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GAME – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]



Even though he’s been married for almost two years, Dele is horny most of the time and jacks off in front of his laptop quite frequently. He loves his wife. They grew up together, have always been best friends and are compatible in every way, except s*x.
Dele has the libido of a healthy 29-year-old male, but unfortunately his wife, Bisola, was raised to believe that s*x is dirty and disgusting, something only done as a monthly obligation. It was drilled into her, from the time she was old enough to understand; only sluts and whores enjoy s*x.
In every other way Bisola is the perfect wife. They enjoy the same music and movies, they never fight and they love just hanging out together. The s*xual repression and suppression are so deeply rooted, that after a year of trying to change her, Dele has finally resigned himself to accept who she is and just enjoys her as much as he can during their monthly s*x session. His frustration is compounded by the fact that she is beautiful, with a perfect body.

Bisola and Dele dated in secondary school, and then lost contact when each left town to go to university. They resumed their relationship a couple of years ago when they both became teachers, back in their hometown. They dated for a year and Dele respected Bisola’s wish to ‘save herself for marriage’ naturally assuming things would change after the wedding.
Because he can’t imagine loving anyone else, Dele has never even considered divorce. He’s thought about f*cking around, but the opportunity has never presented itself, at least, not the right opportunity.
As a handsome young secondary school teacher, Dele has his share of female students who have made it obvious they wouldn’t say no, but he won’t cross that boundary. That doesn’t mean their mature young bodies, with their raging hormones, don’t invade his fantasies. He frequently masturbate, imagining one or more of these sexy 18 year olds sharing his bed. But it’s only a fantasy.
Surprisingly, his first real opportunity for some extra marital s*x comes unexpectedly from his sister-in-law. He gets his first hint of it at a dinner party, at Bisola’s parent’s house.
Other than their negative opinion about s*x, his wife’s family is generally okay. Dele and Bisola see them every Sunday at church and then have dinner once a month at their house. The dinner parties usually include Bisola’s brother, Yinka, and his wife, Lola. Yinka and Lola have been married about four years and neither family has any kids. Not surprising to Dele, given the family’s negative opinion about s*x.
After dinner, the conversation generally turns to either religion or the declining s*xual morals in our society. Lola and Dele usually sit quietly while their spouses and their parents passionately agree with each other, citing biblical references from memory as they expand on each other’s ideas and pool their narrow-mindedness.
For some reason, on this particular night Dele finds himself not wanting to listen to their criticism. He excuses himself and steps out onto the platform for some air. Their discussion is so intense; they don’t even notice his absence.

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