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Funmilayo – Season 1 – Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode 5

Surfing through the papers I can feel her eyes pinned on me, or maybe she’s
doubting I might be the one, or maybe she knew already, or maybe she’s not
sure… Maybe.. Just maybe.
Why can’t she recognise me, abi that girl I left at home has fed me fat
true true as she claimed last night?, no it can’t be, I’m still tall and
slim na, even my friends call me “Slimmy”,or maybe it’s my cheeks, yeah I
was told even my by workers that I’ve grown cheeks ever since I married
7months ago… “Chai, Walahi oga I don fat foh mouth o” the Aboki Gateman
told me few days ago “Kai, Walahi madam I take care of me well well fah” he
concluded rubbing hands on his cheeks.
“Yes, found ya!” I exclaimed fishing out her files, picked it up to her
face “Is this you?”
“Yes sir” she replied with her eyes flashing from the paper to my eyes.
“Okay, I was nearly doubting, cos people do look less of the beauty they
are in the passports but you look take away here” I flirted and she smiled
“Okay, let’s see what we’ve got here” I said staring at the paper in front
of me.

I wasn’t really reading anything on her credentials, I was thinking of the
possible question I should ask her, many craz.y ideas ran through my head.
I have some set of questions I do ask applicants for each post but I
decided not to use any of them.
I want to be a little be tricky, so I can tell my wife at home it’s not my
fault if later I dont hire her.

👇 👇
*Why does everybody dance with the main character in Indian films and then
pretend like nothing happened?
*How old was Mary when she gave birth to Jesus ?
*Sing the Nigerian National anthem in Hausa
*Name two friends Adam visited when the snake took Eve to lunch
*How many legs did the snake have before God punish.ed him ?
*How old was God when he decided to create the earth?
*You couldn’t be loyal and keep me, so what makes you think you’ll be loyal
and keep this job ?😂
*How many times has Buhari travelled to London since 2019?
*Who was the first Assistant Financial Secretary in Germany?
👆 👆
Those were the ideas popping into my head to ask, as I stare at her
credentials as she sat there anxiously looking at me waiting for the next
thing I’ll do. Silence filled the office, only the sound of the standing
fan can be heard.

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