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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 14

Wait o, your question is when did I have my first kiss, not whom I had it with ” I said while Sucex disagreed, ” You must tell us who you had it with” Sucex said. ” Yeah, tell us” Tope also said. ” Okay, let me not lie, I haven’t had mine yet” I said. ” King of the Zanga, your lies are beyond human comprehension, a whole bad boy like you ” Sucex said. ” Am ain’t lying, believe it or not. Let me ask my own question now” I said shifting well on my bed. ” How did you guys get your girlfriends, the present ones.” I asked . ” Okay, I actually got her through a truth or dare game, I was asked who I wished I could date and I pointed to her, she was kinda happy so I used that opportunity to ask her out” Tope said . “Sucex, what about you?” I asked him.” A pen brought us together, the first day I came here, my dad came with me. He went with me to the clearance officer and they were exchanging pleasantries, he gave my dad respect when my dad told him he own a microfinance bank. All this while Nike was beside me but I didn’t know until she asked me for my pen. I gave it to her, and that was how we became friends. It was about a week later that I asked her out in class” Sucex said. ” So Gabriel, what about you?” Sucex asked me . ” Actually, we happened to be seat mates in secondary school and then I asked her out ” I replied laughing. ” What sort of relationship is that?” Tope asked me. ” My own sort of relationship” I replied. ” Tope ask your own” Sucex said while Tope cleared his throat. ” Among all the girls you have dated, which was your best, you must first tell us how many girls you have dated” Tope said. ” Mine is two, Nike is the best” Sucex said. ” Mine is also two, the one I dated in jss 3 was the best” I said and we all turned to Tope. “Mine is also two but my present one is the best” Tope said. ” Sorry guys, Gabriel if the one you were dating previously was the best, then why did you leave her?” Sucex asked me. ” It was distance that separated us, I had to leave my previous school where she was, my parents actually relocated. We couldn’t continue because she had no phone and i couldn’t contact her so we separated” I explained . ” Eyah, sorry bro ” Tope said. ” who has any other question?” Tope asked but none of us answered him. ” Then goodnight guys” Tope said and laid on my bed.
About my previous girlfriend, her name I won’t mention but her surname starts with an O and ends with an I . We actually had crushes on each other, she wasn’t actually my girlfriend as I tell people she is. We finished our junior secondary school together and it was then my parents relocated and we lost contacts. It was then I decided to get a new girlfriend, it was after I got the new one that my crush came back , she got my contact from one of my friends. She called me one day and we talked for about one hour. I didn’t want to ask her out because I wanted to be faithful to the new girlfriend I got, so we lived as friends but till date, I still got crushes on her ( no matter how you guys try, you can’t know her name).
Dont get me wrong, I love my current girlfriend, I don’t cheat on her, am always faithful but she got a problem, she believes she is always right and dont want to be corrected, she does what pleases her and doesn’t care what you think but even on all that, I still love her like I always did until one day when I started having double feelings about her.
It all started one night, probably in the month of may 2017, I and Sucex were bored and then Sucex suggested we played pranks on our girlfriends. ” What type of Pranks?” I asked him.” Breakup pranks, Let see what they will do” he said as he picked up his phone and dialed Nike’s number. ” Hello Nike, you are stupid, crazy, you dont respect me, I want a breakup, I am no more interested in the relationship ” Sucex said and dropped the call . ” Bahd guy Sucex, that was deep” I said shaking his hands, about a minutes later, Nike called back. ” Sucex what did I do, please am sorry, don’t leave me, am sorry, anything I have done, forgive me” Nike said calmly over the phone. ” It Is a prank o” Sucex said laughing while Nike cut the phone angrily, Sucex later called her back to apologize. ” Oyaa, my turn, come and see how my girlfriend will beg me ” I said proudly as I dialed her number and placed the phone on speaker. ” Ehen ehen, Hello idiot, I want to tell you that am not interested in the relationship again, am tired of your life and behaviour” I said. ” Then do you want a breakup ” She asked, my brothers and sisters, fear catch me. ” Yes” I said and dropped the call sweating profusely, I thought she would call back but she didn’t, it was about ten minutes later that I got a message from her ( I can’t remember the exact content of the message, I will just say it as I can remember). ” Hello uncle, Mr right, you think its only you that can talk abi, you and that your room mates are so immature, you think you know best, if you want to leave, please leave, there are many fishes in the river” the message read, it was actually much longer than that. I cleaned my face and read the message again like I didn’t read it well before, my mood changed instantly and I started stretching myself. ” Gabriel, what did she say?” Sucex asked as he collected the phone and read the message. ” Gabriel this girl is not your own” Sucex said and threw the phone on the bed, ” Am sorry bro, I brought the pranking stuff” He apologized while I managed to put on a weak smile. ” Its well ” I said to him as I tried to get up from the bed but I fell back to the bed . ” Are you okay” Sucex asked as he came to me.

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