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Gabi’s Diary: Season 1 [Episode 1 – 19]

 Gabi’s Diary

Gabi’s Diary

So how it all started, it was around the month of October 2016, my dad and I could be seen in the famous Iyare bus park located at iyana ipaja, Lagos state. Of course we were travelling, I was going to school and my dad was following me since it was my first time. I had told him times without number that I am a big boy, 17 years for crying out loud ( I was 17 at 2016) ,but my dad will hear nothing of such,he insisted on following me saying that I could be kidnapped, what nonsense. It was as early as 6:30am, we were waiting for our bus to load, the passengers weren’t complete yet. I sat down with my dad on a long chair in the park, I was drinking my fanta and gala which my dad bought for me. ” Gabriel, when you get to school, dont join bad boys o” my dad told me again, that had been the same thing he had been saying for the past one month that I got admission. ” Daddy I won’t join jare” I answered him frowning. ” Gabriel I know you…” Unfortunately he was interrupted by the loud speaker ( loud speaker, God bless you) ” passengers for the bus 600 going to Benin city should please get seated ” the speaker echoed, my dad got up immediately ” oya come, we might miss the bus” he shouted as he drew me up, ” oh God what sort of embarrassment is this?” I asked myself, I wasn’t the only student going to Benin city, there were some fine girls also going to school for the first time and here is my dad disgracing me in their presence. ” Daddy, is this not the bus in our front? We can’t miss it” I said but he still drew me along. ” They can sell our seat if we dont go to the front of the car and continue to stare at the driver ” he said, some people who heard him laughed. ” Who is in seat number 15?” The man who was screening us in asked no one in particular and my dad came forward , ” I am 15″ he said calmly as the man screened him in. I was number 14 and the man also screened me in, I had barely sat down when my dad turned to me ” where are your bags?” He asked me, ” That man at the back said he will put them in the booth” I told him . ” what!! Mumu, go and watch them put it in the booth, they will steal your bag and you will know yourself” he said and I calmly went down and waited until the man kept the bag in the booth before going back to sit in the bus. The journey to Benin started with a short prayer from one pastor in the bus, he committed our journey in God’s hand . The passengers especially my dad warned the driver to be careful, ” Mr man please drive small small o” My dad said as the man started the Engine. We were soon out of Lagos, the bus was fast. My dad was watching a wrestling video on his phone and I decided to use that opportunity to familiarize myself with the beautiful girl sitting on my second side. ” Are you also a fresher ?” I asked her, I know she must be a student. ” Yeah, its my first time ” she said in her nice, sweet , and captivating voice. ” What of you?” She asked while I smiled, ” Same with you, I am just going there for the first time” I said to her. ” But you are big enough to go on your own now, why is your dad following you?” The girl asked again, the question was kind of embarrassing . ” He isn’t following me, he is going there on an assignment ” I lied, thank God my dad was so focused on his wrestle video that he didn’t pay attention to what I was saying. ” Oh, I thought as much” she said. ” So what is your name?” She asked me smiling. ” I am Gabriel” I said to her while she smiled. ” My name is Jane ” she said as she stretched fort her hand for an handshake, I spied at my dad with a corner of my eyes to make sure he wasn’t looking at me before taking the handshake, the girl’s hand was smooth.
Everyone in the bus soon started to sleep, even my dad. I was the only one awake, I wanted to have a clear view of everything that was to happen in this my first time journey to Benin. My waist region downward was already paining me, it was my first time embarking on such a long Journey, at a point I started shifting uncomfortably on my desk, I shifted towards the girl but it was like the pain increased. I then shifted towards my dad but no difference. I turned around and realized that almost everyone was sleeping except some of the students. I seized that opportunity and stood up to reduce the pain .
It was a long journey but we soon got to Benin,we stopped at uniben main gate, the driver alighted from the car and brought out my big box and travelling bag, my dad couldn’t even help me carry anyone. ” Oya carry them fast, let me do what I have to do here, I will leave Benin tomorrow” my dad said while I smiled, I didn’t want him to stay. We walked into the school and located where some students were doing some kind of clearance, I got cleared and then the next problem was accommodation. ” Daddy, its already getting late, where are we to sleep?” I asked him while he just laughed. ” you will stay with one of my friend for now until you get an accommodation, he is a prof ” My dad said and that was how I ended up staying with a prof for about three weeks.
My dad left early the next day, the Prof on his own wasn’t around, he travelled. One student, a girl was also staying with him, so the house was left for the both of us. She was a 300 level mass communication student, her name was Faith. She is also a pretty girl but she is older than me with about two years. I started class that same day as I was already three weeks late, I didn’t resume on time. I went to school with only a single note and a pen, I didn’t even carry any school bag. On entering the class, I met a seat with only one guy sitting on it, I joined him, that was tope. ” Good morning bros, am new, please can I have any of your note?” I asked him while he smiled. ” I am just resuming today also ” he told me smiling. Just then another guy came to join us, all those guys that like forming serious student, he was carrying three big text books. ” Good morning o” I waved at him as he sat down. ” How far” the boy asked as he sat down and opened his big physics text book. ” Am fine, please borrow me your previous notes” I said to him while he shook his head, ” I dont give my notes to anyhow boys” he said while I smiled. ” this one is mad” tope said in Yoruba while I faced him” Shey omo Yoruba ni e?( are you a Yoruba guy?)” I asked him in Yoruba language while he nodded, we shook hands and hugged ourselves. ” why are the two of you laughing at me?” The guy asked, the guy is victor. ” OK please, if you can’t borrow us your note, come and explain the previous weeks topics to us ” I said while the boy smiled happily, he brought out his physics textbook and started teaching us Nonsense, thank God I have read that topic before. ” Guy, it isn’t like this, let me explain it to you ” I said as I drew the textbook from him, he didnt release the book, he also held it. ” Come were you in the class when the physics teacher taught us?” The boy asked angrily. ” But na rubbish you dey give us now” Tope said and I dragged the book for him. ” Come guy on my own book again? ” he said angrily.
To be continued

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