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Gay High School: Episode 16

Gay High School

Gay High School



Oh my goodness, what’s wrong.

“Fred! Fred!”

“Help!!! ” I yelled but the squeaking birds replied.

“Somebody Help!!!” I shouted in tears.

Then I heard footsteps running forward. It’s Eric.

What’s he doing here?

But this isn’t time for question.

“Eric, come over, Fred collapsed. ” I cried.

He ran forward and cast me a furtive glare.

“How so you know my name?” Eric asked and that’s when I realised I’m Olivia, not Oliver. My heart lurched.

“this isn’t time for question, let’s help him.” I whimpered in tears.

“Oh my God, he’s coughing out blood.” Eric exclaimed in surprise. All this while, it’s now he’s looking at Fred.

“Oh God, this is bad.” Eric muttered in tears and palmed his face….instead of helping

his brother.

And to my surprise, the same thing started happening to Eric. He coughed loud.

This must probably a joke, or prank or a dream.

Something isn’t quite well.

And surprisingly, Eric fell to the floor. I watched as the two brothers gasped for lives.

Where they poisoned.

If yes, by who?. I got to do something, I ran, as fast as I could to Gay High School.

……………………………………………………………………. ……………`………


Mason sat on the floor with his back against the hospital wall, while Alex held me, comforting me.

We waited in the ward. Am now Oliver… Not olivia.

“I still can’t understand anything” I uttered in frustration.

Alex shook his head, forcing the tear in his eyes, not to pour. But his attempt was futile, he broke into tears.

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It was Mason who waved me to come. He prodded me to sit down on the floor with him.

I barely hesitated.

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We sat looking into space, trying not to cry.

Then Mason began.

“There’s something you need to know, Ollie.”

My heart skipped.

I hope it isn’t a bad news.

“There’s little chance for a successful surgery, their survival rate is less than 50%.” Mason uttered.

“What do you mean.” I asked as the serpent of fear awoke and writhed in my stomach.

I looked at Mason, his Jaw turned to granite.

“They have hearts diseased.” Mason whimpered.

The thoughts irked me.

“both of them. ”

“It originated from our great grand dad, who passed it on to our granddad, who in turn passed it to Eric and Fred’s dad and now, they are the victims. It’s hereditary.” Mason said.

“The symptoms mostly fall during early summer. Right now, their dad is in another hospital, suffering the same thing.” He added.

So weird, so strange, a total bizzare. “But it’ll be well.” Mason said with a tentative smile, a smile without hopes or confidence, a smile of despair.

Then he turned to me and the Tentative smile turned into a disarming smile.


-5 hours later-

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The nurses and doctors came out. By this time Fred families are already crowded (apart from his dad).

Everyone rushed to the doctor.

“How was it?” the question rolled out of everyone’s lips at the same time.

“It’s fine… Eric is fine.” the doctor said and everyone heaved (apart from me).

“What of Fred?” I voiced out.

The doctor hesitated. The worst thing I wanted to hear was (…Unfortunately,).

The doctor began

“Unfortunately,… ” just as I guessed. “…the heart surgery was successful” very good. “…but…” Holy scrap… Must there be a ‘But’ “…while we were operating him, a nurse accidentally, cut his renal artery …. ”

What!! .

“And as you all know, the renal artery takes blood out of the heart to the kidney. Before we could fix up an artificial artery, his kidneys ran out of blood. They are damaged.” the doctor concluded.

So unfortunate.

My eyes swell.

“Is there nothing you can do?” his mom asked.

“Not until we find a kidney donor.”

“I’ll donate mine.” I said curtly.

“What????? !!!!!!”

“Oliver, you are making a mistake, you are too young to donate a kidney… It may be harmful… You might die.” Alex cautioned.

“I know that, but am ready to bear the risk.”






The sound of danger is nearby.

Not all stories have a happy ending.


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