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Funmilayo – Season 2 – Episode 4 [Completed]

Chapter 4

“So let’s go with the observation part” he said as he relaxed back into his
chair, resting his elbows on the chair arms he crossed his fingers and
rolling a bit left and right on the office chair.
“The position you applied for is a competitive one and I need not only your
academic results, you know, school can be funny atimes, one can be
intelligent and lack wisdom, you know Wisdom Knowledge Understand and
Intelligence are different, one can manage to succeed in school and fail
in the school of life and vice versa” he said as I was just staring blankly
at him, all those things he was saying wasn’t my concern, I’m just hoping
maybe or not he would by any chance know it’s me, or why is he even
pretending? , Busayomi can’t say he doesn’t recognise me anymore, never,
like I’m still my same self, or maybe I’m now a little bit worse but
surely I’m still carrying that face, besides, my name should ring him a
bell. I wanted to cut him in and just mention his name to him to make him
remember me or let’s just skip all this professionalism stuffs and talk
personally, I want to go straight to the point “Busayo it’s me Funmilayo ,
let’s go straight to the point, will you hire me or not” I thought
Or maybe I should go like “Busayo, it’s me Funmilayo, see I know you’re
angry with me for breaking your heart, it wasn’t my fault… ” I thought of
begging him, I’m torn between the de-vil and the red sea.

My last thought made me realise how our names sounds really good together ,
FunmilAYO-BusAYO , how come I never realised that the whole time we
dated, he never calls me Funmilayo that time though, he fashioned a pet
name for me ‘My Treasure’ as he usually calls me and I call him
‘Busayomi’. I started remembering how he do pet and pamper me all those
times, he loved me and treated me as if his life depended on it, from
teasing me to some surprises, sweet words and romantic actions , early
morning texts and late night calls, I thought it would be for a short time
when we started dating cos that’s how guys behave in the first few days of
relationship, but no, he maintained it that way for the whole of the time
we dated ,whenever I miss his messages in the morning I call immediately to
know what’s wrong and it do happen that he’s yet to wake up, “When I wake
up in the morning na you I dey first text” he once said , even the day I
broke up with him he sent his usual messages in the morning before we broke
up in the evening, he was puzzled thinking it was a joke as I called and
told him it was over, I cut the call and he kept calling and I didn’t pick,
he texted many times pleading, begging me not to do that to him, he sent
messages to my whatsapp, sending alot of long voicenotes, “Olaitan pls,
don’t do this to me, I’ve built my world around you already and I can’t
even… I don’t know.. I can’t… Baby Pls, if I’ve offended you sorry
pls let’s solve it sorry pls, Treasure, pls talk to me dying, remember
you promise you’re going to bear me my first child?, remember how much I
really want you bear my surname, walking down the aisle up the altar and
telling me yes I do in front of everyone?, my heart has grown so much for
you and it getting crippled seeimg you’re about to work away” I heard him
say in one of the voicenotes as his voice already changed, seems he’s
crying or something, it made me weak too, hearing his voice cracking with
cries and sniffing so hard, in our two years of dating I’ve never for once
saw h get emotional, but here Busayomi was crying bitterly.
I remember how much he loves baby girls, he really wish to have pretty and
adorable daughters and want me to mother them, “They should be a pretty as
you” he always said.

But here I hear Basyomi’s voice crying and begging me to stay, Hot tears
flow freely down on my cheeks and burning them, I really love him too but
Alhaji has made me choose between himself and him, and my roommates already
gave me the foolish advice of choosing Alhaji for the beneficial parts of
it financially, for their selfish and greedy reasons, I can’t blame them
but they really pushed me into the but I never realised. Maybe
Busayo deserves better, maybe I never loved him much enough like he did, if
only I had loved him enough, he accepted me with my weakness and helped me
get over my anger issues and made me more of an emotional person rather
than the angry bird I was. His voice came back haunting once again as I
remember how he came to our hostel to beg and the ‘daughters of Jezebel’ I
called roommates went out to tell him I wasn’t around and chased him away
as I listen to their conversations weeping bitterly on my bed ,he went sick
for days after that but I never got once went to even pay him a visit.
All these were what I was thinking and I didn’t know when a tear fell from
my eyes in reality…
“Hey.. Madam.. Madam.. Hey” his voiced jerked me back into reality

To be continued

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