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Gay High School: Episode 3

Gay High School

Gay High School

My heart started beating like a stripped hammer. Filled with fear. He walked towards me, while I walked backwards while facing him. Until my back got to the book shelf. Dead end.

He leaned towards me and looked at my hands. “You haven’t been marked.” He said.

Then he leaned to me and forcefully took my lips,.

Then the door opened, A junior walked in. “Senior Jeffrey you are needed at the office.” The boy said and ran out with fear.

Jeffrey sighed. And left me. He took his book and pen and left without saying a word.

I walked back in tears to the hostel. It was already dark when I got to the hostel.

Fred was asleep, Eric too. And Mason.

Alex sat on his bed pressing his phone.

“What took you so long?” He asked with his gaze still at his phone. “I…i…”

“You are stuttering, that shows you want to lie.” He said as he fixed me a gaze.

“I was with Jeffrey in the Library.” I rushed the words and he shouted.

“Jeffrey!!” Surprisingly, Fred and Mason sprung up including the grumpy pants (Eric).

“What did he do to you.” Fred asked as he jumped down from his bed. Oh, they are

taking this roo serious.

“No…nothing.” I stuttered.

Fred rushed to me and hooked my shirt.

“Don’t you dare lie to me!” He said with red eyes.

“He,” I voiced out.

“Aargh.” Alex exclaimed.

Mason looked at me in a sympathetic manner.

Eric Sat in his bed and kept glaring at me.

Fred stormed out of the room in anger.

“Am sorry boy.” Mason drew me to himself and ruffled my hair.


Nine pm…

I and Alex has dinner in his bed.

“Why is Fred not yet back.” Eric asked no one in particular.

“I hope Jeffrey hasn’t ganged up against him.” Mason added.

“And this dullard is the cause of this.” Eric said pointing at me.


“Don’t blame him.” Alex defended. Then the door opened and Fred came in with a face clouded with fury.

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“What’s wrong?” Mason asked but he walked pass him without giving an answer.

He came to me, brought my hands and took a pen and signed on my arm.

“Pretend to be my school son from today.” He said and my eyes widened.

School son to the senior prefect. Is it a good news or bad?”

“This is incredulous.” Alex exclaimed.

“And be careful of where you go.” Fred cautioned angrily and moved to his bed.


Silence followed suit, no one was talking.

“This is awkward, the room is boring, let’s play a game, Truth or Dare would be okay.” Mason said, breaking the awkward silence.

“Count me out.” Alex, Fred and Eric said at the same time.

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“What about ….Jeopardy.” Mason said and they all sprung up.

“Am in.” Alex and Fred blurted.


“Am in.” He said as he came down from the bed.

They sat in the floor and formed a circle.

I sat at Alex high bed and watched.

“C’mon son, everyone ought to join.” Fred beckoned and I came down from the bed and joined the circle after receiving a glare from Eric.

“So let me explain the game for you. ” Alex started. “Jeopardy is a sweet but dangerous game. I’ll answer a question and you’ll say the question. That’s how it is…understood?”

He asked but I shook my head.

“For example, I’ll say, He’s the richest man in the world.’ And you’ll ask, who is Bill gate’ that’s how the game is, if you fail, there’s a penalty.” He expounded and I nodded.

It started with Mason to Alex

“It’s the scientific study of life”

“Define biology?” Alex answered with a wink.

Alex to Fred.


“2+3” Fred answered sharply.

Fred to Eric

“He’s the best poet in the world ..what’s the question?”

“Who is Williams Shakespeare.” Eric answered.

Eric to Me….

“He was president Millard Fillmore’s Secretary of the state.” Eric asked.

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My lips pursed, my heart churned, my intestines tightened, my stomach lept into my chest.

“That’s too hard for him.” Fred stated.

But Eric ignored him…”Answer it now!” He gnashed his teeths.

“Alright, I’ll ask another question, if you fail it, then your punishment would be cruel.” He warned and I nodded.

“He won the Pulitzer prize for poetry in 1974.”

“What?” I muttered.

“Wrong answer, Watt was a Scottish engineer. So you a

re wrong.”

“What’s my punishment.”

“You’ll sleep outside the room for tonight.” Eric stated devilishly.

“That’s not possible.” Fred retorted.

“Yeah, not possible.” Alex added.

“My decision is final, go outside the room, NOW.” Eric yelled at me.

“You can’t do that to him.” Fred scorned.

“Of course I can and you can’t stop me.” Eric snorted.

I stood up to leave.

“Don’t you dare leave this room.” Fred said menacingly to me.

“Leave this room now.” Eric fired.



“Oliver, don’t go anywhere, Fred is the senior prefect and do whatever he says.” Alex commanded and out of anger, Eric leapt to him.

And a fight started.

And I’m the cause.

I can’t stand it, causing troubles among bestfriends. Is better I leave.

With Fred and Mason trying to separate, I walked out of the room without them noticing.

But leaving the room at this critical moment doesn’t seem right.

Things ought to be sought out.

I turned back and headed to the room.

Immediately I opened the door. My heart leapt up to my mouth.

Fred was on the floor with blood oozing his head.

While the trio stood around with fear and perturbation.

What really happened?

I thought it was Alex and Eric.

Then why is Fred unconscious.

Mason eyes blazed with anger as he glared at Eric and Alex.

Jeffrey and some other prefects rushed into the room with gaped mouth.

“What happened?” A prefect asked.

The question was left hanging and the unconscious Fred was carried out of the room.





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