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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 8

The girl finally closed up on us and we all put on our best smiles, to be sincere, I hated her from the first day I saw her but what can I do? She is my room mate girlfriend. ” Welcome dear” Sucex said as he briefly hugged her. ” You welcome ” Emeka said and shook hands with her. ” Welcome ” I simply said as I also shook hands with her. ” Your face seem familiar, aren’t you the one that always proves physics in class, the prover?” She asked me while I nodded, ” Whoa so you are Sucex room mate?” She asked as she hugged me, it was like I was hugging a stone, the girl body was strong. ” So let’s go in” Sucex said after a while, we all went into our apartment, the girl no fear, she went to sit on my bed, Imagine. ” Gabriel let’s go upstairs” Emeka said dragging me, he knew I won’t go willingly. ” I dont like that girl” I said to Emeka as we stayed upstairs in his room. ” Why?” Emeka asked smiling. ” I have this feeling she just wanna use my friend” I said again while Emeka laughed. ” It can be true love you know?” He said while I eyed him. ” Which true love will make a twenty four year old girl wanna date a 16 year old boy?” I asked Emeka. ” It do happen bro, it do happen” Emeka said again while I hissed. ” See, let me warn you ehen, if you go and say rubbish that I am 17 years to that girl ehen, I will kill you, I am 21 years, is that clear?” I said to Emeka who was laughing foolishly, I left him and went to his fridge to take a can of malt. ” See, Emeka, I wanna go to my room o” I said to Emeka after some minutes. ” Yes, I think its high time we go down ” Emeka said and we went downstairs. ” Jesus Christ, Bread and Tea?” I shouted as I saw the girl dipping a slice of bread into a cup of cold tea. ” Sucex, shame no dey catch you, na bread and tea you dey offer your babe ” Emeka said laughing , Sucex didn’t reply him as he simply drew me outside. ” my guy, this girl make sense die, abeg you fit borrow me five hundred make I use buy yogurt for her?” Sucex demanded , he was scratching his head. ” yeah bro” I said as I brought out five hundred naira from my pocket. ” You are the best roomie” he shouted as he ran out to go buy the yogurt, I went to the room. ” See, dont mind my friend, he is not romantic” Emeka was saying as I entered. ” Ehya , I love him that way” the girl said. ” Thunder fire you” I said inside me but smiling in reality. ” Yeah, have always wanted to meet this guy” The girl said turning to me, her name is actually Nike. ” me? For what?” I asked her smiling, she was dipping another slice of bread into a cup of tea, it was irritating. ” I just fancy the way you handle physics, you prove anything provable, even those unprovable. The day you shocked me was when you differentiated an equation using a triangle” she said while I smiled. ” Thanks” I simply said again. ” so what is the secret?” She asked again but I didn’t reply, she talk to much. ” So Emeka, is there anything cookable in this house ?” The girl asked Emeka. ” We have indomie, rice, beans, garri and etc” Emeka said happily. ” I think I should cook indomie for you guys ” She said . ” No, dont bother, when my sisters come back, they will cook” I quickly put in, Emeka covered my mouth immediately. ” Dont mind him o, that is how he do speak in tongue at times” Emeka said while Nike smiled and walked to the kitchen. ” Gabriel, no bring your badluck come here o, let her cook now” Emeka said. ” food will kill you” I said to him and just then Sucex rushed in. ” Bae,I brought you this” he said as he walked into the kitchen. ” wow, Sucex, you are a darling” I heard her say. ” yes, I am a darling, you can ask my room mates” Sucex said to her, Mumu. In no time, the Indomie was ready, it had a nice look and no doubt would be delicious. She dished for I and Emeka into one single plate and for herself and Sucex into another. ” wooow, this is good” Emeka said as he tasted the indomie, ” Don’t worry, Sucex will surely Marry you o” he said again. ” Amen ooo, I receive it, as a matter of fact, my mom had always said that I will marry a Yoruba girl” the Mumu Sucex blurted out. ” Gabriel, how do you see the food?” Emeka asked. ” I dont talk while eating” I replied him, I hadn’t actually taken one spoon of the indomie, Emeka made it look as if I was also eating, in no time he had eaten almost half of the plate. ” when I come next week to spend one week with you guys, Gabriel you will teach me physics o” she said while I looked up in surprise ” One week ?” I asked no one in particular. ” Yeah, Sucex and I have agreed that I will come to spend one week with you guys,m” she said while I nodded, Sucex never knew his death was near. We were just packing the plates into the kitchen when Joy an Amanda came back, they barged into our room first. ” Good afternoon ma” Joy greeted Nike, she then turned to me. ” Gabi, you didn’t inform us that your elder sister was coming, you guys really look alike o” Joy said again. ” God punish you” I said within me.

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