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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 5

I got up slowly from my chair, I wore back my glasses and stood facing the man as he walked towards me. ” Two of you come out to the front of the class” he told I and Joy as he got to us, I walked out gently, Joy followed behind. ” Now tell the class why the both of you are disturbing my class” he said looking sternly at me. ” Nothing ” I replied. ” So you mean you are just disturbing me for nothing?” He asked but got no reply. ” Now get out of my class” he told us, we didn’t beg him, we walked out happily. okay so that was how I met my housemates, who else haven’t I mentioned? Amanda. Amanda happens to be Joy friend, sometimes when I dont want joy to sit with me in class, she goes to stay with Amanda. It was on one occasion when Joy wasn’t in school that I went to talk to Amanda for the first time. ” Hi, have you seen joy?” I asked her. ” oh, Gabriel, so for the first time, you have deemed it fit to come talk to me, that’s hilarious” she started, I so much hate those her English. ” Yes, it is very hilarious” I released my own blunder. ” I thought yourself and Joy are much closer, I haven’t seen her” she said. ” By the way am Amanda” she introduced herself with a handshake. ” And I am Gabriel” I told her shaking her hand. ” I know that already” she said while I laughed. ” So if you dont mind, can you give me your number?” I asked her while she brought out a paper and wrote her number on it. ” Sorry, I heard a kind of rumour that you might be coming to live in our hostel” She said smiling. ” Yeah I am coming , but I will come like a surprise, for it is written, that the son of man shall come like a thief in the night” I told her while she laughed. ” It will be so nice having at least a guy in our house apart from my cousin” she said while I smiled. ” So you mean I will be the only guy in your house?” I asked her. ” No, the only guy of our class” she said again ” Oh” I said and we talked for some minutes before I sighted Joy in the front, she was obviously searching for me.
Okay now, enough of the long story, I just love talking. I finally went to pay for the accommodation, I paid to the agent, Mr Charles ( not his real name o,let him not go and increase the house rent) . Mr Charles is a man probably in his thirties, he is a jovial and friendly man but can pretend . when I went to pay for the accommodation, I went with my prof, so as we got there, my prof introduced himself as a professor, the moment he introduced himself, Mr Charles accent changed to that of a phonetic teacher, I was deceived to believe that he was from the white man land. ” Glory sir, Glory, it my honourable pleasure meeting you sir, I am also a graduate of the university of Benin city sir, have heard so much about you, glory sir” he said while my prof nodded, he was obviously deceived by the way Mr Charles expressed himself. We paid for everything and the next day I went to buy my bed, reading table and other things, Sucex was with me. Yeah I and Sucex have actually discussed everything in class, I have agreed with him being my roomie, I like his personality. The first day in the house wasn’t much fun, I and Sucex Just sat staring at each other waiting for who will talk to the other first. ” But guy you ugly o” i finally spoke while he smiled, it surprises me why he doesn’t get angry when one tells him he is ugly. ” My brother , you are not the first to tell me, I know say I warwar, no dey remind me” he said laughing, just then Emeka barged into our room. ” Oh, my grandsons, welcome ” he said hugging us. ” What is this one, who is your grandson? ” I asked him, we did not even know each other, I only knew him as the boy that came to dictate for us that day. ” See let me tell you guys, I am the grandfather to both of you, take it or leave it” Emeka said again. ” Come did I tell you that my grandfather is fat like a pig?” Sucex said while Emeka smiled. ” If you know how your face looks like, you would be glad to have me as a grandfather. I would prefer monkey to you now, that is why I prefer Gabriel to you” he said. ” So am a monkey?” I asked him smiling. ” Of course” he replied also smiling. ” Oh, you are our grandfather bah?” I asked him again. ” Yes” he replied. ” Then you are the grandfather of monkeys, you are a grand monkey” I told him while I and Sucex bursted into laughter, ” The two of you are idiots, you actually look like your grandmother not me, so I am not a monkey” he said again. ” see , I didn’t come for all this, I am hungry” he finally said as he sat on my bed. ” Go and look for food elsewhere, we are monkeys so we can’t give you food” I said to him while he smiled. ” Gabriel, you are the most handsome youngman I have ever met ( fact, if you readers like, believe it, that is the truth) but if you dont want to give me food because I called Sucex a monkey, then hold your food. I can’t lie because of food” he said as he went by himself to take rice from the pot in the kitchen, he ate up to three plates and after that fell into a deep sleep.
That evening Joy came into our room, she was wearing a singlet and a trouser. ” Yeah, I promised to come and help you guys cook soup today” she said smiling at us, at the mention of soup, we smiled back. ” Yeah, please start o, so that we can use it this night” I told her as she went to the kitchen and put on the gas, she placed the pot on the gas and made to start cooking. ” Joy, I never asked you, where are you from?” I asked for the first time. ” Am from Benin city now, this is my land” she said, immediately she mentioned Benin city, my ancestors quickly taught me how to cook soup. ” Joy please dont worry about the soup” I said as I went to the kitchen. ” chaii and my mom warned me to be careful of benin girls o” Sucex lamented. ” Wait, you guys think am a witch, who gave you this mentality that Benin people are witches? ” she asked angrily as she dropped the pot on the tile floor, it made a loud noise. ” No be witch una be before?” Sucex said from the parlour, joy removed her gaze from me, and advanced towards Sucex. Deep down I could see fear in Sucex but he pretended to be brave

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