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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Funmilayo – Season 1 – Episode 2

Chapter 2

Continuation ….
“Honey, please be careful and be nice” my wife said as she finished
knotting my tie and started decorating it
“Shaa don’t use tie to choke me o” I simply replied as I reached out for my
“That’s the sixteenth time you’re sipping from one cup of tea this morning
and it’s yet to reach half of the cup” she exaggerated
I looked into the cup to confirm and the tea is nearly finished unlike she
“Oh yee monitoring Spirit, thou are ‘wrongeth’ this time” I tried to sound
like the Bible
“Huh, karamo 😒, with oyinbo that can’t graduate primary school”
“Huh, Shey because I’m talking like that, I’m more brilliant than you o”
“Nibo, don’t say that again” she argued
“Ah God of Israel” ,I lamented “Wahala for who marry lawyer o”
“Yen yen yen whatever, na me say make you no sabi book?” she replied
“Is like you don’t know anything, go and ask around, Olabisi Onabanjo
University department of Mass Communications, I was the best graduating
student of my set” I countered
” Hhmmm, lori iro, with that your GP that can’t flash Airtel to Airtel? ,
as if no be that same OOU me self graduate from, Mtwww” she hissed
“Solemnly I tell you madam, don’t get me annoyed this morning else… ”
“Else what, you won’t cook for me again huh?” she interrupted
” We know your story too o, don’t be forming commando for me here o”
“What’s my story bro, tell me, I’m ready for this discussion”
“Madam leave me o, I’m going to work”
“Iwo jebi, stay and argue with me ehn”
“I don’t know who gave them the permission to give you a break at work”
“Ain’t you the cause Huh?” she said pointing to her belly
“Ehn ehn, that reminds, see this kids ( I said pointing to her baby
bump), since you’re the brilliant one here, you’ll be the one to teach
them their Mathematics assignments” I said and carried my laptop from the
“Heey Alaye no carry that one come oo” she protested
“But you’re brilliant nau”
“Shey that joke is paining you ni, sorry na” she said and give me a peck
“Ahnn, o fe bribe mi(you want to bribe me) , just because of my babies
assignments 😂”

“Wait, who even told you there are babies there and not a baby”
“See Auntie, don’t use talku talku to delay me, I’m going to work, I have
interviews to do” Cos that’s how we will be going from one issue to
another, that’s what happens when a Journalist marries a lawyer
She wore me my Blue Blazzers Suit and carried my tea flask as we both walk
outside. I pressed the car key I’m holding and her car sounded instead of
mine. ” You see, can’t you recognise your car key again?”
“Isn’t it you that used talku talku to distract me?, Oya go and fetch me
my key ma”
“Uncle Dont stress me with this condition o, kuku carry my car and go”
“Well said” I replied and got inside.
“Muah muah, have a nice day ahead baby” she kissed, “And Be nice”
“Wahala” I replied as I drove away.

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