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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 11

” Gabriel please, stay here, dont let my uncle beat me, I know he has come to beat me” Sucex said still shivering. ” Like seriously, you want me to help you?” I asked as I wore my bathroom slippers. ” yes please, help me” he said again. I laughed out and looked at him for sometime before heading upstairs. ” Gabriel, where are you going to?” I heard him ask but I didn’t reply him. Nike went to Joy’s room while I went to Emeka own. ” See, there is no malt in my fridge again, you have already finished everything. Everyday, you must take one malt” he said as I entered his room. ” I didn’t come because of Malt jare” I replied him and narrated everything to him. ” So you mean his uncle is here to beat him?” Emeka asked laughing, to me it wasn’t funny, I pitied Sucex. ” Yeah, he is downstairs ” I replied and almost immediately, we started hearing the cry of Sucex, he was shouting and pleading at the same time. I got up from Emeka’s bed immediately and made to rush downstairs but Emeka held me back. ” Leave him, let them beat sense into him or let his Nike go and save him now” he said as he pushed me to the bed. ” he is still my roomie, I have to help him” I said as I stood up from the bed and hurried downstairs, lo and behold, Uncle p was wiping Sucex with a wire. ” Uncle, please its okay” I said as I dragged Sucex away from him, he even mistakenly hit me with the wire. ” No, let me teach this boy something” he said and landed Sucex another slap. ” Where is that dirty girl?” Uncle p asked angrily again. ” She doesn’t live here, she has gone to her house” I quickly said ( Sucex you should thank me for that, remember I also pushed her shoe under the bed, lol) . ” Uncle is Okay” I said again as Uncle p advanced towards Sucex. ” No, leave him, let him kill me” Sucex suddenly shouted ( I know it was because I was holding you, that was what gave you courage to talk). ” I have been praying here since morning, asking God for direction, he told me that girl is my wife” Sucex foolishly said again , I had wanted to laugh but another slap from Uncle p withdrew the laugh. ” look at what the Mumu is saying, he is asking God for direction” Uncle p said mockingly. ” Imagine, you are just a fresher in this school and you are already going out with girls, what would you do when…” Sucex interrupted him. ” Uncle its my life, you are not my father, just leave me alone, as a matter of fact, leave my house” Sucex said as he started struggling with me like he was going to fight uncle p but I held him firmly, uncle p dropped the wire he was holding and carried our electrical extension, he used the wire to wipe Sucex, he also threw our reading lamb at him ( this is the reason why till date we still read with candle light).
—- At long last, Uncle p left, not without leaving Sucex face uglier than it was. It was then Nike came downstairs. ” Jesus, see what he did to your face” Nike shouted. ” Delta people are really wicked , I hate them” She shouted at her, I turned to her immediately. ” please if you have nothing to say, just keep shut, you should have come down to say it when he was around ” I said to her in a harsh tone. ” Gabriel, you should learn to respect me, we aren’t mate” She fired back while I laughed but didn’t say anything. Emeka soon came to join us. ” Jesus, who beat my grandson like this?” He asked touching Sucex face. ” Gabriel, you see what you have caused, I wanted to come fight o, but Gabriel didn’t allow me, he said he can handle it ” Emeka lied. ” Gabriel is a fool now, why didn’t you allow him come?” Nike asked eyeing me again. ” You are the worst room mate ever ” Sucex said, he was still crying. I didn’t say anything, although I was angry but I had to control it. I simply went upstairs to meet Jot who was sleeping peacefully in her room.
The worst mistake Sucex ever made because of his foolish love was the day he pushed me totally to the wall, my anger that day was in the highest maximum.
Nike birthday was on a Saturday, on the day before Sucex had given her some money, he told me it was three thousand but it was about last month that he confessed that it was actually more than that. I as a person hate parties, you can say I am not social. On that Saturday of Nike birthday, I was in the room lying down when Sucex came to beg me to follow him to the party, I disagreed at first but he continued begging until I got up and wore a jeans trouser with a top and followed him. We got to the venue, it was actually Nike’s friend house. Sucex led me upstairs to the girl room, there was only a bed in the room and there were three girls on the bed including Nike. Sucex went to sit with them while I simply bent by the door side. ” Gabi come and stay on the bed now” Nike said while I rejected politely. About five minutes later, Sucex got up and turned to me ” Goat, come out let me see you” he said in a serious tone and he was also frowning his face. ” Did you just call me a goat?” I asked trying to coop my temper, calling me a goat wasn’t the problem, but calling me in the presence of those girls was embarrassing. ” Are you not a goat before?” He asked while I smiled and got up, I took my school bag and left the building without another word, I went straight home. I told Joy everything and she asked me to forget it, that it was nothing.
It was around 6:00pm that Sucex came back , he greeted me and I replied him with a wave of hand. It was the next day which was Sunday that the fight started, it all started when I decided to open up to him that morning, ” Guy what you did yesterday wasn’t funny” I said to him while he hissed. ” There was nothing in what I did, you just took it so personal” he said while I nodded. ” to you, it might be nothing but to me it was embarrassing, you shouldn’t have said it in presence of that woman you call your girlfriend” I said angrily as I dressed up for church. ” Yeah thank you, my girlfriend Is a woman but she is more beautiful than Tue monkey of your own girlfriend ” he said again, he was already also dressed for church and set to go, I was also ready to go. ” Am just trying to let you know that..” I wanted to say when he interrupted me ” please just shut up ” he shouted, I didn’t say anything as I simply took my rosary and went out, he also came out and locked our apartment door, surprisingly, he pushed me from the way and also locked the main door leaving me in the house, he then went with the key and he knew I was going to come back before him. It was joy who opened the main door for me to go to church that day, I went to church and came back , I had to stay outside for about 3 hours before Emeka came back ( I and joy didn’t go to the same church that Sunday) and opened the main door for me, I also had to stay in his apartment. Joy and Amanda also came back some minutes later and cooked rice for us, I didn’t eat as I was very angry but pretended to be cool, I told them I wasn’t hungry but deep down, I was dying of hunger. It was around 6:00pm that Amanda came to inform me that Sucex was back, I smiled as I stood up and made to go downstairs. ” Gabriel you are so gentle o, I won’t take this kind of nonsense ” I heard Amanda sat, she did actually know what was going on in me. As I got to the staircase, I jumped the last five stairs and pushed the door to my room angrily, I met Sucex humming a mockery song. ” What was the meaning of all this rubbish?” I asked him as I advanced towards him. ” What is this one saying?” He asked clapping his hands and smiling. I smiled back as I landed him a hot slap on his cheeks, his smile changed to a face I can’t tell the expression, he wanted to slap me back but I held his hand and landed him another slap.

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