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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 19 [Completed]

” Ah Nike hope no problem, why are you shouting like this?” Joy asked calmly. ” Nothing, just that you guys are..” She wanted to say but I interrupted. ” Ah, you are not even happy your boyfriend is collecting something from you” I said while she smiled forcefully again. ” Take” Sucex said handling the half bottle of fanta to her. ” You can keep it” She said and walked out. We made sure we took enough from her, it was about two months later that Sucex delivered the break up news which she has been waiting for. It was fun with my first year in Uniben, I learnt lot of things,It made me matured and I had to drop some childish attitude. I and my girlfriend broke up during the second semester break, it was no one’s idea for us to break up, it was a mutual agreement. Joy and her boyfriend also broke up, the guy thought Joy was too childish. There are still more gist about my stay in Uniben but time won’t allow Me say all. Our house agent brought a new guy that smokes into the house, he was a negative influence to us and we didn’t make him part of our family. The funniest thing was the day he came to me and asked if I have a condom to lend him, it was just so fanimorous( I dont know what that mean) . victor aka Victedo also got a girl, her name is faith and she happens to be one kind of beautiful girl. Tope and his girlfriend remained inseparable and their relationship continued to blossom. Sucex later went back to date his former sss 3 girlfriend, Amanda got hooked up with a Korean guy who got admitted into our school, Emeka our grandfather is still there mourning over our Grandmother’s death ( I dont know who she is) . There was another funny incidence that happened in my apartment, this happened when Victor came to visit me one day, on this particular day, he was very sick and so weak. I cooked indomie which I, Sucex and Victor ate. It was after the food that Sucex went to the bathroom to bath since we had played football earlier. Sucex happens to be the type that dont bath quick. It was still in the bathing act that Victor felt the urge to pee, remember victor was sick on this particular day. ” Sucex please come out let me pee” Victor shouted holding his trouser and stamping his leg on the floor. ” I have already rubbed soap on my body, I can’t come out” Sucex shouted. ” Gabriel please where is the Main door key, let me pee outside” Victor said turning to me. ” Joy took the key out” I said operating a laptop. ” Jesus , please Sucex come out !!!!” victor shouted rolling on the ground, I stood up seeing that it was serious. ” Sucex abeg come out” Victor shouted trying to open the bathroom door.” Victor are you stupid, if you open this door, you will have yourself to blame” Sucex shouted angrily and victor continued to jump up and down holding his trousers. I got up and saw that the main key was actually on the main door. I opened the door for Victor and he ran out immediately but he wasn’t fast enough and he pee on his trouser. He came in some minutes later crying and staring at me. ” Gabriel what is the meaning of this?” He asked me pointing to the trouser he had pee on, ” Meaning of what, did I cause it?” I asked him sternly but I also had pity on him. Just then Sucex came out of the bathroom towelling his body, he was wearing only a boxer. Victor had also pulled his pee stained trouser and was now wearing only his boxer. ” Sucex you are wicked” Victor shouted as he pushed Sucex away. ” Wicked as how, can’t you control yourself?” Sucex asked and pushed victor back, and that was how they started to fight, I called the fight the naked fight and they soon started pulling off their boxers, the mistake I made was that I didn’t video them that day. I later gave victor one of my Knickers and he wore it home, that was the most interesting fight in Uniben. Another one happened when I went to read in night class, we were just reading when two boys starred arguing then one threatened to go call his boys , my brothers and Sisters, before the guy even went, I had already reached home, my dad warned me from home. We all passed our first year in flying colours, no one I knew failed. Nike, I haven’t heard of her till now. We are now at our separate houses waiting for school to resume, even as I type now, am in my father’s house. It was two weeks ago that I meant Joy online. We talked and gisted for a while before I decided to come over my fears, I took a deep breath and made to type, “Joy” I started , ” Yes dear” she replied. ” I gat something I wanna tell you” I said again. ” Oh am all ears” She said again. ” Joy, I actually……….” I told her.
The End. Thank you guys for supporting me, thank you all as I complete my last story, now I think I have tried and am deciding to rest but I will soon come back with a new story, just wait for it. Thank you all, Bye till we meet again, I remain Gabriel,
Thank you all love you guys.

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