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Gay High School: Episode 12

Gay High School

Gay High School


I paused as Eric showed me the *. He winked as he saw my perplexed expression.

“Where did you get that from?” I asked cryptically.

“Your bag.” He answered with a smirk. “Impossible, that’s not mine.” I countered.

“Then what is it doing in your bag?” He asked as he walked towards me.

“I don’t know, maybe someone put it to implicate me.” I snorted and stormed off angrily. Eric is Damn crazy.

I walked back into the room and met Alex reading a big text book. He gave me a cursory glance and faced back at his book. “Where are you coming from?

Why are you upset and why is your clothes wet?” Alex asked without looking up.

‘Am not ready for unnecessary questions and answer.’ I said in my mind and Alex looked up.

“Really?” He scoffed and I realized that I said it aloud.


“You aren’t ready for unnecessary questions and answers huh?” Alex stood up and covered his text book. Menacingly, he walked towards me. “Oliver, what’s wrong…you’ve changed a lot.” Alex said, and I bent my head low.

“Look up to me.” He lifted my chin. “When you first came into this school, you were so innocent, jovial, polite and gentle, but now you are the complete opposite, you now talk to anyone as you like.” Alex said and a year slipped my eyes. Alex saw it and flinchef

“Oh Oliver, I never meant to make you cry, …” He said. “I was just…”

And Fred came in, and jerked as he was a tear on my eyes. He looked angrily at Alex. “What did you do to him?” He asked sternly.

“I did nothing, I ___” A slap from Fred shut him up.

Alex held his cheek in dismay. “Fred__you slapped me.” He asked almost in tears.

“I won’t forgive you for this…” Alex cried and stormed out.

“Why did you do that?, Alex did nothing to me….Why can’t you just stop being too

protective!! Am not your girlfriend.” I yelled at Fred and also storm out.

Am just so angry?

Angry at Fred for being too protective

Angry at Alex for making me feel disrespectful

Angry at Eric for no exact reason.

School sucks. I wish my room would be changed. I wish my roommates are all the same age with me.

I wish I can ….

“Hey…Ollie.” someone’s voice jarred me from my day dream. It’s Tony, a tall cute boy in my class. “Hey Tony.” I said feigning a smile. “Where are you actually heading to?” He asked.


“Uhm…to the cafeteria.” I lied and regretted it immediately. He smiled. “That’s where am actually going to” he exclaimed happily and dragged me along.

We got to the cafeteria and luckily, we saw a spare table surrounded with four chairs. I and Tony sat. Then we saw Jimmy walking in with a boy. I waved at him and he walked to join us with his accomplice.

“I’ll go order something.” Tony stood up and walked to the counter.

I took good time to examine Jimmy with his friend. They are both beautiful with curly lash.

“Oliver, meet Ben, Mason’s son.” Jimmy did the introduction.

Mason’s son…so Mason do have a son.

“Hi…” Ben said shyly as his eyelids blinked rapidly.

Atleast am not the only boy in the school with feminine features. And there’s no doubt that Ben is a gay…pure gay.

His body is so flexible and his hands were quite too soft as he shook hands with me. Tony came back to the seat and four waiters came with four trays. They placed it on the table and we started devouring in no time.


After the meal, Jimmy and Ben left. I and Tony just sat and sipped from our juice, I stated at the table while he kept looking at me.

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“Oliver?” Jimmy called and my heart skipped. His voice seems to carry a lot of emotions.

“Will you …”

“Oliver!!!” Fred cut in rudely as he came into the cafeteria. He glared angrily at Tony. “What are you asking him?” Fred asked angrily.

“Nothing…” Tony answered with a voice endowed with fear.

Fred gnashed his teeth. I gave him a glare and he understood the message. “Sorry!!” Fred mumbled.

Tony was stunned for a while, he passed glances from me to Fred and from Fred back to me. He shrugged and stood up.

“See you later.”

He bode and left.

“That boy looks like a gay” Fred grimaced as he dragged me along. “But at least he’s not acting like one.” I defended.

“You act more like a gay than him.” I said and he glared at me. I shuddered and muttered a “Sorry.”



I woke up the next day feeling pains all over, My head was on Fred’s chest and he was putting on no clothes. I closed my eyes again and slept.

When I opened my eyes again, it was noon. The sun penetrated through the window.

I jerked up and discovered that none of the FAME was in the room.

“Oh God, am late.” I exclaimed and ran to the bathroom. When I came out, I saw Fred hurrying out of the room.

He stopped as he saw me. “C’mon boy, what are you still doing?”, Fred asked.

“I overslept.”

“Lazy Boy!!!, meet me by the school gate.” He announce and left.

School gate.

I walked out of the room and gasped at the number of Jeeps I saw in the school.

Students gathered around different cars. What’s happening.

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“Oliver!!!” Jeffrey called afar and waved at me to come. He was standing close to a black Lamborghini. I walked up to him and he flashed a smile.

“Dad!, meet Oliver…my…school…” Jeff winked at me. ” My school son…no younger brother.” Jeffrey said.

“Oliver, meet my dad and my sisters.”

Three girls waved at me. Wow girls still exist.

It’s been long I saw a girl.

“Oliver, I hope you are not corrupt like my son.” Jeffrey’s dad said and Jeffrey playfully smacked his dad on his head and They laughed.

Like seriously,

“Dad you know am not corrupt.” Jeffrey said scooping Ice cream in his mouth.

“You are the worst than corrupt.” His dad teased.

“Which I inherited from you.” Jeffrey retorted and his dad smacked him with his car key. Such a playful dad.

After watching more of their humorous drama, I left. To look for my school dad….Fred.

I met him, by the school gate, welcoming parents with feigned smiles.

Today is visiting day.

Am not even sure if my family are aware. “Why do you take so long?” Fred asked dryly. It’s obvious he’s tired. Being a senior prefect isn’t that easy.

“I met Jeffrey, he introduced me to his parents.” I said and Fred widened his eyes.

“Then you must have laughed out your ass.” Fred said and I laughed.

“He’s so funny.” He added.

“And Rich.” I complemented. Fred frowned.

“My parents are more rich__”,

“Are your parents also jovial?” I prompted.

“A little… here they come.” Fred exclaimed as he saw an approaching convoy of limousines.

“Let’s hide.” Fred dragged me. We hid at a corner and watched as the convoy of three limousines entered the school.

“C’mon, let go meet them.”

“Are you scared?” Fred asked as I made no sign to move.

“No..just anxious.” I stated.

We moved to the cars.

“Fred!!!!!” Voices shouted inside the tinted car.

The doors opened, And a small girl from the second Limo jumped at Fred. Fred lifted her up and hugged her tightly.

“Oh my son…” a man whom I assumed to be Fred’s dad, came out. He was looking affluent and well built.

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Fred rushed and hugged him. “You’re getting bigger than your dad!” The man teased and They shared a small laughter.

Alex and Mason rushed in and greeted the man who responded cheerily. Then Alex dragged me from Fred and moved me to the second car.

Fred tried restraining me but his dad was still in a tight embrace with him. “Meet my dad a…” Alex haven’t finished when I heard squeals from the backseat of the car.

“Oh my God, that boy is so cute.”

“He looks like a girl.”

“His lashes are quite too long.”

Alex dad laughed and looked at me. “It seems my daughters would love to be your friend… Alexa, open the door for him.” His dad said and the car back door opened. “Come in..” the girls exclaimed and I shyly climb to the car.

Oh my God…

Triplets…of My size.

“Wow…what’s Your name?” The first asked as we sat in the car.


“Oh…Uhm is your name and Oliver is your surname.” She chanted and the other two laugh.

“Well, I’m Alexa, single.” She said and shook my hands.

“I’m Ariana Single.” The other said.

“And I’m Alena, single.” The third one


“We’re the A’s,” they said together.

“And your surnames are ‘Single’ ?” I couldn’t help but asked.

They exchanged perplexed glances. “No…why do you say that?” They asked.

“You said it yourself that you are Alena single, Ariana Single and Alexa single.” I said and they all burst into laughter.

“Don’t be a fool Oliver, we mean that we’re single…that’s We’re not yet in a relationship.” They said in unison ans laughed again.

“So are you also single?” Alexa asked.

“Uhmm…no…I mean yes.” I stuttered.

“So will you be my boyfriend?” Alexa asked and I felt like fainting. I’ve never had a girlfriend. I’ve never thought of having one. And this proposal is so absurd…they are just meeting me today.


“Uhm..I’ve never had a girlfriend,” I opened up and They scowled.

“Like seriously, as handsome as you are.” Alena exclaimed.

At least, this is the first time someone has ever admitted that am ‘handsome’ instead of ‘Beautiful’.

“Well, I’ll be your first date…and I guess, you’ve never had sex…” Alexa whimpered the words.

Then Ariana pressed a remote and the space between the driver’s seat and the back seat, Closed up. Everywhere became dark in the car.

I felt a kiss on my lips and I flinched. It’s awkward. “Stop acting like a dummy.” One whispered and I felt a hand caressing my Erotic.

One lifted my hands to her breast and I quickly pulled my hands. They are giving me a hard time. Oh God…they are pulling down my short.

“Helppppp!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled and the door automatically opened, the girls Sat straight as if nothing happened. “What’s wrong?” Fred, Alex and Mason asked at the same time with their parents.

I jumped out of the car and flung on Fred’s body, breathing heavily like a deer being chased by a bear.

Fred held me tight and beckoned me to call down. But I still breathed heavily and Fred calmed me down with a kiss which I responded delightfully, ignorance of the family members around. Worst still, the principal was also among them.

He quickly withdrew and then I realized myself. I was in the midst of Fred, Alex and Mason parents along side with siblings and other relations.

“So you are a gay…no wonder” the triplets scowled.

“That’s the boy that has been distracting Fred.” Eric whispered to his dad who huffed angrily.

Alex looked at me sympathetically which says. “OLIVER-YOU-ARE-IN-A-BIG-TROUBLE”.

Fred looked from one face to the other.

Then I received the greatest shock of my life.






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