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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 17

Nike, please calm down, I am so sorry for all I have done, I know its my fault, I haven’t been able to satisfy you and provide your needs, but I promise I will change from tomorrow, I will try my best to always please you at all time, just give me this last opportunity ” Sucex said while Emeka gave him a thumb up. ” Hmmm, Sucex, are you sure?” Nike asked ” Yes, I am sure” Sucex said again. ” Okay then, am giving you a last chance” Nike said, and with that, the call ended. ” Nice one Sucex” Emeka said after the call, Joy and Amanda were already back from the kitchen, they were done cooking. ” Now Emeka what is the plan?” Joy asked staring at Emeka. ” The plan is a simple one, all we want Nike to do is for her to give Sucex what she has taken from him. He can’t achieve that on his own due to the fact say na Mumu he be. So we all have to help him. Since Nike thinks we dont know she is playing Sucex, we are going to make her pay unwillingly in the aspect that she won’t be able to refuse. From now onward, anytime Sucex is going to meet Nike, let us go in our group, when we get to her , we will tease her with the fact of how broke and down her boyfriend is and that since she love him, it should be her right to help him out , I know she won’t want to give him willingly but seeing us there, she might want to pretend that she loves him and will be forced to carter for him. She won’t be able to break up as we are going to continue praising her for how good her relationship with Sucex is. ” Emeka said and we nodded in agreement. ” Then we dont need a thousand naira then, what are we giving her money for again?” I asked . ” That’s true gabi, no money for her, this our project starts tomorrow” Sucex said in anger while we all agreed.
====> We went to school in group the next day, that was he we do most times. We all had one thing in mind and that was taking revenge on Nike. We were just about entering the hall when we sighted the devil, Nike. ” Its time” Sucex said and we all diverted to Nike’s direction. ” Good morning guys” She greeted us smiling while we smiled back happily, I even went forward to hug her ( It was a painful moment) . ” Nike just see how you are shining today” Amanda started while Nike blushed. ” Hmmm, the girl fine no be small” Emeka added. I wasn’t ready for any lie so I didn’t praise her and went straight to the point. ” see how you are shinning, you didn’t even care for you boyfriend, you dont know what he is passing through” I said. ” What are you passing through dear?” She asked trying to be loving but Emeka talked, if we allowed that Mumu Sucex to talk now, he will spoil plan. ” Dont you know that his dad hasn’t sent him money all this while, as he is here, he hasn’t eaten since yesterday night, We are all broke and he decided to come meet you, if all of us can’t help him, surely his loving girlfriend can. He is shy to beg that’s why he is quite” Emeka said while Nike faced changed . ” Ahh, Nike nawa for you o, your boyfriend is down like this and you dont even care, it isn’t fair o” Amanda added. ” Ah Sucex you didn’t tell me, should I give you something ?”Nike asked trying hard to smile. ” No, am fine” The Mumu said. ” Dont mind him o, he is just shy, dont mind him” I quickly said. ” Sucex, see hunger will just kill you” Joy added. ” Nike please help him with what you have ” Emeka said as Nike dipped her hand into her pocket and brought out five hundred naira, Sucex didn’t want to collect it but I dragged it from her. ” Thank you” Sucex said gently but Nike didn’t answer as she just walked away smiling forcefully. ” Sucex, why are you dulling now?” Joy asked him. ” Guys, I still love her” Mumu said, sorry Sucex said. ” See she doesn’t love you, and this is the opportunity to get back what you have lost” Emeka said and I handed the money to him, ” Go and have fun” I said to him. ” Guys, it isn’t over o, we must make sure Sucex and Nike ain’t alone at any point in time so that she doesn’t get a chance to breakup.” Emeka said as we headed to the class, ” what about if she breaks up through phone call?” Joy chipped in, ” Dont worry , I will start answering her calls now” Amanda said while I gave her a high five.
We walked into the class and saw Nike discussing with one of her friends, she was looking angry, we all obviously know why. I , Joy and Sucex sat on the same chair, we wanted Sucex to be within our reach. Not up to a minute, Nike came to us, she was smiling. ” Sucex please, I want to tell you something” She said, Sucex got up and went out with her, Joy pinched me to follow them and I did. ” Ah Gabriel, why are you following us?” Nike asked with a confused face. ” Its a game, a truth and dare game we played last night and in that game , I have been dared to follow Sucex anywhere for one week” I said while Sucex concurred. ” So what do you want to tell me?” Sucex asked pocketing his hands, ” I just wanna ask if you have eaten and if you are okay now” Nike said while Sucex nodded. ” Yeah, am fine now, thanks for the money” Sucex said smiling. ” Its nothing” Nike said and walked away, I turned back and saw her friend staring at us from a distant. ” Nice one bro” Sucex said shaking hands with him while we walked back to meet Joy. ” How did it go?” Joy asked. ” It went well” I replied while she smiled. ” That’s my boy” she said rubbing her hands on my cheeks, ( there are some moment I wish I could just rewind).
It was the end of class for that day, I was going home with my siblings ( my house mates), we hadn’t walked far from the lecture hall when Nike friend walked to me, her name is Minne. ” Hi guys, please let me steal Gabriel away” she said drawing my hands, Emeka gave me that be careful look as I walked away with her. ” How are you doing Gabi?” she asked pressing my palms, ” Am fine, hope no problem?” I asked in my serious face, only my house mates know that I do joke , my course mates all see me as being serious. ” Hmmm, don’t know how to say this but please am hungry and I dont know if you can give me some money” she said smiling. ” And what gave you that impression that I am with money?” I asked frowning my face the more, I was looking very serious, I saw fear boldly written on her face.

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