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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 4

So that was how I met Tope, Victor, Joy and Partially Sucex although I and Sucex aren’t kind of very close but with time we became good pals. Things went on fine for some weeks, I still stayed at Ring Road and looking for an accommodation. It was on one early Monday morning, I went to school early as usual, I do get to school around 6:30am, even those that live closer to school dont come early as I normally do. The maim reason why I do come early is just to get a seat at the front. I got to school that morning and met a girl at the front seat again, although she is a different girl entirely ” God please, let this one not also keep seat for people o” I prayed silently as I went and sat down beside the girl. I didn’t greet her and she also didn’t greet me. I looked at her and eyed her, what sort of disrespect is that, a small girl like her cant greet. I didn’t say anything, I just left her alone and started ready my biology textbook, yes I bought a biology textbook because I dont in anyway understand that fat man whenever he comes to teach us. So what I do is that I read with the syllabus, I read ahead of him. Joy soon came to the class, I was surprised when I saw her, why? Joy’s hair is actually a low cut, she do attach hair to hide it. ” Wait so you mean you dont actually have hair?” I asked her as she sat down close to me. ” Yes now, so you dont know I have been on a low cut all this while?” She asked smiling, she was actually also pretty with the low cut than even with all those attachment stuff. ” I never knew o ” I said to her. ” Now you know ” she replied and turned to that disrespectful girl ” sister good morning ” Joy greeted her. ” Good morning sis, please can you help me with this last class physics? I dont understand it ” the girl said politely while Joy smiled ” Today is your lucky day, the Don of Physics is here, Gabriel” She said pointing at me while I smiled, ” Now she will beg me” I said to myself. ” I dont want him to teach me” she said and got up from the seat, I was shocked. ” Gabriel, I know you have abused this girl this morning bah” Joy said. ” No we didn’t speak to each other today” I said to joy. ” Hmm, why then doesn’t she like you?” Joy asked me again. ” I dont know” I said and faced my biology. The girl happens to be Ejiro, the one who later turned out to be my best girlfriend, She is a graduate of Physiology but came back to do medicine due to the passion she got for it. If you read all my previous write-ups, you should know all this. I and Ejiro remained enemy for close to a month, the thing was that I considered her disrespectful due to the fact that I thought I am elder to her but never knew she was older than I was.
I continued to read my biology textbook, Joy had gone out to buy something for us, it was that moment the black like charcoal biology man enter, he is the worst of all the biology lecturers we had. ” Today, I will be teaching you on carbohydrates, but as I am today, I have no strength to shout, so I will need a bright student to come and dictate this note for me” he said holding up his note. ” I sir” one busy body girl shouted and the man called her out. ” Okay please dictate it to them, don’t make any mistake ” the man told her and he went to seat down on a plastic chair at a corner of the class. ” the topic is Chemicals of Life ” The girl shouted while the class became suddenly filled with laughter and shout, even the biology teacher was forced to laugh. The girl’s voice did not pass the front row of the class, it was the lightest voice have ever heard and sure if this girl continues to dictate, half of the class will write down rubbish. The man got up from the plastic chair and came to the girl. ” Go back to you seat my friend, do you think we are joking here?” He asked her angrily , the girl ran back laughing . ” Please someone else, I need a guy” the man said moving his eyes from left to right, at a point I thought the eyes stopped on me and I quickly bent my head. ” So you mean none of you guys can come out and dictate this note?” He asked angrily raising the note up. ” Okay class have a nice day” He said and made to leave but someone stopped him. ” I will do it Sir ” a fat guy said as he stood up from a seat at the back, this is the guy that later became Emeka, one of my housemates also. As Emeka got up, stuffs like ” Biggie, Big Daddy, Omo Ekun” Could be heard from every corner of the class, Emeka was just smiling foolishly as he came out. ” Good, dictate it as you see it” The man told Emeka and returned to his plastic chair. ” Hello” Emeka said and the class went into laughter, even the walls echoed back his voice, it was loud enough, even over loud. ” The Topic is Chemicals of Life, and the sub topic is Carbohydrates ” Emeka said in his loud voice. ” Carbohydrates is a poly hydroxy compound that is made up of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen, it has the general formulae (CH2O)n, the n signify the number of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen present ” Emeka continued in his loud voice. He continued like that for about twenty minutes then we stopped hearing his voice, his voice started to break. I looked up at Emeka and saw that he had started dozing partially, you want to make Emeka sleep, give him a book, you wanna kidnap him, give him food. The lecturer got up from his plastic chair and came to Emeka who was holding the book close to his eyes and trying his best to dictate. ” Mr. man,are you sleeping? ” the man asked Emeka, Emeka staggered back to life. ” No Sir, we are not Joking here” Emeka said and the class bursted into laughter. The man took the book from Emeka and dictated the rest by himself. He finished the dictation and started explaining, this is the part i dont like. I turned to joy and we started talking in low tones since none of us understands the man explanation. ” So have you seen an accommodation? ” I asked joy. “Hopefully by the end of this week, I would see one” she replied. ” Hey, you that boy in glasses get up” I heard the man shout, ” Thank God am not the only one in glasses ” I thought as I gently removed my glasses. ” Yeah, you, the one removing his glasses” the man shouted again, I looked up and saw him pointing and walking towards me.

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