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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 6

Ah am just joking o” Sucex quickly shouted before joy got to him, Joy stopped and turned back to continue the cooking. ” Sucex, so you are afraid of her?” I said laughing. ” Am not afraid o, I just do t want Joy trouble” Sucex said, joy was still there frowning her face. ” Are you guys going to eat this soup if I cook it?” Joy asked holding the pot she was to cook with. I turned to Sucex who also looked at me, he was waiting for me to answer. ” we will eat” I said calmly while she nodded and placed the pot on the gas , she was still frowning. ” Ha, joy you are still angry, we were only joking with you now” Sucex said while joy tried to smile but couldn’t. ” Just that small thing you are angry” I said and tickled her, we later cracked some jokes for her and she soon started to laugh. The soup didn’t take long, it was egusi soup and by the mere looking of it, I concluded that it was delicious. ” So am done, am going to rest, I will come and read here at night with Amanda” Joy said while we nodded and thanked her, she then went upstairs. Immediately Joy left, Emeka barged in again, he was with a round plate. ” where is the soup my grandchildren he asked looking from me to Sucex. ” Thunder will fire you” I said pointing at him, ” Wait, is it the soup you cooked or which one?” Sucex added but Emeka had already gone to the kitchen and dished the soup himself. ” Come which kind of grandpa take things from his grandchildren?” I asked him as I went to lie on my bed. ” My type of Grandpa ” he replied me. ” please when you make garri, keep my share o ” Emeka said and went out. I stood up some minutes later to make garri, I made it enough for me, Sucex, Amanda,Joy and Emeka ( that was how we lived, we eat from ourselves) I dished the one for I and Sucex and then fetched soup along with it. ” So here we go, you can start eating ” I told Sucex while Sucex bursted into laughter. ” So you actually think I will die first from eating this soup, my brother you are a liar. Joy is closer to you, so eat first” Sucex said not ready to eat the food. ” it is not that I am afraid o, I am not hungry now” I told him again. ” My brother, I am not hungry too, as a matter of fact, am not eating throughout today again ” Sucex said lying on the bed. I stared at him and shook my head in pity, not in pity for him but for myself who was about to eat the food. I removed my rosary from my neck and started praying it quietly, Sucex saw me and bursted into laughter again. ” Or should we go and check on Emeka if he is still alive?” Sucex asked while I hissed, just then Joy entered the room. ” Sucex are you not eating?” Joy asked as she saw Sucex lying on the bed, as for me, I had already started eating. ” I will eat, I was just resting because the food was hot then” Sucex replied as he stood up and came to join me in eating the food. ” Ah, this food is so delicious” I shouted as I ate in fear, I was praying my last prayer inside me. ” Yes, the food sweet die ” Sucex said. ” Make una dey deceive una self here” Joy said and swayed out, I immediately got up and ran to the kitchen to wash my mouth, Sucex was already kneeling door in the parlour, he was praying. ” Father, forgive me, I know I have not been a good son, please if I die now, father lord let me make heaven, daddy please save me” he prayed as tears flowed down his eyes, just then Joy entered again and met him praying ” Sucex what are you doing?” She asked in surprise, I quickly took a cup and pretended to be drinking water. ” I am saying my prayers in the middle of meals” Sucex said with a teary voice. ” Id cabassa, prayers in the middle of meal” I shouted from the kitchen. ” I swear, they taught us in our church” Sucex said again. ” And you Gabriel, what are you doing in the kitchen?” She shouted to me . ” Am drinking water now” I shouted back. ” so like seriously, you guys think am a witch?” Joy asked, she was laughing this time. ” No, which kind witch now, ah fine girl like you” Sucex shouted as he balanced on the food and started rushing it again. I walked to him and slowly joined in the eating. Joy stayed with us for some minutes before finally going upstairs to bath before coming to read. ” Gabi, you have been the best room mate ever ” Sucex said again. “I just pray God forgive us our sins” He added, I didn’t reply him again as I was thinking about the heat of hell, with the kind of sins I have committed, I know devil will gladly accept me into his kingdom. ” And my dad warned to be careful oo, so this is how I will end?” Sucex said again. ” Sucex abeg just keep quiet, let us die in peace” I said to him. As we were waiting for our death, Emeka barged in again, this time he was holding his plate of soup and another plate for garri, he also had his book with him. ” Ah ah, why are the both of you sitting down like this, have never seen you guys this quiet ” Emeka said staring at us but we didn’t say anything. ” I have come to take Eba o” he said again. ” Brother if you can finish everything with the soup, you can take it” Sucex said to him . ” I dont eat that much” Emeka said and went to cut part of the Eba, he ate on my bed.
An hour had passed and we were still alive, it was very surprising and joyful moment for us, Emeka was still on my bed, he wasn’t eating this time, he was reading his note, joy and Amanda soon came in with their note, they were both putting on their night wears. They dished food for themselves first and ate before eventually settling down to read. ” So what do we read this night?” Sucex asked. ” biology” I said because I wasn’t that good in it. ” Do we all agree?” Sucex asked again. ” Yes” we all chorused. ” By tomorrow, we should make a timetable so that our reading can be sequential and orderly” Amanda said while we all agreed with her. We all brought out our note and textbooks and we started the group reading, it was fun and a very easy way to learn, even Emeka didn’t sleep . At a point we decided to rest for about 10 minutes, Sucex took my phone and started scrolling through the pictures in it. ” Gabi, who is this ugly girl have been seeing in your phone since? If I scroll small, I will see her” Sucex asked , I looked at the picture and it was my girlfriend. ” Idiot, that is my girlfriend” I said absentmindedly, ” Wow, she is so beautiful o” Sucex said as he took a more closer look at the picture, I knew he was lying just to please me. ” Gabriel, you have a girlfriend?” Joy asked turning to me.

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