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Funmilayo – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]



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Story Title: Funmilayo

Episodes: 5

Category: 18+

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Chapter 1

So one night I was going through the the list of submitted CVs and
application letters of my company where I am the CEO, here we have 256
applications for 10 vacancies .

“May GOD have mercy on us in this country” I said after counting past
220+, then gbam!, Alas!, I jammed the one familiar face among the pinned
“Haha, taleleyi.. Kileleyi (in Naira Marley’s voice),who is this I’m
seeing” I asked myself and bursting into a serious kind of explosive
laughter 🤣
Then I checked her name “Oun nooni (she’s the one) ” I said again
glancing back at her passport and start the second round of my laughter, I
dropped the papers to laugh enough ,I don’t know why I’m laughing but I
can’t hold it.
“Honey!… Darling!!” I called my wife who was busy in the kitchen
“Yes dear, Mo n bo oo” her voice echoed from The kitchen to the dinning
room where I sat with my laptop on the table and the papers scattered there
“I’ve told you not to be bringing your work to my dinning table, I’ll spill
soft drinks on your papers o” she said jokingly as she approached
“Come, come and see something, maybe you’ll even help me spill palm oil on
this one” I replied still laughing a bit
“What’s that’?” she seemed anxiously interested now
“See who will have here” I said pointing to the passport
“Oh, Is this not Funmilayo, your Ex”
“She’s kuku the one”
“Oh, she’s applying for position of Ast. Financial Secretary”
“Absolutely” I replied
” I thought she would have gone to America nau” she joked
“I’m surprised too o, well, they are coming for interview tomorrow ”
“Ayomide…” she called. With that tone I know she’s about to ask for
something or make a request
“Yes dear.. ” I replied Anticipating what next
“Will you hire her?” she asked
“Well, if she more qualified than…”
“Nope, forget about qualifications for now, it’s a personal matter”

*I went silent*

“I want you to forget about the ‘iish and tiish’ you guys had, forgive her
and give her the job pls” she pleaded
“Oh, so that she can embezzle my money, run down the company and send you
and I back to village abi”
“Ah, she should have changed na”
“Well, madam intercessor, we’ll see about that”
“See about it o, or you won’t eat from that food in the kitchen” she joked
“Ehn ehn, the food my mouth has been dancing to its aroma since, is like
you want to see crazy abi”
“Your mouth is dancing to my own food, shoro niyen”
Same way your pocket dances to my money, see as I’ve fed you fat, were you
like this when I married you Huh? ”
“Ah, e maa wo buroda sha, who is feeding who, am I not the one frying stew
and cooking fine soup for you, see your cheeks, were they like this before
I married you too ehn?
“I was like this ever since I was a baby o”
“Lori Iro, even mommy Busayo testified that I’m taking care of you,
remember?, so what are you saying Huh? ”
“Can’t you allow me win this argument for once?” I said covering my face
with my left two hands
“Look at you, I studied law oo”
“Auntie don’t start o, don’t turn my house to court of law e joor”
“The house is the best place to practi…. Ah.. Ounje mi ti n burn” she
exclaimed and ran off back to kitchen
” Oops, Ope oo, ah, afi ejo wewe yii sha.. I said as I made the sign of
the cross, relived that the debate is over.
“Well, we are done for today” I said to myself as I pack up and carried my
properties to my room and prepare to come and have dinner.
Tomorrow is gonna be fun and I can’t wait to interview Funmi baby,.. Sorry,
I mean Funmilayo, I gave that girl my best, she broke up with me for a
reason best known to her, and even blocked… I’m now happily married but
they say ‘Revenge is sweeter than honey’
Well, ain’t planning anything, yet to decide if I’ll hire her or not,
Assistant Financial Secretary?, Chai, I don’t know if I can trust her with
that position, make she no go plan coup for me. I’m sure she doesn’t know I
head that company though.
Well, tomorrow is long and short, I can’t wait to have my fun with the
interview, it’s not about the interview self, it’s the fun in it for me 😎
Before I tell you the full gist, Lemme quickly sip water, I’m coming

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