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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Funmilayo – Season 1 – Episode 4

Chapter 4

“Good morning sir” she greeted
“Goooood….. Morrrning” I replied without looking up, stressing the words
slowly with rhythm to how I was typing.
“Have your sit” I said as I finally look up
I don’t know why but I feel comfortable and my heartbeat didn’t increase or
reduce this time around, maybe it’s cos I feel superior because I’m in my
office though,or maybe because I just finished talking to my wife..yeah,
talking to someone you love when you’re at work relieves you.
She sat gently on the nearest of the two chairs on the other side of my
table, wow, she’s in her best of manners, well I’m not surprised shaa,
that’s how others behaved too, it very much pretty understandable the way
people will dress very simple and cooperate and behave in a very composed
manner when they are going for job interviews and while they are being

One of the ladies I just interviewed few minutes was forming accent, ah , I
was shocked, I was laughing so hard inside of me as Ijebu was ‘smelling and
peeping’ out of her British accent 😂 ,Chai all these Ijebu babes ehn 😂,
well, but of course I didn’t burst it out.
“Your name” I requested as take glance at her, she dressed simply very
well, a white sleeved top sleeve top tucked properly into a red skirt and a
tiny white girls-belt ,and black girl-shoes, dressed exactly the way Peju
my Assistant dressed ah, this girl really mean business o, she’s dressed
like an account already, you know how all these Mountain of Fire Choir
girls use to dress
She applied simple make and I unconsciously noticed she wasn’t wearing any
“Bernard Funmilayo Olaitan” she replied
I could sense anxiety in her voice “Calm down ma’am, it’s a job interview
not judgement day” I joked same way I’ve been telling the previous
candidates and she smiled just like the rest.
Good, I just know the best way to calm them down, I understand how they are
feeling at that time and a bit of friendliness from me is all they need.
“Bernarrrd Fun……yo” i stressed
“I hope you’ll bring Ayo to our company and our Ola will not finish as your
name implies” I joked again
Blowing air through her nose in the name of smiling she managed to reply
“Yes sir”

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