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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 7

yes Joy, I got a girlfriend” I said to joy who collected the phone from Sucex and stared at my girlfriend’s picture. ” She is cute nah Sucex , why are you saying she is ugly” Joy said while Emeka also collected the phone. ” Hmm, my grandson” he called me smiling. ” What?” I asked him. ” I won’t actually blame you, I can see you use eyeglasses so I won’t criticize but my son, hmmm”he said again as he dropped the phone, Amanda also took it. ” Whooa, this is a paragon of beauty,divinely made by the coming together of angels under a signified ALU ALU ” Amanda said while we all bursted into laughter, she is so fond of saying rubbish at times, just like me. ” And this Gabriel normally behaves like one kind angel, as if he doesn’t know anything about girls” Joy said again. ” So you want me to go about telling people that, I have a girlfriend bah?” I asked her while she smiled. ” All she is saying is that you look so innocent to have a girlfriend” Amanda added while I bursted into laughter. ” Me, innocent, my dad can testify, I be criminal oo, hmm, if I vex here, you dont know me o” I said to no one in particular while they simply watched me display my madness. ” So Sucex what about you, do you have a girlfriend? ” Emeka asked Sucex while Sucex smiled. ” Yeah, I have a girl I was dating at home then, I dont know if we are still dating” Sucex said as he brought out his phone to show us her picture. He first gave the phone to Emeka as he looked at the picture. ” Sucex, I am your grandfather, I know you than you know yourself, this girl is not your girlfriend, this kind fine girl no fit gree for monkey like you” Emeka shouted as he looked at the picture, I quickly snatched the phone from him to see the girl. ” Whooa, this is glorious, guy come is she really your girlfriend or the girl you just say is your girlfriend?” I asked him still looking at the Picture, Joy and Amanda also snatched the phone for me. ” Ah, at least this one is better than the previous one ” Amanda suddenly blurted out, she realized what she said and quickly covered her mouth, she gave me an apologetic eye. ” just look at the way you guys are shouting because of her, I dont even like her again, if you see my real girlfriend ehen, una go hail” Sucex said again while I suddenly knelt in front of him ” Bless me father, open my eyes to also see fine girls” I said to him while the Mumu also placed his hands on my head. ” You guys should not worry o, the girl is coming here tomorrow” Sucex said again while we all turned to him. ” Do you mean she is coming to Benin or she is coming to this house?” I asked Sucex as I stood up to pack my dirty clothes, I dont mind washing them that night because I know this Sucex can disgrace me in her front. ” my new girlfriend is coming to this house, we must start cleanup tomorrow” Sucex said again. ” Common shut up, so just because of a feminine creature, we should now indulge ourselves in cleaning the house bah? Something we haven’t done before” Amanda said and hissed as she jumped on sucex’s bed. ” Guys, I can sense sleep coming, goodnight” she said again as she turned and face the wall. ” So we are done with today reading bah?” I asked ” Mumu what do you want to read again, look at the time, its already 1:00am. Goodnight guys” Emeka said as he laid on the cold tile floor, of course no one would allow him sleep on the bed. ” Joy, you are sleeping on Gabriel’s bed o” Sucex told her as he also laid down. ” I dont sleep with guys” Joy said and placed her head in the reading table while I nodded and laid alone on my big bed. It wasn’t up to ten minutes when joy got up from the chair ” Abeg, Gabriel is my brother” she said and jumped on my bed. I was the first to wake up that Saturday morning, it had been a tough night for me, I never knew joy happened to be an experienced Karate fighter, with every little opportunity she gets, she kicks me. Amanda was the next to wake up. ” Gabi man, you have woken up so early, good morning” she greeted while I smiled and nodded. ” Remember that you are the one to feed us today o” I said to her while she smiled ” I dont forget such things” she replied me as she went to the kitchen to drink water. ” You guys should come and wash these dirty plates o, remember Sucex feminine creature is coming today” Amanda shouted from the kitchen while Sucex quickly sprang up. ” The devil is a liar ” he said as he ran to the kitchen to start washing the plates, I took the broom to sweep. Emeka and Joy were still sleeping, Emeka was on the floor snoring like a cow. ” Guy stand up, I wan sweep” I said hitting the bottom of the broom on his back. ” Oh, enemy of progress, abeg dont disturb me again o” he said as he jumped to the bed. Joy got up some minutes later, she was smiling as she woke up. ” Gabriel did I kick you at night?” She asked still smiling. ” madam shaolin, kung fu mistress, snake in the monkey shadow” I shouted as I knelt in front of her, ” You can kill somebody ” I said while she laughed and went to join Sucex and Amanda in the kitchen to wash plate. I finished the sweeping and arranged the house, from the room to the bathroom to the kitchen, I then went to wash my cloth.
It was twelve o’clock in the afternoon, Joy and Amanda had gone to plait their hair, it was just I, Sucex,and Emeka in the house. We were actually waiting for the arrival of Sucex Feminine creature. It didn’t take long before she called Sucex to tell him she was at the main gate. ” Okay, just ask of 19 street in Bdpa, take a tricycle to *******( I won’t disclose my street name) and call me when you get there” Sucex said to her over the phone, it wasn’t up to ten minutes when she called again that she was at the junction, I , Emeka and Sucex stood up to go pick her, I wore my best cloth like the girl was mine, Emeka was the worst, the Mumu wore long sleeve with black trouser and I swear to God shoe. We came out from our gate and I sighted a girl standing in front of our junction. ” Is that the girl?” I asked Sucex as the girl came closer to us, ” Yeah, she is” he replied me. ” She is really beautiful” Emeka said but I wasn’t looking at her face, I was looking at her yam leg, am sure this girl must be a gymnastic coach, ” Sucex this girl looks older than you are” I said looking at her as she came more close, she was indeed beautiful but from the way I viewed her, she was a matured somebody. ” Yeah, she is actually twenty four years” Sucex said smiling. ” Excuse me” I said as I turned to him, at that moment I wasn’t seeing Sucex again but a complete fool. ( am sorry bro, you asked me to write it, I must be Frank and sincere, you were a fool then)

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