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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 Episode 10

I slowly left them and walked away, I went back to joy looking moody. ” what is it?” She asked me as I handed the pen to her. ” That Nike of a girl is up to something” I told Joy while she breathed and continued reading her note. ” Won’t you say anything?” I asked, not in a calm tone. ” what should I say, she is Sucex choice and I think Sucex is old enough to decide for himself” Joy said calmly. Not long afterwards, Nike came into the class with some snacks and drinks, she was grinning happily, she went to the back seat to stay with her girlfriends. ” Gabi, how are you?” I heard tope voice from behind . ” Tope ore mi ( Tope my friend), how far now” I replied him. ” Am good o, Joy, you can’t greet abi?” Tope asked Joy. ” Good morning sir” Joy shouted and Tope bursted into laughter. “Gabriel please give me your physics assignment let me use it to check mine” Tope said while I gave him a sheet where I did my assignment, he took it to the back seat. Victor soon came , he branched to greet me also. ” Gabriel Gabriel, the son of man” Victor said. ” Victor victor, the son of woman” I replied him. ” Joy how far now, Gabriel this your sister is getting pretty everyday o” Victor said while I laughed. ” Thank you” Joy replied him also laughing. ” okay o, I heard a rumour that the physics teacher isn’t coming ” Victor said while I breathed in relief, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything that day. ” So Gab, let’s go and eat” Joy said to me while I stood up and carried my bag, we haven’t eaten that morning. We were just walking out of the door when Sucex barged into us. ” where are you guys going to?” He asked smiling. ” To Buka, we want to go and eat” Joy replied. ” Thank God, please I am very hungry, I haven’t eaten anything and I have nothing on me” Sucex said with a pity face, I threw my face away like I didn’t hear him. ” Okay, you can come with us, I will pay for you” Joy said, I tried pinching her but she beat my hands away. ” Thanks Joy, you are a darling, not like this my room mate” he said again while I smiled.
Nike soon came to stay with us, that was when another phase of sucex’ s problems began, this time it was with his family. Uncle p happens to be Sucex uncle, he should be in his late thirties. Uncle p was the man Sucex lived with before we got accommodation, he is Sucex dad’s brother. It was on a Saturday, I , Emeka , Sucex and Nike were at home, Joy and Amanda had gone to the swimming pool. They had actually wanted me to go with them but I dodged simply because I couldn’t swim and I didn’t want to drown to death. ” Sucex, you plan going to the cinema with me today o” Nike said as she laid with Sucex on the bed. ” Yeah, I remember. And by the way, my uncle best friend is getting married today, my uncle has invited me to come” Sucex said. ” wait, does that mean we wouldn’t go to the cinema?” Nike asked. ” No, we would go of course, we will first go to the wedding just to show face and then we would head for the cinema ” Sucex said. ” Gabi won’t you go with us?” Nike asked me. ” Nope, there is someone coming to see me, she wants me to teach her physics” I replied. ” Ejiro right?” Sucex asked while I nodded. ” I dont like that girl” Sucex added again, ” She is a snub ” he said while I smiled. ” That is the main reason I like her, she is a girl of class, she isn’t dependent on anyone like some girls are” I said again , I was actually referring to Nike. Emeka was also in the room with us but he was actually sleeping. ” Okay then, let me go and bath ” Nike said and went to the bathroom. ” Guy, what are you trying to do? You wanna leave your uncle’s best friend wedding and go to the cinema? For Christ sake, you uncle invited you there, you can go to the cinema another day.” I said to Sucex but he didn’t listen. ” Its my life bro” he replied and started searching for the cloth he was to wear to the cinema. They were just about leaving when Ejiro came, I went to open the main door and she came in, I hugged her and lead her into my apartment. Our house is designed in such a way that it has a main door, only those who live in the house have the key to the door. If you are a visitor coming to the house for the first time, you have to call your host to come open the main door for you. ” Good afternoon ” Sucex greeted Ejiro while Ejiro answered with a wave of hand. As I said earlier, Ejiro happens to be a graduate of physiology, she only came back to do medicine due to the passion she got for it. Sucex and Nike soon left the house leaving I and Ejiro alone at home, Emeka went to the main gate of uniben to charge his phone since there wasn’t light in the house. ” Gabriel, what is Sucex doing with this girl?” Ejiro asked me the moment they left. ” She is his girlfriend” I replied as I brought out my physics textbook. ” Dont tell me, this girl should be in my age grade and you are..” I interrupted her. ” Let’s just leave them and face the physics you came for” I said not willing to talk about Sucex. ” I know how it is bro, it isn’t Sucex fault,from the experience I have heard, Sucex might have true love for her but he doesn’t know the girl just wanna use him, you can’t blame him, that is how love is” Ejiro said while I nodded. I opened the textbook to begin the physics, but Ejiro still wanted to gist. ” So you do you have a girlfriend?” She asked me while I nodded, ” Wow, I thought you dont have feelings for girls o, with the way you do behave ” Ejiro said while I smiled.
—- it was around 7:00pm when Sucex and Nike came back, Sucex wasn’t looking happy at all. ” What is it bro?” I asked him ignoring Nike. ” Is it not that my idiot uncle,imagine, he called me to abuse me because I left the wedding without informing him, he even called Nike a dirty thing, what rubbish is that?” He said while I smiled. ” I swear, I haven’t been so embarrassed like this before” Nike said while I hissed and lied on my bed. Sucex phone soon rang and it was a call from his uncle. ” Uncle p, I hate, you are evil, I dont want to have any relationship with you again” Sucex said as he picked the call, I opened my mouth in disbelief, if I dare tell my uncle I hate him, the whole village will hold meeting just for me. ” Sucex what is wrong with you?” I shouted at him as he dropped the phone but he didn’t answer me. ” Let him talk sense into their head” Nike barked . ” Oh you shut up” I shouted as I faced her in anger. Sucex phone rang again, it was another call from his uncle but he didn’t pick. His uncle called up to five time and he didn’t pick, then his uncle called me. ” Hello uncle p, How you doing?” I asked him , he was very fond of me, he actually knows me, he had even come to our apartment once to visit us. ” Gabriel, are you seeing the way that goat is behaving?” He asked me with an angry voice, I was even scared. ” Uncle please calm down” I said. ” No, look at that dirty girl he brought to disgrace me” his uncle said again but I kept quiet, ” Am coming to that apartment tomorrow to deal with him ” his uncle said and ended the call. ” What did he say?” Sucex asked as I dropped the call. ” He said he is coming here tomorrow” I replied him while he hissed, ” He can’t come, that his how he do make mouth” Sucex said while I nodded. His dad soon called him, probably uncle p must have told his dad. ” Dad just leave me alone, I hate all of you, I hate mom too, all of you”he shouted and dropped the phone. ” Hmm delta people, I dont like their behaviour” Nike said while I looked at her and shook my head. I later went to take my night bath and slept off, I dont read on Saturdays as I do sleep to wake up early for 6:00am mass, I am actually a roman catholic.
—— Sucex and Nike didn’t go to church on that Sunday, they were playing their love at home. Joy isn’t a catholic but she decided to follow me to my church that Sunday. We came back early since it was the 6:00am mass, Joy went upstairs to cook for us while I went into my apartment. I was about dozing off when I heard a voice from our window ” Sucex, come and open the main door for me” I recognized it as uncle P’s voice immediately, I smiled as I opened my eyes . ” Nike, Nike, stand up quickly, run upstairs” Sucex shouted tapping Nike, I could see him shivering.

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