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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Funmilayo – Season 2 – Episode 2

Chapter 2

During the course of the silence, his phone beeped and vibrated on the
table, he picked it up and checked the screen, a beaming smile filled his
face and his lips curved so well, he closed his eyes while still smiling
and shaked his left and right after reading what seems like an SMS. Then he
looked up to me
“Sorry about that” he said and I wondered why he’s saying that
“Okay back to you, you studied Accountancy at Olabisi Onabanjo University”
He asked
“Yes sir”
“When was that school founded” he asked all of a sudden
Ladies and gentlemen, then I remember Genesis 1:1, ‘And the Earth was null
and void’, I can’t remember, or lemme say I have no idea at all , I
hanged, didn’t know what to say, he was staring at me expecting a reply but
none was coming forth , I was thinking hard, Chai, ashamed of myself as
I’ve failed already I tried to speak at least
“I… I.. ” I tried to speak and hanged
“Okay fine, never mind” he concluded as he saw my confusion, “What of their
current VC, do you know his name? “he asked
Ah Jesus of Nazareth, I’ve finally disgraced my ancestors here, I have no
idea again, VC?, do I even know the VC that was there when I was still in
school talkless of after I’ve left,, at that point I wished the ground
should just open up and swallow me, I wish I could pick my phone and google
it, I wish I could called Rebeccah to ask her their VC’s name, or text
Mariam via whatsapp to ask, at least she just graduated, she should know. I
looked from the books on the table to the standing fan making the only
noise in the office , no idea at all, he sensed my lack of knowledge again
and changed the topic

“Those ones aside, Have you worked somewhere before? ” he asked bending
forward placing his elbows on the table and clinching his fingers and used
then as support for his lower chin
“Yes sir” I shamefully answered
“For how long ” ?
“3years sir” I lied, I actually worked at Alhaji’s pure water industry as
his personal assistant for few months before his wife and kids sent me away
after the issue between us was exposed.
“Oh great then, then surely you know what what the position of a Financial
Secretary means to an Organisation”
“Yes sir”
“Of which observation is one of them” he continued ” he said and his phone
starting ringing, he looked into the screen, picked the phone and “excuse
me” he said raising a finger and relaxed back to his chair to receive the
call… His conversation made me jealous, felt like he’s talking to his
wife, and from the tune at which he joked made me realise this time it’s
Busayomi, that’s how he behaves with me too, romantic and playful at the
same time, I can’t deny the fact that I miss him.
Let me tell you how we met

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