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Funmilayo – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3

“Good morning sir” my secretary greeted as I highlighted
“Morning Peju” I replied
“Those people are around for the interview sir”
“Alright Fetch those stuffs from the car” I said and handed the car key to
her, I walk swiftly away glancing at my wrist watch, 9:46am.. Damn, I’m
fvcking late today, but who’s gonna question the boss.
“Good morning sir… Good morning sir” they all greeted as I walk
majestically through the reception like those Korean starboys in my
Blue-black tapped blazzer, black trousers and pairs of neatly polished
black shoes with the tie my wahala wife intentionally tied tight for me,
that girl ehn.

“Mooooorning everyone” I stressed the words slowly.
Those people must be murmuring among themselves with my action and fashion
There I saw Funmilayo sitting at the back row somewhere in the large
reception where the applicants sat patiently and anxiously waiting for me ,
my heart skipped a beat when I saw her our eyes flew past themselves as I
glanced through them, they were like 25-30 sitting there for today , she
couldn’t recognise me I guess and I was happy about that , I exhaled and
walked straight to my office.
At few minutes past 10, I told Peju to start calling in the applicants in
one by one for their interview,
And there we go, it was all going well.
My wife called at some point to ask how far
” It’s yet to reach her turn baby”
“Okay honey, take care.. And be…”
“…Nice” I completed it and we both laughed
“Take care of my babies and don’t starve them”
“Only your babies?, me nko”
“You? , who are you”
“Ehnn Ehnn, you didn’t know that one when you came to prostrate and take
me away from my father’s house o”
“Auntie calm down, na joke I dey” I gave up, to avoid long drama again
“Better” she replied, ” Buy ice cream for your babies Whrn you’re coming
“Ahn, my babies or you, do my babies take ice cream already?”
“You don’t know? ”
“Sha don’t teach them ‘ijekuje’ from pregnancy”
“E pele oo baba olomo wewe” (Sorry o father of infants)
“I love you … Bye, muah”
” I hhate you more, muah 😘 ” I replied
The applicant in front of me was blushing 😂
“Nexxxt”…. Slowly the door opened
And here come Miss Bernard Funmilayo Olaitan.
To be continued.

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