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Gay High School: Episode 2

Gay High School

Gay High School

A descending slap came on my cheeks. Then another, and another. Eric wasn’t showing mercy.

“Stop it Eric!” Alex and Mason yelled but he was obstinate.

“Eric stop!” Another voice added authoritatively and this time, Eric stopped. I looked up to see another prefect. So handsome. Than all. By now, tears were already on my eyes.

“Don’t cry,” Jimmy patted me.

“And what’s that for?” The prefect asked Eric sternly.

“Because you are the senior prefect, that doesn’t mean you should talk to me like am a kid.” Eric fired.

“That’s Fred, he’s the senior prefect.” Jimmy whispered as I wiped off the tears from my eyes.

“And if I do?” Fred shouted.

Eric glared at him, and stormed out of the class.

“Alex, take him to the school dispensary.” Fred told Alex, referring to me.

“Come boy” Alex beckoned and I stood up. He held my hands as we walked to the school clinic.


“You ought to take your bathe now.” Alex said as we came out from the dispensary.

“You’re our new roommates right?” He asked and I nodded. “Well, you’ll enjoy the room, we are all friendly, but try avoiding Eric and everything that concerns him.” He cautioned as we walked to the hostel with his hands crossed on my shoulder.

We got to the hostel room, which was now locked. Alex brought a key from his trouser pocket and dipped in the key hole.

He opened the door and we got in.

“Take your bath, and have a good sleep, I’ll be back.” He said and looked deeply at me.

“You are too pretty.” He said.

‘Handsome, not pretty’ I sneered in my mind.

“Can I?” He asked


“Kiss you” he said and my heart pounded aloud. I’ve never been kissed. How does it…

He leaned to me and the door opened.

A junior walked in.

“Sorry for the interruption but senior Mason ordered me to drop this.” The boy said as he brought my bags.

“Thanks.” I said and took it from him.

“And he said I should call you to come and separate a fight?”,’he added, “A fight?” Alex blustered.

“Yeah, Eric and Jeff.” The little boy said and rushed out.

“Eric and Jeffrey again?,” Alex groaned and ran out of the room.

Oh, this is not gonna be easy.

I undressed myself and walked to the massive bathroom.


After having a sweet shower, I came out of the bathroom to see Fred, Alex and Mason, having a conversation, more like argument.

“What really happened?” Mason asked.

“Just because, I confronted him for fighting with Jeffrey, then he did this to me… He stabbed me with a pen.” Fred, the senior prefect, said showing them his hand. more interesting stories are available on Topster Stories Apk.

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“Is high time, we right a query to the school authority. Eric is turning into something else.” Alex gritted with clenched teeth.

“What are you doing here?” Fred suddenly said as he saw me.

“New Roomie.” Alex replied for me.

“Wow, you’re welcome. Have you gotten a bed?” Fred asked.

“Nope.” I shook my head.

“You’ll share with…Eric.” He said and my heart skipped.


“Don’t be afraid, he won’t bite, as you can see, his bed is the largest, so that’s the only

alternative.” Fred said plainly.

He’s quite rude.

Just then the door flung open and Eric stormed in making my heart skipped.

He glared at me “What are you doing here?” He asked with a fierce voice.


“He’s a new roommates, …” Fred said.

“And what do you have to say about this?” Fred showed Eric his injured arm.

“Serves you right.” Eric retorted and climbed on the bed.

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“And you’ve a new bedmate.” Fred said making Eric sprung up.


“Him” Fred retorted pointing at me.

“You won’t dare.” Eric fired.

“Let’s see then, Hey boy, go over and lye on that bed.” Fred commanded.

“Don’t you dare!” Eric roared.

“Don’t let me repeat myself.” Fred seethed and I shivered.

“Don’t be afraid, am the senior prefect, if he dare messes up, then I would …”

“Really?” Eric stood up angrily. “Then am leaving this room for you guys.” He blurted and made to leave.

But Fred held him. “Chill Eric, it hasn’t come

to that.”

“Remember we are the FAME, am sorry if am acting bossy but …” Then the door opened and a prefect walked in furiously.

I saw a look of pure anger on Eric’s face.

“Eric, you are nothing but a douchebag, and don’t you ever tried what you did …

cause I won’t spare you.” The intruding senior yelled.

Eric made to hit him but Fred held him.

“Look Jeffrey, you shouldn’t have burst into this room and start tongue-lashing, that’s unruly.” Fred scorned.

“Yeah right Mr Fred. Man of justice.” Jeffrey sneered sarcastically.

“You are always supporting Eric when you know too well that he’s wrong. Can’t you be fair for once.” Jeff seethed.

“Can’t you two just bury the hatchet and act like prefects instead of fighting everyday and hour.” Alex interjected.

“Fred, tell him to get out of this room before I do something nasty.” Eric said lowly and dangerously.

“Jeff please,” Fred pleaded.

“Fuck you all.” Jeffrey said and stormed out.

“Fuck you too.” Mason shouted but Jeff was gone.

So dramatic.

“Eric, you’ve got to calm down. Remember you are asthmatic, fighting is really not good for you.” Fred said soothing to Eric.

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“Yeah man, you gat to chill, anger doesn’t fit you.” Mason said.

“Eric drew a breath, well friends, am sorry for being harsh earlier, but will you do me a favour by sending this boy away.” Eric said and pointed his index finger at me.

“Uhm…but there’s no where for him to stay.” Fred said

Eric turned to me and narrowed his eyes.

“If he’ll stay here, then he should just avoid me.” Eric said and they nodded including me. Then Eric jumped on his bed and slumber

“C’mon boy, you’re lucky.” Mason smiled as he ruffled my hair.

“He’s too cute… I pray he survives in this school.” Alex muttered.

“And he doesn’t have a school dad, which would make it worst.” Mason chipped.

“I wish I don’t have a son.” Mason whimpered.

“Fred what do you think ?” They asked Fred who was pulling off his socks.

“Let him look for a school dad.” Fred said with less enthusiasm.

“Is school dad necessary?” I found myself asking.

“Of course, if you don’t have a school father, then your anus would be as good as dead. You’ll be raped and molested by people like Jeffrey. But if you have a school dad, then you are protected, rapist knows there boundaries, they don’t Toy with people’s school son.” Alex expound and I sighed.

Is this really a school.

“What if you take him as a son?” Alex asked Fred who was on the bed.

“Am not looking for a son, senior prefects ought not to involve in school fatherism.” Fred said.

“What about Eri…” Mason was saying but Alex quickly covered his mouth.

“Then just pretend to be his dad, cause this boy is not safe in this school.” Alex pestered to Fred who groaned.

“I’ll leave the room for you guys, since you don’t want me to have a good rest!” Fred retorted and Alex apologised.

“I’ll be right back.” I said as I head to the door.

“Where are you going to?” Three voices said behind.

“To have a walk.” I said and they exchanged glances.

“Be careful!, boys like Jeffrey won’t spare you.” Mason said and I nodded and

walked out.

At last.

Everything is just so awkward.

I patrolled in the school until my eyes caught the inscription, The Library.” Wow, I guess the library gonna be cool. I knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Came a voice.

I opened the door and walked in.

“What are you…” the person paused as he looked at me.

Oh God, it’s Jeffrey.

“Such a damsel.” He muttered to himself as he walked closer to me.

Oliver, you are dead!






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