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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 9

Joy, you be Mumu o, this is my girlfriend, the one I was talking about” Sucex said smiling, ” The blood” Amanda screamed. ” What is it?” I asked turning to Amanda. ” She I..s so beauuuti..ful” Amanda said in a kind of slow tone, she was pointing at Nike. ” Whoa, Sucex you are lucky o, she is beautiful” Joy also said. ” Gabriel, let’s go to that place I told you about” Joy said winking at me, I understood what she meant, she wanted to talk to me privately, we went upstairs. ” Are you mad?” She asked me the moment I entered into her room. ” What sort of foolish question is that?” I asked her back. ” Didn’t you see the woman your friend brought home as a girlfriend?” She asked again while I bursted into laughter. ” what is wrong with her? ” I asked Joy. ” Everything is wrong with her bro, she is old enough to be his mother” Joy said again. ” She is his choice, I can’t tell him what to do or not to do” I said as I jumped to Joy’s bed. ” I want to sleep now, dont disturb me, you and Amanda should go and cook” I said as I turned to face the wall. ” I know you, if you sleep now, you will start disturbing everyone at night” she said as she kicked me. ” Witch” I shouted as I stood up and ran downstairs, the witch ran after me asking ” Who is a witch?”. I barged into my room laughing, Joy also entered with me. ” Guys she is about to leave” Sucex said placing a hand on her shoulder. ” Okay, bye bye” I said smiling at her. ” My in law, which day will you come again?” Emeka asked. ” Probably next week?” Nike replied while Sucex smiled. ” okay o, we shall be expecting you” Emeka said. ” okay, goodbye dear” Joy said smiling, Amanda didn’t say anything to her, she went to the kitchen to wash the plates we used in eating indomie. ” okay guys, goodbye” Nike said while we smiled and waved at her, Sucex escorted her out. ” Guys, we need to pray for Sucex, this is not ordinary ” Joy said as they left. ” What is not ordinary, leave the girl o, at least she can cook than the both of you” Emeka said referring to Amanda and Joy.” How old is that girl?” Amanda asked as she came out of the kitchen. ” 24 years” I blurted out. ” fireee” Joy shouted. ” Come on guys, it is a normal thing now” Emeka said while we all looked at him and hissed. ” Your own is just to eat idiot” Amanda said to her cousin Emeka. Sucex soon entered to join us, he was smiling happily. ” Sucex, na you be the man” Emeka shouted as he shook hands with Sucex. ” yes oo, I am the man” Sucex shouted happily . ” Sucex, the girl is 24 years old” Joy said while Sucex nodded ” you wanna date who is older than you?” Amanda added as Sucex sat on his plastic chair. ” Guys, before I came to this school, I had a dream that I will marry who is older than me, the dream also said that I will meet the girl in school, even my pastor said the same thing” Sucex said while I got up. ” The level at which you lie these days ehen, bros I hail o” I said . ” see this one o,you dont know am very spiritual?” Sucex said laughing. ” Sucex I will tell you the truth ehen, I dont like that girl” Joy said. ” Sucex dont mind them, the girl fit you” Emeka added. ” I know say dem just dey jealous me” Sucex said as he shook hands with Emeka. ” Joy come, let’s go and cook” Amanda said and dragged Joy upstairs. ” let me join you guys in the cooking” Sucex said and followed them upstairs happily. ” Emeka but think well now, I dont think this girl is good for Sucex, stop pu…” I was cut short by Emeka. ” Gabriel , if a child plays with fire and it burns him , will such child go there again?” Emeka asked. ” No” I replied. ” That is what I want to happen to Sucex, let him learn his lesson himself” Emeka said while I smiled. ” So you also know the girl isn’t good for him?” I asked him. ” Am not stupid bro, I dont also like the girl” Emeka said. ” The worst part was the way she was dipping her bread into the cup of tea” I said . ” That act almost made me throw up but I had to hold myself ” Emeka said. That was the beginning of the problems for Sucex, little did he know that this girl came to drain him up financially. It all started the next week, i , Emeka, Amanda, Joy and Sucex went to school together, our closeness can mislead you into thinking we were from the same parent. Myself and Joy sat on the same seat as usual, no one can take that one from us. I opened my bag to break out my book, it was then I realized I had no pen, Emeka had taken my pen. I stood up to go buy a new one. ” Dear please buy a pen for me if you are coming back” Joy said to me as she was also searching her bag for pen. ” okei” I said In a phonetic accent. I walked out of our lecture hall to the stand where pen was being sold, I was just going back to the hall when I met Sucex and Nike. ” Hy, Nike, good morning o” I greeted as I shook hands with her. ” Good morning” She replied, I still stood with them, I was actually waiting for Sucex so we could go into the Hall together. ” So dear, an very hungry, I haven’t eaten since morning” Nike said to Sucex while Sucex scratched his head. ” I have only one thousand Naira here, I want to use it…..” Sucex was interrupted. ” Dont worry, it will be enough ” Nike said and Sucex gave her the money, I watched in disbelief. ” what do you expect him to use for today?” I said to her in a calm voice. ” Okay then, Sucex take back your money” Nike said angrily. ” why? Take it jare dont mind this idiot of a room mate” Sucex said to her while I took a deep breath to cool my generating anger, I felt like slapping the girl at that point in time.
Episode 10 loading. Guys, be weary of girls, not all of them who say I love you, I love you really does, some just want to get what they want and leave, Ask Sucex, he can explain better.

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