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Funmayo – Season 3 – Episode 4 [Completed]

episode 4

I wasn’t planning on giving her the job, not at this point, I can’t..
Maybe I’ll come up with a better plan for her, she’s my ex and not by
enemy, this is someone I once loved so much and I can’t watch her continue
suffering, looks like she has suffered enough with what I’m seeing.
It was past 2pm already and I was hungry, I decided to take lunch and
regain some strength before I’ll decide maybe to continue with the
interview or not , it’s not easy sitting there all day after some people
some sorts random questions. I called Peju

“How many people are left?” I asked
“Uuhhm about 12 sir”
“See ehn, it’s like you’ll be the one to interview the rest”
“Sir?? ! ” she exclaimed sounding surprised
“What, can’t you do it?” I asked as I sipped my tea
“Uuhhmmm I… don’t know.. Maybe eehmm” she stammered
I looked at her as she was squeezing her face
“You look that way” I laughed and she giggled.


I debated in my heart as was driving home that day ,should I give her this
job or not, well, I have a lawyer at home and she’ll come up with a better
idea, and of course she did.

Myself and my wife decided to give Funmilayo a gift cash as capital to set
up her own business, you need to see how happy and appreciative she was.
That settles it right?, I hope she finds a wise way to make use of the
money and boom her business.

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