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Funmilayo – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 4]



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Story Title: Funmilayo

Episodes: 4

Category: 18+

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episode 1

***Funmilayo’s POV***

From the time the CEO we’ve been waiting for came, ” Oga ti de oo, he
brought his wife’s car today” one of them announced, “Awwnnn God when”
some girls said
“Accept my proposal first, your shakara too much” one guy replied to one of
the ladies
“Tin ba gba oju e” (If I sl.ap you) she fired back and they all giggled,
He came in all shining, he’s a very young handsome guy who’s gonna like
fashion with the way I see him. We thought he’s gonna be one old man like
that, surprised to see a young guy like this ruling a place like this,
he’s undoubtedly in his late 20s or Early 30s, He looks mature though, but
the young face is still there, heard he just got married self.
He came in and they all greeted him, he replied slowly with one hand in his
pocket and the other one waving at the ladies and shaking the men, he’s
obviously a friendly boss.. One thing is weird about him though, he reminds
me of someone, Busayomi, my ex, the guy I dumped for Alhaji without
telling him, I regret ever taking that decision, it wasn’t my fault though
, if not for Oloriibu Kemi and Basira my roommates that asked me to leave
him and date Alhaji during our final years at OOU…

The guy looked towards where I was sitting and fear gripped me as our eyes
nearly met, he looks more like Busayomi now, but he didn’t notice me I
guess.. “It better not be him o” I prayed silently where I sat patiently
waiting for my turn to be interviewed. Few minutes later we were being
called in one by one by one slim girl that dressed like me,
It was my turn, I went in slowly still praying it shouldn’t be him, I
greeted him and he responded not looking up from what he’s typing on that
laptop, so I stood there, almost immediately he raised his head and asked
me to sit.

Our eyes met finally and cold breeze of fear gripped me as he looks more
like Busayo now, I obeyed and sat quietly on the nearest chair opposite him.
And here I sat sitting and facing him, he asked for my name am I told him,
he showed no reaction towards the name, getting me more confused and a
little bit relaxed probably it’s not him.
He’s friendly though, he’s making jokes and I’m managing to fake a fearful
It better not be Busayo o, I pray it’s not him, if not, this job isn’t my
way cos he surely not gonna hire me. But it looks like him, like 85% …
Well, God created humans in twos right???
To be continued…

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