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Funmilayo – Season 3 – [Episode 1 – 4]



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Story Title: Funmilayo

Episodes: 4

Category: 18+

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Chapter 1
(The Penultimate)

*Back to my POV*

After I’ve after her the earlier questions about the school she attended
and she failed woefully, I didn’t even know what else the ask of my I asked
the previous ones, I didn’t plan on asking those questions but the spirit
led me to ask, it was cool anyways, but somehow she was unable to give
single reply or an answer to any of the two questions, I wasn’t really
surprised though but I was a bit shocked she doesn’t know OOU was founded
in 1982 (but renaimed in 2001). Well away from that I think I should just
get more professional here and switch to the observation part of the
interview and I was thinking a simpler question she shouod be able to
answer to avoid making her feel embarrassed by at least answering one
question correctly but I was still talking when I saw how she was staring
looking lost, and her eyes are staring blankly at me with oceans of tears
gathering gentle and slowly on them

“Funmi” I called and she didn’t reply ,I guess she’s lost in her thoughts,
is she feeling down already cos she couldn’t reply the two questions or was
she thinking of another thing?, I couldn’t figure it out
“Madam” I called again and got no response, instead, a tear dropped almost
immediately from her left eye and the right eye tear followed it like they
were on a track race, Coming back to reality at the moment I started
calling her repeatedly she jerked, realising she was lost she quickly
adjusted and wiped the tear with her palms
“I’m sorry sir, sorry” she said quickly liking down
“Hhmmm.. Funmi, what were you thinking?”
“Nothing sir I’m sorry” she replied still looking down still down
“Okay let’s forget about officialilty, you might have been wondering cos I
saw the confusion on your face and your emotions seems transparent, yes,
it’s me…. Busayo” I slowly completely
She looked up straight into my eyes as I sat there leaning on the table
“Busayomi” she called almost inaudible
“Yes Treasure , It’s me” I replied relaxing back into the chair
“You knew it was me all along right”
“I know you knew it me too”
“Yes I know, but you look so different I was confused, I was hoping it’s
not you else I wont get this job no matter what”
” Well, nice to meet you again, how have you been” I changed the topic
She sighed and looked down, probably thinking again and it was at that
moment I noticed there’s someone else behind that well ironed neat clothes,
behind the fine package is a torn person who needs help.

I stood up from my
sit and walked over to her her and sat half comfortably with my full
weight on the fine furniture, silenced creeped in at that moment as I sat
there looking at her as she looked down and twisting her finger, I can
sense pain and I’m not liking the atmosphere, “Olaitan” I called, that’s my
favourite of her names and she knew it. “What has happened to you?” I asked
with concern and I noticed how vulnerable she became in few seconds, so
she’s been trying hard to compose herself all these while.

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