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Gay High School: Episode 18

Gay High School

Gay High School


The neighbourhood was quiet. The only noise that was heard was the laughter of girls, accompanied by the deep chuckles of a boy.

I guess they are the new neighbours. Maybe I should go over and say hi.

Slowly, I walked to the newly built house. I met two girls playing with a Dalmatian dog. Then my eyes drifted to a boy. A familiar cute boy.


“Oliver!!” Jeffrey exclaimed happily and I found myself running to him.

“Oh goodness, I thought I’ll never see you again!” Jeff muttered as he pressed a kiss on my forehead.

The girls hummed aloud and Jeff cast them a playful glare. The chuckled and minded their business.

“You guys packed in here?” I asked.

“Nope… Just me.. This is my personal house, my siblings came for visit.” he said as he placed his arm on my shoulder and started leading me to the main house.

He’s personal house… As little as he is.

He read my mind and chuckled. “That’s the advantage of being the first born of the house, I get whatever I want.” Jeffrey boasted and I smiled.

He turned to his sisters. “Jenny, Jane…you can go to the grocery store wish. Jeff said and they squealed happily and made to run out.

if you

“Be careful, remember the name of this city, don’t be a victim” he yelled after them and they shouted an ‘OK’.

Yeah, the name of this city is absolutely strange.


Funny right?

Well it’s a quiet small city, where everyone minded their own business. The city is less recognised and isn’t found in any map.

“Do you stay around here?” Jeffrey asked as we entered the small living room.

I slumped tiredly on the couch.

“Yeah… ” I replied tersely.

“I guess you are having a nice holiday … Am just so happy, it’s been long I chatted with friends… Gay high school was just like a prison. It’s so exciting am out.” Jeffrey expound.

Judging from his looks, he’s happy indeed.

But am not.

“Aren’t you missing your friends in school?” I asked.

“The Jboys do visit sometimes.” he answered.

“What about your gay partnerS” I asked putting more emphasis on the S. He’s expression changed. A frown crept his face.

“Am not a gay!” he stated firmly with a granite jaw.

“You are not a gay.. You are homosexual.” I said with little humour and heavy sarcasm.

“Stop it. Oliver.” Jeff scoffed angrily.

Wow… He looks handsome when angry.

“Everyone knows it, you are a gay.” I said, hoping to see him flare up.

“But they haven’t seen me having sex with any boy.” he defended.

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“…apart… From… Mitch.” he added lowly.

“but we aren’t gay… Call it anything you like but don’t use the word GAY. ” he cautioned.


But there’s something I noticed from him, he’s quite reserved. I’ve accused him of being a gay buy he haven’t judged me before. “Jeffrey”

“Do you think am a gay!” I asked lowly.

“Not at all, you aren’t a gay.” Jeff replied and whipped off the small tears from my eyes.

“But I and Fred…”

“I understand boy, but don’t call yourself a gay cause you aren’t one… By the way, how’s your parents.. And siblings… ” Jeff shifted the unpleasant topic, quite too sudden. Little did he know that he shifted it to a more unpleasant one. “I don’t want to talk about them.” I murmured.

“Are you having issues with them..” he asked and I nodded.

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“They urged me to do something which I don’t wanna do.” I said sadly.

He leaned to me and sat comfortably beside me. He looked deeply at me.

“Parents are always right. They know the best for you, do whatever they wish.” Jeffrey said and I burst into tears.

He hugged me to himself. “Don’t cry boy… ” he lifted me up with ease and carried me like a child, to his room.

He brought me down and laid me on his bed.

“Am not a child.” I pouted.

He laughed. “You are.” he said and kissed me.


It’s morning

I woke up to find myself, still in the bed, while Jeffrey laid by my side. He snored gently and I glared at him. He

chuckled and opened his eyes. “Fear not, we didn’t do anything.” he said and I smiled at his easy perception.

“I and Fred chatted yesterday night on instagram.

I told him you were with me and he kept fussing and swore to kill me if I do anything bad to you.” Jeffrey said and we laughed.

Oh my Fred. I’ve missed him a lot. He’s house is faraway from here, if not I would’ve visit.

“He also sent a postman who came in the middle of the night. He brought a letter to

you, I haven’t open it yet.”

Jeffrey handed me the letter.


To My World,

Lover of my life, King of my soul, my treasure, my smile keeper, Addiction, Pain killer. How much I love you?….that’s a rhetorical question I can’t answer. I can’t

stop thinking about you. It’s so sad that the school went for a holiday so sudden and everyone left in haste without saying goodbye.

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It seems am addicted to you, …no, addicted is an understatement. Am obsessed over you, you can’t believe that I’m having sleepless nights because of you…even if I sleep a little, I would have wet dreams.

My love for you can’t be professed with letter, come over to my house as soon as possible, we are having a party in celebration of the survival of I and Eric. You ought to be there.

Lots of Loves, kisses and many more.

(I hope Jeffrey didn’t tamper with you, besides, what are you doing at his

house….well you’ll explain later.)


Forever yours,




I exhaled after reading it. I looked at Jeffrey and he winked conspiratorially.


I and Jeffrey got into the massive mansion. The party was a hot one. “Oliver!!!” Alexa was the first who rushed to me.

She hugged me tightly and I blushed. Jeffrey gave me a thumbs up and left me.

“Am so happy you showed up… ” Alexa began, dragging me to the house. “I have a surprise for you.” she added promptly as we entered the house where everyone celebrated.

Eric was surrounded by girls, he was rocking their waists in a sweet and rhythmic way.

I thought he’s a gay.

“Cmon Oliver” Alexa prodded and I reluctantly followed her.

Fred is still unseen.

“Surprise!!! ” Alexa exclaimed as she opened the door of her room. Inside the room, was filled with cardboard paper, finely designed and inscripted with the words “Oliver , would you be my boyfriend?”


“Please!!” she said with an innocent face.

“No.. Not at all… I cant …i mean… I ” I stuttered and she leaned close to me and kiss me.

What the heck….

But it’s quite good.

I struggled at first but I became weak and returned the kiss. She drew herself closer to me that I have an erection.

After kissing for five minutes, I struggled and ran out…. It’s weird but good.

I ran hastily and entered a room. Then I received the greatest shock of my life.

I saw Fred having s.x with a girl.

My heart turned dark. My blood accelerated around my body.

“Fred!!!” I yelled.

He looked at me….

To cut the long story short… My nightmare became real.

Fred told me bluntly.

“Aren’t you tired of being a gay, can’t you look for a girl who will love and cherish you… Whatever happens between us is history…Fuck you!” .







Someone should hold Oliver before he kill himself.

Fred why


His Scandalous Secret

(Gay High school)


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