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Funmayo – Season 2 – Episode 3

episode 3


I was sitting under one of the trees near Mass com and International
studies in the school compound that hot Tuesday afternoon , it was boredom
that pushed me to that side, I don’t usually sit there, many people were
there also sitting, gisting and some were busy taking pictures, no familiar
face among them ,suddenly I felt a bit of stomach ache and I started
feeling uneasy, “Oh, not again” I exclaimed realising what it was, I nearly
bursted into a cry, I sat still Though trying to compose myself and wait
till I see a familiar face from my class, but none of my coursemates were
around, none in sight, I started feeling more uneasy, all of a sudden a
guy who has been sitting directly opposite me pressing phone with his
earpiece on stood up and walk up to me removing one of the earpiece from
his ear
“Ma’am are you okay?” he asked, possibly he’s been observing my uneasiness
“Yes yes, I’m fine” I lied, trying to get him away
“But you don’t seem to be” I felt concern in his voice
“Nope.. I’m fine pls”
“Ma’am, whatever it is you can tell me, trust me” he said calmly as he
bent placing his hand on one of his knees for support
“Okay… Fine… Eehnn.. My… Period… Came unannounced” I replied
with shame
“Oh” he exclaimed and stood straight looking around
“That’s not a problem, I understand” he said, “Just stay sit there pls I’ll
be back in a jiffy”

He walked away towards the motion ground, few minutes later he came along
with a bundle of pads, tissue papers and Dettol antiseptic and handed it
over to me, he then off his cardigan and gave it to me to tie around my
waist cos my white skirt was already stained. Walked me to the female
toilet in mass com department
“There” He pointed to one of the rest rooms, “You’ll see water there, I’ll
be under the tree” he said as he held my phone, books and bag
“Alright thank you” I said walking into the rest room and praying with one
mind that he shouldn’t run away with my belongings, people can’t be trusted
these days
When I was done I came out, and surprisingly or not, he was sitting under
the tree at the exact place he was the other time, I walked from behind to
his front
“Oh you’re done” he said removing one earpiece again and stood up when he
noticed my presence
“Yes” I said shyly, not able to look him straight in the eyes, he handed
my stuffs back to me

“It’s okay, it’s a normal things for ladies, it’s nothing to worry about,
hope you’re better now ” he said smiling and making me a little comfortable
and shy at the same time.I nodded and looked at him, It was at that moment
that I gat to notice how cute he is, he got a babyface, tall and slim, a
bit fair and he’s got a nice curly hair too, looking like all these Korean
Lee Minho
“Alright take care ehn, I’ve gat to go” he said and was about to turn
“I’m Funmi… Funmilayo” I said
“Oh, Funmilayo, nice to meet you, I’m Busayomi” he simply replied and
walked away into the department
I came the next day looking for him to say thank You again , I saw no sign
of him, and the next day too, I couldn’t find him for the whole of that
week, I was thinking of him all through, how can a guy be that nice, he’s
cute too.

The following Monday I saw him at the school garage, I was unsure though,
but I called the name “Busayo” I called and he and his friends looked back
“Ohh! What that name again… Ehhmm” he said walking back to me as others
went on
“Funmilayo” I reminded him
“Ah yes , sorry about that, I have small brain” he joked
“Yeah, I just wanna say thanks for the other day , I really appreciate ”
“Oh, that, it’s Okay, Allihamdulilah”
“Are you a Muslim? ”
“You look and sound like one though”
And that was how we exchanged numbers and started talking, we dated for
2years before I left him for Alhaji under the influence of my
roommates.. Worst decision ever.

**Back to present**
So let’s go with the observation part” He simply said after dropping the

To be continued

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