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Gay High School: Episode 19

Gay High School

Gay High School

After Fred told me that, I ran out, as fast as I could. My life shall end at this very moment. It Hurts The Most, When Someone Who Made You Feel Special Yesterday, Then Makes You Feel Like You Are The Most Unwanted Person Today.. I gave Fred my delicate heart for him to take care of, but he end up smashing them to the floor.

I ran to the middle of the road and waited for a car to smash me but none was forthcoming. Call me a fool, call me a moron, call me whatever you like, I deserve all insults. Am the most stupid person in the universe. How foolish of me. And I can’t fave the stigma. Death come Now!!!

A car sped towards me and stopped just before me. My dad alighted down. “You foolish… ” he stopped as he saw the tears on my eyes.

“What’s wrong Ollie?” he asked and for the first time, he showed concern to me.

I hugged him tight, not wanting to leave him.

.(it’s been Oliver’s pov all this while, it’s time to read the point of view of Fred) .




I palmed my face as I sat on the bed. Alex, Mason, Eric and Jeffrey rushed in. Dad also came in with Alexa …infact all relatives gathered around.

“How did it go?” Alex asked breathlessly. My eyes reddening. I felt like strangling all of them. They are all happy, each of them holding hands with their girlfriends. Hell… My life is ruined, would Oliver ever forgive me…. Hell no.

“C’mon Fred, stop crying like a baby…tell us, how did it go? ” Dad pressed.

To hell with you dad.

They urged me to do it. They pleaded with me to do that. They wanted me to have a girlfriend instead of loving Oliver. It was all a set up. I was having sex with the girl, not because I love her.. But because I wanted Oliver to stay away. He’s too gentle to be a gay. He’s too young to start immorality. It was all for his own good. But now I’ve done it. My life feel empty. It seems my heart was taken away. I love him.

“but you wouldn’t have done that.” Jeffrey jarred me out from my thoughts. I glared angrily at him. “you all were the one who urged me to do it… Now the poor boy is gone with a broken heart.” I yelled.

“I wasn’t among them… I’ve never complained of your relationship with Oliver cause to me, there’s nothing bad in it.” Jeffrey shrugged. “Me too, Is not bad if you both got married too… After all Gay Marriage is legal in this country.” Eric added and Jeffrey nodded. Eric is taking this as a joke.

“You’ve always been foolish, Eric… Fred needs to be engaged as soon as possible to a girl who could bear him kids… ”

“But they could still adopt a child.” Eric said nonchalantly. There’s something about his behaviour that is making me suspect something.

“Am going after him… He might hurt himself…ill tell him how much I love him, then I’ll propose to him.” I said as I stood abruptly.

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I got to Oliver’s house. I knocked several times but no one was replying.

“Oliver, please open up If you can hear me…is me, Fred your boy… Friend… ” I shouted aloud.

And I heard sniffles inside the house. Someone is crying… Probably… Oliver.

I peeped through the window but i saw no one.

“Oliver, I know it’s hard for you to forgive me, but I just want to let you know that I love you with my heart soul and body.” I cried out and banged on the door. No-one was replying.

I slumped down and sat front of the door crying my eyes out. Dusk came and the moon chased the sun away. I still sat on the floor, my tears never ceased flowing. Slowly I got up and walked to my car. “How does it go?” my driver asked. I ignored him and sat with my head resting on the headboard.


His Scandalous Secret

(Do you still love me)


Episode 19b.



cont’s from Fred pov



Days past and I became more thinner. It’s been three days and I’ve not tasted even water. I neve

r ceased going to Oliver’s house. And today… If he didn’t show up… Then I’ll break into the house like a burglar.

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I parked my my car few yards away from his house. Then I walked into the compound. I got to the door and was about banging when the door flew open.

A girl came out. So beautiful, probably Oliver’s sister. Twin sister perhaps cause he once mentioned to me that he’s a twin.

She looked at me stiffly and rolled her eyes at me.

“You must be the damn foolish Fred!” she yelled.

“Yes I am… Can you let me in.” I uttered politely.

“What do you want… After ruining my brother’s life you still gats the guts to come here.” she yelled.

I looked at her deep eyes. She’s so beautiful… Probably, she looks much like Oliver.

“Please, I can explain everything just let me in.” I pleaded. She hesitated before she finally paved way for me.

I walked into the house slowly and looked around hoping to see Oliver.

“What should I offer you?”. The girl asked and I was shocked to the marrow. why the sudden kindness. I hope is not poisoned.

She brought out a juice and a glass tumbler. I sat coyly on the green hairy couch.

She walked and sat beside me. It felt awkward though.

She poured the orange juice in the tumbler and handed it to me. She also poured for herself. Slowly we sipped. I was trying to bring out the topic of Oliver but i just can’t… I don’t know how to.

“So what’s your name?” I asked suppressing the anxiety in my voice.

“Olivia.” she answered sharply.

Olivia… That’s the name Oliver answered when he disguise himself as a girl.

“So..Olivia…do you mind telling me of Oliver.” I asked as a tear slipped from my eyes.

“I can’t tell you… You’re so heartless.” she said and broke into tears. I guess their twin connection is stronger. “You can.. Please… I love him. I need to see him.” I muttered.

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“I will never tell… ”

I cut her off with a deep kiss. Surprisingly, she reciprocated. And took lead .

I withdrew and she bent her head shyly.

“I know that’s what you need… A kiss from me… I’ve given it to you… So tell me about Oliver.” I said with a commanding intonation.

She breathed heavily.

“Is not the kiss… Is… It isn’t what I need… No I mean… I needed it.. But__” she stuttered and I kissed her again. A kiss of bribery.

This time she withdrew and hyperventilate.

“Oliver is gone.” she blurted and started sobbing aloud. Oliver gone… Gone as In dead.

“He died the day you broke his heart… It’s suicide.

(this story is written by Destiny Godfrey,…)

My eyes went heavy. Oliver is dead. He killed himself, because of me. And am still alive.

I was about fainting when she held me tight. “I know it hurts a lot… But be strong…

I can replace him if you like.” she sniffled.

I composed myself.

Oliver is dead…

He’s twin sister promise to replace him.

A total Bizzare.

But somehow, i felt relief. I hugged her tightly as we both cried endlessly.

Then she withdrew from the hug and smiled.

“You fell to my trick… ” she pulled off her wig.

It’s a boy..

Is Oliver… My sweet Oliver.

“Jeez… You deceived me.” I said happily and hugged him.

He smiled a little. “I missed you a lot Fred…” Oliver said and smiled at me.

I was still unable to believe.

“You hurts me Fred, those words you said to me are hurtful and also helpful. You madee realise who I was.. Thanks. ” Oliver said and sniffed in tears.

“C’mon don’t say that… I love you for who you are…and will always love you… ”

“Fred, would you still love me if you know who I am.” He asked in tears.

“You are a gay… Am also a gay… I love you… ” I pressed.

“No…i know we are gay’s but I’ve a secret and you might hate me if you know who I am.” He pressed and my heart skipped.

Are you a ghost?

Or a merman?

Oh God… Let it don’t be bad.

“I’ve been keeping this as a secret for long… Now my heart is too heavy, you need to know.” he said and stood up, he walked to the door and locked it.

My heart pounded aloud, trying to break through my rib cage.

Is he a wizard

“Close your eyes Fred.” he commanded With a stern voice and I quickly shut my eyes.

Oh God am dead….

After a minute.

“Open it.” Oliver beckoned and my eyes opened.

I looked at him from his face down to his neck, from his neck, down to his bare chest, where his breast was quite full like that of Eric (when he was younger), from his chest my eyes went to his flat soft stomach with a dotted navel, from his navel, I met his thin slender waist, from his waist, my eyes met his dick…..

Which dick… .

There’s no dick.

I looked up at him. And looked back to his genitals.

“Am a girl.” he blurts out.









Oliver why..


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