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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 2

So that was how I met Tope and Victor, the most stupid friends I have got. Victor finally co operated with me, he allowed me explain the physics to him and at the end of the explanation, they were both amazed. ” who taught you how to prove like this? ” Victor asked me, as he placed his left hand on his chin. ” Myself ” I replied him while he smiled. ” Me self, am very good in proving o” Victor said again smiling. ” Please bros, just shut up your mouth, ordinary simple thing, you were teaching us rubbish ” Tope said to him. ” I dont even know you guys name self ” Victor said as he took his textbook from me and kept it in his bag. ” My own name is Gabriel ” I said while he nodded. ” Am Oluwatope, but call me Tope for short ” Tope said. ” OK o, am victor, but people call me Victedo ” Victor said while I laughed at his funny nick name. ” Actually I am the only one who knows myself as Victedo ” Victor said again and we all bursted into laughter. ” So Tope you are how old?” Victor asked again. ” Am 18+ ” tope said. ” Am 19 ” victor said while they both turned to me. I looked at them also, then I smiled. I didn’t want them to know I was younger to them so I changed my age ” I clocked 20 last two months” I said to them when I was actually 17. ” Ah, na bros you be o ” Tope shouted while I smiled. It was about some months later that I discovered that I wasn’t the only one that lied, Victor also lied, he was actually 16 years . ” Okay, it has been nice knowing the both of you, now I will have to go, my dad warned me not to stay with bad boys ” Victor said as he packed his belongings and went to another desk to read, we met him dozing some minutes later.
I and Tope later moved to the front seat in the class to look for notes, the reason was because we believed that brilliant students stay in the front. There was a young, tiny girl sitting in the front. She could be tag a gorgeous angel, she was indeed beautiful. ” oya, go and collect note from her ” Tope told me while I looked at him, ” See eh, all this fine girls can destroy someone generation with their mouth , you go and meet her ” I said to him. ” ah, you are behaving like a woman” Tope said and walked to her, I followed behind smiling foolishly. ” Aunty good morning o ” he greeted, ” Jesus ” I didn’t know when I shouted out, the girl and Tope turned to me immediately. ” What is it?” Tope asked me while I shook my head to signify nothing, imagine the small girl he is calling Aunty, idiot. ” please can you borrow us your previous notes?” Tope asked her while she nodded and brought a big 10 in 1 book from her bag. ” they are all in here ” she said. Just then a boy came and sat down beside the girl, I moved closer to tope . ” Guy, let’s go, I think that boy is a cultist, he might think we are toasting his girl ” I whispered to him while he frowned and shook his head in pity for me. ” Hi, I am Daniel ” The guy said stretching his hands for a handshake, I shook him uneasily, Tope was a bit friendly with shaking him. ” OK thanks for the note ” Tope told the girl as we turned to go. ” what of you, can’t you say thank you?” The girl asked smiling at me. ” Thank you ” I said to her , I was trying hard to smile. ” You guys should come and sit here and copy the note now ” she said again as she made space for us, I sat down first beside her ( opportunity comes but once ). ” So I am joy ” she said to me after some minutes, I simply nodded. ” Ah, you are weird o, dont you have name?” She said again. ” you are a Mumu, who is weird?” I asked her while she opened her mouth in shock. ” Wait o, you dont even know me and you are already insulting me” she said laughing. ” Sorry jare, that is how I am , I am Gabriel” I said again smiling and facing her, and that was how myself and Joy became friends, from that day onward, we became fond of each other. ” So you mean you always insult your friends when you first meet them?” Joy asked me again after some minutes. ” Yes o idiot” I said again while she laughed. ” You are a fool” she said after the laughter. ” Come, I dont like insult o” I told her blankly, ” Mumu, I only insult my friends ” she said again laughing while I eyed her and continued writing my note.
About 30 minutes later, one of the biology lecturer came into the class, he happens to be a fat man with pot belly, taking a first look at him, you might be forced to believe that he was painted with charcoal. As he entered the class, students also started coming into the class from different angles. I, Joy, Tope and Daniel sat together while some people came to join us. The lecturer didn’t waste time as he soon started saying rubbish to himself in the name of teaching. ” Tope are you getting what he is saying?” I asked Tope silently while Tope shook his head negatively, ” Even me self, I dont understand ” Joy added. ” Who ask you Mumu ?” I asked Joy while she gave me a friendly punch. ” please now, you guys are making noise ” A voice said directly from our back. I turned back to see who had spoken but quickly turned again immediately when I saw the person face,he was the scariest creature have ever seen. I later turned my head slowly to look at him again. ” sorry for disturbing you” I said to him calmly. ” Shhh, even as you are talking now, you are disturbing me” the guy said facing the lecturer and nodding his head to show that he was following what the lecturer was teaching, the guy happens to be Sucex, the one who later became my room mate. I smiled and removed my gaze from him, thank God he understands, I will meet him to explain to me after class. The man soon left the class and I quickly sprang up and went towards Sucex who was walking towards the door, ” Bros abeg wait” I shouted while he stopped, “please teach me this thing the man taught today” I said to him while he smiled at me ” you just resumed right?” He asked while I nodded. ” No wonder, my brother I was only pretending so that this man won’t call me when he wants to ask question” he said patting my shoulder and then he walked out. I stood at the spot smiling, I felt a hand touch me, i turned and it was joy. ” Yes, wait let me ask you, how did a small girl like you get admission at this your age?” I asked her while she stared at me confused. ” am I too small?” She asked me. ” Your mate are just doing their primary six graduation” I told her while she smiled. ” okay o, I hear you. Please come and escort me to the school bookshop ” she said with a pitiful eyes. ” Am not going o, I want to go and meet tope ” I told her. ” Tope and Daniel are also going with me” she said again while I hissed, ” Am not still going” I said again but she won’t hear of it as she drew me along. I, Tope, Daniel and Joy started the journey to the bookshop, I won’t lie, the place happens to be very far. ” This place is far o” Tope lamented as we got close to the bookshop, ” Shut up jare, what is far here?” I asked like a strong guy. ” Guys dont worry, when we are coming back, we will take taxi” Joy said while I hissed. ” I will trek” I told them, I dont think I was actually the one talking, there was one spirit that was talking through me . ” Trek what? Abeg I will enter bus o” Daniel said. ” I dont have money for bus o, I will trek with Gabriel ” Tope said. ” OK dont worry, I will pay for you guys ” Joy said again while tope smiled. ” okay thank you ” Tope said. ” Dont worry, I will still trek” I said again while joy looked at me, ” You are too stubborn ” she said while I hissed. We got to the the bookshop, she bought the books, I also bought a textbook, it was a physics textbook. When we were done with that, we trekked to the junction of the bookshop and stood waiting for a bus or taxi, in no time one bus came by. There was only two spaces left in that one. ” Oya guys let’s go” Joy said. ” Mumu, with only two spaces?” I asked her, ” we can lap now” she said again. ” Dont worry, you and Daniel should go, I and tope will trek back” I said while tope gave me that angry look but didn’t say anything. ” Come jare let’s go” Joy said drawing my hands while I beat her hand off. ” Witch, am not following you” I said while she laughed. ” pleases now” she begged. ” No, I will trek, my fore father’s trekked so trek will I trek” I told her. She frowned and later drew Daniel into the bus and it drove off leaving I and Tope alone. ” come, how did I even know you?” Tope suddenly asked. ” Dont you know this thing is far, we could have just lapped ourselves” he said again as we started to trek . ” My guy, you are a man” I said to him in a thick voice. We hadn’t trekked half the way when I angrily sat down under a mango tree, ” Gabriel, what happen? let’s go now” tope said. ” please leave me, let me die here, I can’t walk again” I said to him, am sure that evil spirit in me before has left me alone and entered bus.

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