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Gay High School: Episode 11

Gay High School

Gay High School


.I hid behind the three in anticipation. Then I heard an approaching footsteps and to my surprise, Mitch came and meet Eric.

Eric heaved as he saw him. Mitch wore a depressed look and told Eric something which made Eric frowned.

Then Jeffrey walked up to the scene. Jeffrey said something to Mitch and he started walking away looking depressed. Then it was just Eric and Jeffrey, they argued hotly and Eric hit Jeffrey on his face. Jeffrey spat out blood and made to hit Eric and I quickly came out of my hiding place, they stopped as they saw me.

Jeffrey fumed and walked away, angrily. I looked at Eric and he looked back at me.

I shrugged and turned to go, but he dragged me roughly.

“Tell me, how long you’ve been here.” He asked brusquely with an outraged voice looking at me with his sprightly malicious eyes.

“Over an hour,” I said without faltering. He flinched and left, he dipped his finger through his hair and breathed out.

“What do you hear?” He asked calmly.

“Everything.” I answered sharply and he groaned angrily.

“Whatever you hear, keep it as a secret, you must not tell anyone.” He said menacingly.

“If only you’ll stop being rude to me.” I answered, trying not to sound desperate.

He scoffed. “I’ll try Oliver.” He said calmly and my face lighten.


He huffed… “Am not assuring you, I’ll try.” He said.

Try is better.

But what’s the secret, he’s hiding. What was so special about what he said with Mitch?



I walked back to the room and met Fred sleeping.

What sort of noon sleep is this?

I ignored him and moved to my closet, to change my clothes, which was spilled with Jeffrey’s drink. I turned to look at Fred to be sure if he’s asleep.

Then I pulled off my clothe and took another, I was putting on my singlet, when Fred’s voice jarred me.

“Oliver, how long would you keep avoiding me?”, Fred muttered and my blood froze, my back was to him, but am sure, he’s looking keenly at me.

“If is because of the kiss, then I’m sorry…it won’t happen again.” Fred said with guilt in his voice.

I put on my clothes and turned to him. “Am not angry with you.” I said and his face lit up, he jumped down from his bed and lifted me up and pressed me to himself.

“Thanks Ollie, I thought you’ll hate me forever.” He said excitedly.

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I chuckled. “That’s impossible.” I assured.

He brought me down and smiled. “For days, I wasn’t myself …because of you.” He admitted.

“Come, I’ll take you to my special place.” He said excitedly and dragged me out of the room.

We got into a room and Fred opened it.

“Close your eyes.” He beckoned.

I did and he assist me inside. “Surprise…” He said and pushed me.

I opened my eyes and saw myself in a pool…pure green swimming pool.

I was too excited to notice that am actually drowning…I can’t swim. My head was already entering the water when Fred came to my rescue and hold me. “I’ll be your life jacket today.” He said and urged me to wrap my hands on his back, which I did and he started swimming around. Though, am still on my clothes.

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He dipped himself inside the pull and told me to held my breath. I did , and I saw

myself inside the water.


Then he swam upwards and I breathed heavily as my head was out of the water.

Then I left his body and tried swimming only one, but I can’t. He grabbed me before I could drown. He drew me closer and I wrapped my legs on his waist. He hugged me and we stayed like that.

He looked at me with his wet hair. “Now I know why you hate changing in the presence of someone.” He said and I arched my brow.

He pointed at my breast…not breast….nipple.

The shape showed on my clothes and is big.

“Don’t feel shy…this is gym…gym…I can’t remember the full name but it do happens to most boys at age 14-16… I was once a victim. ” Fred said and I looked down at my nipple.

“But your own is quite too big ” he remarked and I nodded.

“I usually hide it with breast bands.” I stated and he nodded.

“That’s what I used when it happened to me, it seems like a

big seed was inside my breast, it happened to me and my brother” Fred said.

“You have a brother?” I asked.

“Yeah, Eric…”

“ mean Eric,” I exclaimed.

“Yeah…that’s not a surprise.. we’re step brothers.” Fred said.


“And Alex and Mason are our cousins.” Fred added.

“Does it mean, Alex and Mason are also brothers?” I asked.

“Nope, Alex have his own parents, Mason has his… But we’re all related.” Fred said. “As I was saying, Eric own was bigger, and we all teased him that he’s a teenage girl, but it’s gone now…” Fred chipped.

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“Oliver…Stop it …”

“Stop what?”

“Stop gripping me tight,” he said and groan,.

I realized my legs were still wrapped tightly around his groin. “I will drown if I leave you.” I said in fear.

“You’re making me have …erection.” He prompted and I quickly freed my legs and he held me from drowning.

Then Jeff came in. “Wow…father And son are catching fun…But Am sorry I have to interrupt, but Fred, the principal wants to see us now.” Jeffrey said to Fred.

“Oh…I almost forgot.” Fred said rushing out of the water.

He took a towel nearby and wiped himself with it. Then he walked to a wall locker and opened it. He took in his adidas joggers and a Jersey Together, him and Jeffrey, ran off.

That’s when I realised, am alone in the water, drowning slowly.

“Help!!!!!! ” I shouted … I tried my best but the water was covering me already. Then I saw myself deep down in the eight-feet pull. Air was gone and I closed my eyes to die.

But a hand kept drawing me upward, then I saw myself outside the pull, I was panting heavily and my rescuer kept pressing my chest, trying to resuscitate me fully.

Then everything was well again…And My rescuer happens to be Eric.

“Thanks a lot.” I said panting heavily as I laid on the floor. He huffed and start cleaning his body.

“Life is a round about…you know.” Eric said and squatted beside me.

“A day before yesterday, I was suffocating and pleading For help but you ignored me totally, not caring of whatever might happen. What if Fred didn’t come on time, then I would’ve been gone.

But today you’re the one dying and I zeroed the past and helped you.” Eric muttered and I felt guilty.

“Am sorry.” I muttered lowly as I sat up.

“I hate hearing that word, you bastard.” Eric gnashed.

“Can’t you be polite for once.”

“Not to you.”

“Then I’ll tell everyone what you discussed with Mitch.” I said and stood up.

“Don’t you dare.” He threatened.

“I will.” I said and started walking out.

Then he shouted behind me..

“Remember I also know your supreme secret…I’ll definitely tell everyone.” Eric said and I froze.

“I have no secret.” I defended and he smirked and showed me **

“I got it from your bag.” He said and my jaw dropped.




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