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Funmilayo – Season 3 – Episode 3

Chapter 3

Slowly he stood and and went back to his seat, he sat there staring at me I
guess, I don’t know cos I was still looking down at my fingers as I pull
the fingers on by one in regret. Silence creeped in, this time it was
noticeable than the previous ones as even the sound of the standing fan
couldn’t be heard by me, all I know is I was sniffing, it all happened in
nothing more than 15mins and here we are undecided, yes I know right, that
me getting this job or not is now up to him personally and not official.
But I sat there expecting his next action or least he will say something as
I take a glance at him at intervals.

***Back to my POV*

After Funmi explained everything that happened, from the time she met
Alhaji at a party I warned her not to follow her friends to, to the time
Alhaji made her choose between me and him, between money and love ,it’s a
very simple decision indeed but she got influenced, she claimed again that
if she had chosen me, Alhaji might hurt me, well that’s one of the reasons
she had to end things abruptly out of her own will. She can’t be blamed
right?, but at the same time it’s her fault, if only she was obedient
enough not to go to the party, well, it has happened so.

After listening to her story, I stood, went back to sit and try getting
the issue out of my head, I refuse to get emotional, no no no, because me
bringing back the scenarios and stuffs won’t do me any good, besides, it
not necessary, it’s like Medicine after death, or burial after resurrection
because I’m perfectly Okay now, I found who loves me more and who I cherish
more than anything on earth, that’s that silly girl at home, that silly
talku talku lawyer at home is my everything, she’s the reason I’m where I
am today.
I looked up to Funmilayo and
“Well, that’s gone already there’s nothing we can do about it” I started “I
warned you about everything from the start and… Well, anyways, I’ve
forgiven you, God understands, but it was just so hard to take in, I fell
sick due to that issue you know? ” I asked
She nodded
“And you didn’t even bother to Check up on me…” I stopped when I noticed
that I was going back to the issue again and it not what we needed at that
“Cheer up, we’re cool okay? ” I assured her as I passed her and
handkerchief to wipe her face.
We had a little chitchat and told her she’ll be Okay.

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