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Funmilayo – Season 3 – Episode 2

episode 2

*Funmilayo’s POV*

I felt a cold shiever running down my spine as he stood and a came closer
sitting on the table bear to me, I felt like I should disappear, I felt
uncomfortable with him so close cos I felt like a sinner who deserves no
“Olaitan” he called as he’s found of calling me bringing back a lot of
sweet bitter memories
“What has happened to you ?” he continued and I couldn’t even answer, I sat
there weeping slowly and bitterly regretting what I did to him, I noticed
his wedding ring, so adorable, I don’t even know where to start, by
apologising or telling him the reason I left , I can’t even tell him why
“I’m sorry” was what I was able to say still looking down

“What happened, you’re not looking taken care of” he continued but I
couldn’t reply, then I felt his cold fresh hand touch my hot face slowly
wiping away a tear that was falling, his touch sent me guilt and comfort at
the same time making me feel uncomfortable and I couldn’t withstand it, I
slowly moved my face backwards, but his hand came again and lifted my
cheeks, raising my heads “look at me” he said and I wanted to resist but I
couldn’t but obey, looking at his eyes I couldn’t stand it for long, I felt
like I hugging him again, I feel like kissing him again, catching up with
everything I’ve missed with him, every gesture, words and everything I’ve
missed about him, I felt tempted to stand and hug him but I dare not, he’s
married now and I heard he and his wife are so fond of each other, I
understand how much he can love and his loyalty, and I feel jealous of his
wife, lucky her , my lips trembled as I look down again.

” Talk to me Ola, what went wrong” he asked slowly and emotionally still
sitting there
I weeped uncontrollably as explained everything that happened to him, I
couldn’t help it but keep apologising.
“I’m sorry Busayomi, really sorry, I Love You, so much” I concluded
He didn’t say a word, slowly he stood up and and went back to his sit.
To be continued

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