a gay, you accused me of caressing you in the night, which I’ve never done and you ….”

I didn’t allow him finish, I ran out of the class and ran to the hostel.

I got to the hostel and received a shock.

Eric was alone in the room gulping for air. His back was leaned to the wall and he kept breathing heavily. “Kiss me….” “Oliver kiss me.” Wric cried as he breathed heavily.

Kiss him?


“Help me Oliver…please…” Eric cried as he started falling to the floor.

What the heck!

What just happened.






What just happened?

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