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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 9

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


“Um am just good behind the steers haven’t been chased by cops before”. Jai Mi said.

Nicklaus walked toward her and whispered into her ears.

“We’re about to find out”.

Jai mi’s eyes popped out and her heart races in fear.

“What do you mean?”. She stammered.

“I’ll just change into something befitting you know”. Nicklaus said and walked away.

Jai Mi paced from left to right wondering what she had gotten herself into. Maybe she shouldn’t be here in the first place.

She made to run for the door but remembered Abruzzi was out there.

“He’s damn rich”. She said looking around.

“Maybe I should stay but…”. She thought and saw the blood he spilled when he

Stab the man.

“He’s dangerous”.

She had footsteps and there was Myung Hee walking down the stairs with a mop and bowl of water.

“He employed you?”. Jai Mi said.

“Yeah, He’s cool and handsome you know”. Myung Hee said licking her lips.

“i can’t believe you say that, He’s a killer”. Jai Mi said.

“Well i guess i got to know something about my boss, he might be dangerous but only hurts you when you step on his toes, right now i gotta clean this bloody place, no objection”. Myung Hee said.

“I can see my apprentice are having a good time today?”. They heard a voice and needed no one to tell them it was Nicklaus.

Their eyes drift to the stairs and watched as he walked down.

He was shirtless with silver chains around his head.

Black trouser and a black pair of sneaker he put on.

He was damn hot.

Jai Mi swallowed the saliva in her mouth and tried to look away but couldn’t resist seeing that broad chest.

“Here we go”. He said and threw a key with a remote for her.

She caught it and raised her head up slowly that their eyes met.

“I should get your shirt sir”. Myung Hee said.

He snubbed her walking away, Did she think he actually forgot his shirt or she was trying to play Miss Nice.

Klaus and Jai Mi entered into the car where cars of different brand was, only if his Jet was here.

She pressed the button on the remote and a nearby car made a click sound, she walked to the door and put the key into it.. She clicked it opened and they entered.

“if you turn out to be a new driver, you can’t imagine what awaits you?”. Nicklaus said.

“Can i leave when we’re done with this?”. She asked.

“You said you’ll do anything right, you can’t back out of a bargain”. Nicklaus said.

“I’ll do whatever you want can you promise not to hurt me?”. She asked.

“You Don’t know me do you, well i am not moved by the tears of a woman so if you don’t move this car right now, you’ll have yourself to be blamed”. Nicklaus shouted.

She started the ignition and drove out of the garage.

She drove expertly, finding her way through every path in the city.

“You didn’t ask me where headed, did you?”. Nicklaus asked.

“You didn’t allow me to tell you what else i did apart from street racing?”. Jai Mi said Turning the steering.

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“Every street racer is a gangster that means…”.

“I know every black market in the city”. She replied.

“You said you haven’t been chased by cops before?”. Nicklaus asked.

“You caught me, Street racers are always chased by cops”. Jai Mi said.

“So What other lie have you told before I slit your throat”. Nicklaus threatened.

“Oh man, Just calm down, the last time i engaged in street racing was in America, Back here in Korea everyone seem to be afraid of the cops, fear of been arrested”. She said.

“No street racing in Korea?”. He Asked.

“Just few ones, no good pay, no brotherhood, back at America when the cops chase us, we help ourselves to escape but this Korean folks are scared”. Jai Mi said.

“I guess you forgot you’re a Korean”. Nicklaus said looking out through the window.

“Am a Hybrid”. She said and Nicklaus paused turning to her.

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“You’re a half werewolf, half vampire?”. He asked.

She chuckled but seized when are saw Nicklaus stern look…

“Um sorry, my mom is from Korea and my Dad America”. Jai Mi said. “Cool… Hybrid indeed, seems i found who i need to find my way through this city”. Nicklaus said with a wicked smile. “What do you mean… I thought…”.

“Keep quiet Jai Mi”.

“And drive”. He added..

She exhale heavily as stopped in from of a black gate.

A man who seem to be gateman there walked up to the car and she wound down the window.

“What are you doing here?”. He asked in a Russian language and Jai Mi replied.

“Have a deal with your boss”.Nicklaus handed over a ticket to him and he checked the data on it.

He walked away and shortly the door opened.

“What was that you spoke?”. He Asked.

“Russian accent”. She replied.

“What’s Russia?”. He asked and she gave him a funny look.

“You’re such a clown”. She said.

Nicklaus then reasoned that this Russia might he a place, asking more question might make her know that he’s a stranger so he kept look.. Jai Mi drove into the compound and they alighted.

About five gun men surrounded them and began to search for weapons on them. “Let them do their Job Boss”. Jai Mi said knowing Klaus could do something crazy.

They took two loaded Beretta 49′ from him and a Jack knife.

A man in a black coat walked into the scene followed by his guards..

“You must be Nicklaus”. The man said.

“And you must be Hayato”. Nicklaus said and he nodded.

“My men will return your weapon when we’re done”. Hayato said and turned to Jai Mi who he seem to recognize.

“You’ve returned to the gangster’s way” . He Said.

“Just business”. Jai Mi replied and he left with Nicklaus.

The deal was done successfully as Nicklaus was given briefcases, which were loaded with guns and other weapons.

“This market is different from the rest Mr. Nicklaus, you don’t pay us, you give us what we want”. Hayato said.

“I know, I’ll get whatever package you desire”. Nicklaus said.

“Seems you’ll become one of my favorite costumers, confident in all you do”.

Hayato said and handed over a picture to him.

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“That man, bring him here in less than 48 hours “. Hayato said.

Is that all? “. Nicklaus asked.

Consider it done “. He added as Jai Mi loaded the briefcase into the boot.

” 48 hours Mr. Nicklaus “. Hayato reminded.

Klaus weapons were returned to him and he tucked the guns into his trouser.

He Entered into the car and Jai Mi drove away.

“The cops knows the location of the black market why didn’t they bust them?”.

Nicklaus asked.

“The black market works with the government, they supply the military and other forces with weapons so they are kind of free but the illegal buyers like us, the cops should show up soon because they hang around at the entrance”. Jai Mi said.

“Do you know this man?”. Nicklaus asked handing over the picture Hayato gave him.

She stared at it and her countenance changed.

“Don’t tell me, that’s the deal you made, to get this man”. Jai Mi asked.

“You got a problem with that?”.

“That man, Fibonacci, is one of the top gang lord in the nine coven of gangsters in Seoul city, going after him is suicidal”. She said.

They heard siren behind them and she looked into the mirror above them.

“We got a problem boss, the cops”. Jai Mi said.

Nicklaus pressed a button in the car and the roofs opened up.

He pulled out one of the gun and inserts a clip of bullet into it.

He cocked it and turned to Jai Mi.

“I guess it’s time you show them what a street racer looks like, I’ll cover our tracks “. He whispered.


Morgana was seated on a couch humming to a music as a group of men carried coffins into the building.

Two trucks was right at the front of the house loaded with coffins.

“You ordered a lot ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“It’s just fifty-five there, i might order some later”. Morgana said.

“What do you think about Nicklaus ma’am?”. Evelyn asked handing over a glass of juice to her.

She collected it and took a sip.

“Nicklaus and I were friends and Lovers for years, I know how he thinks and all he plans, he loves building an empire or army wherever he stays, learnt that during

our tour through Kingdoms in Kepler, Right now he is building an army but i have plans for him you know “. Morgana said and took another sip.

Right now, he might have no time for me not until he build his army “. Morgana said.

There’s no essence building an army right? “. Evelyn asked.

Well all i know is whatever army he’s building its not for me, he’ll come for me himself and when he does….. “.

Two men carried a golden coffin into the building.

Ma’am that coffin is different from the rest “. Evelyn said.

Of Course, it’s for a special person “. Morgana said and chuckled.

Nicklaus “. Evelyn said.

Just a matter of time and Nicklaus would be in that special coffin begging me to release him from the torment in there “. Morgana said and beam an evil smile.


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