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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 8

Frozen Love

Frozen Love


“Those are Korean dishes sir”. someone replied from the end of the line.

“Keep shut!”. Nicklaus shouted.

“I told you boss she’s a ghost and that might be an initiation rite”. Abruzzi said.

“How long before will you seize from reading myths?”. Nicklaus said.

“Ghost are….”.

“didn’t ask for your opinion Abruzzi, stay back”. Nicklaus said and turned to the lady in front of him.

“What did you say was your name again?”. He Asked.

“Myung Hee”. She replied.

“Um. Stay over there”. He Said pointing to the couch.

Abruzzi swallowed the saliva in his mouth he knew Nicklaus didn’t pick the lady for the kitchen but for his bed, whatever dish she was chanting just now he was out.

Nicklaus interviewed the nine ladies left, he seem to dislike them all but the last one who told him earlier that Myung Hee was mentioning Korean dishes, Klaus seems to be interested in her.

“You’re not from Korea are you?”. He Asked.

“No, not from Korea”. She replied.

“And your name?”. Nicklaus asked.

“Gwen”. She replied.

Abruzzi just sat back and scanned the lady’s body with his eyes.

She seem to be different from all does Korean ladies with small a**. Only if Nicklaus caught him right now, his eyes would be plucked out. “So tell me Gwen what can you cook best? “. Nicklaus asked.

They were shocked when she mention meal they took back at Kepler and she seem to know how to prepare Nicklaus’ best dish.

“Ahaha that’s her boss we found a maid”. Abruzzi said but Nicklaus gave him an indifferent look.

“So boss should i take this one away”. Abruzzi asked referring to Myung Hee “Yeah, lay on your hands on her and I’ll chop it off”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi took few step back ward.

“Well i get to employ two maids now, Gwen you’re for the kitchen and Hyung Hee you tidy up the mansion when the need arises”. Nicklaus said climbing up the stairs.

“Yes boss”. They replied bowing.

“Good”. He chuckled.

“Boss”. Abruzzi said running after him.

“Thought you said you need only one boss”.

“And how does my decision affects you Abruzzi? The rule don’t change, you do my dirty jobs no complain but now that am alone down here you could be my right hand man, if you “. don’t act stupid “. Nicklaus said and paused. He turned back and pointed to the two ladies.

“You those ladies, oh damn, your eyes are piercing into their flesh right, good news

Abruzzi, they’re for me you know, so if you dare go close to any of them, aha,

consequences involved”. Nicklaus said.

“I know boss”. Abruzzi said.

“Good, if you’re having a nice time with temptation down here, they’re are prostitutes on the streets, don’t worry I’ll pay the bill”. Nicklaus said. “As usual boss”.

“Yeah, as usual, Right now show umm….. What’s her name again?”. Nicklaus


Abruzzi looked around in confusion and finally shouted.

“Hey, what’s your name?”.


“Nay, You”.

“Myung Hee”.

“Myung Hee Boss”. Abruzzi said.

“Good, show Gwen around the house and all we have in the kitchen if the need for new items arises contact me”. Nicklaus said. “What About M.. Myung Hee?”. Abruzzi said.

“Need her to tidy my room”. Klaus said and Abruzzi nodded.

He knew what his boss meant so there was no argument.

Klaus found his way into the shower and had a fresh bath.

He walked out with a towel around his way and there was the new maid putting some books back in it place.

She seem to notice his presence as she turned back slowly.

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“Boss”. She said.

“Myung Hee right? “. He Asked walking toward her.

“Yes Boss”.

“And I hope you know right in this mansion, you’re not only a maid but….”. He

Said and made to kiss her when a knock hits the door.

“Am busy Abruzzi”. Klaus shouted.

“Okay boss ‘.


Morgana entered into the building angrily and collapsed into the couch.

Hey Ma’am you’re back “. Evelyn said walking down the stairs.

I have all the rights to blow off your head of yours right now “. Morgana said and Evelyn paused.

“You didn’t tell me i was now bonded with Klaus”. Morgana said furiously. “I thought you knew ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“No i didn’t”.

“Am sorry ma’am”.

“Get out of my sight!”. She shouted and Evelyn hurried away. Morgana rose from the couch and looked around.

“The entire place is bored, on like Kepler where i had fun freezing those men and putting them in a coffin”. Morgana said and chuckled.

She walked out of house and lose just two button from her cloth which in turn showed a glimpse of her pink bra.

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She climbed the ladder until she got to the roof of the building where she sat.

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That was what she did at Kepler whenever she got bored.

She was playing with the little cat on the roof when she saw someone below, standing at the front of the house.

It was a young man who appeared to be a neighbor.

“Hey new lady do you need help getting down?”. He Asked.

Morgana chuckled, men at Kepler weren’t different from those in Korea.

He poor dude should have remained in house instead of watching an angel that sat on the roof. Did i saw angel or daughter of Lucifer?

Am fine “. Morgana said opening opening her legs. Now she had the idiot trapped, he wouldn’t leave.

“You seem to be in danger ma’am, i should help”. He Said.

“Oh… Thanks”. She said.

Morgana climbed the ladder down and getting to the end the young man helped her down.

“Thanks”. She said scratching her Hairs like she was shy.

“It’s nothing my lady, Just been a guardian here”. He Said.

“Yeah, i guess I’ll have to appreciate my guardian you know”. She said licking her lips.

Morgana entered into the building and he followed after her.

“But no one actually sees me naked and live to tell the story”. Morgana said as she stopped in the living room.

“No big deal my lady i won’t tell anyone”.


Only if he knew the meaning of that sentence.

She took off her cloths and turned back slowly.

“But that’s the last thing you see you know, Congratulations you saw princess Morgana Naked “. She Whispered.

Even before he could think of analyzing what she just said, Morgana pulled out the gun from the holster and released two shots into his chest. He dropped to the ground struggling to stay alive.

Evelyn! “. Morgana called out.

Ma’am “. Evelyn said running down the stairs, she paused seeing that Morgana was naked but facing the body on the the ground.

“You’re naked ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“Yeah. I won’t kill you because you didn’t see the forbidden fruit but I’ll be making an adjustment to my rule now that you’ll do my Jobs for me”. Morgana said and turned back.

Evelyn gasped, she was dead because Morgana was gonna kill her at that stop. “Frightened you are Evelyn but there goes the new rule no one sees me naked except Evelyn”. Morgana said and Evelyn heaved heavily.

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“Dispose this body underground”. Morgana said. “There’s no coffin ma’am”. Evelyn said.

“Yeah, just dump it there, coffin will be here soon”. Morgana said putting on her cloths.


Abruzzi knocked on Nicklaus’ door and it opened up.

There was Nicklaus standing at the front of the door and Myung Hee buttoning her shirt.

Nicklaus haven’t changed at all, still the s*x freak back at Kepler.

“So tell me Abruzzi you of all people know that you shouldn’t interrupt when am busy”. Nicklaus said.

“I know boss, i waited for you to be done”.

“So What do you want? Have we ran out of supply?”. He Asked.

“No boss, one of the employee returned with her brothers”. Abruzzi said.

“What do we owe them”. Nicklaus asked.

“She said you humiliated her”.

“Oh…The one with the cat eyes and….”.

“Little b**b”. Abruzzi said and Nicklaus gave him an angry stare.

“Sorry boss”.

“How many are they?”.

“Three sir plus the Lady, four”. Abruzzi said.

“Hand Over My shirt”. Nicklaus said and Hyung Hee rushed out of the room with Nicklaus shirt.

He put it on and turned to Abruzzi.

“I don’t take shit Abruzzi, take out two of them and I’ll take care of the lady and one left”. Nicklaus said walking away.

He climbed down the stairs and there was the lady with the three huge men.

Nicklaus couldn’t help but chuckle.

She thought he was a random dude like every other person.

“You should have stayed put you know”. Nicklaus said with a wicked smile.

Two bullets from nowhere hits two of the men and they dropped down.

The third man quickly ran at Nicklaus but he pulled out a dagger from behind him and thrust it into the man’s belly.

Nicklaus pulled it out and he dropped to the ground.

“You brought your brothers against me?”. Nicklaus asked walking toward the lady.

“Please don’t Hurt me, they’re not my brothers”. The lady begged.

“Who are they?”. He Asked.

“Random gangster on the streets”.

She turned and made to run but there was Abruzzi caressing a gun at the entrance.

“Forgive me, I’ll do whatever you want, please… Don’t kill me”. She cried.



“You got no idea how cute Korean ladies look when they cry”. Nicklaus said and chuckled.

“They look sexy too”. Abruzzi said and Klaus stared at him angrily.

“Sorry boss”.

“Dispose the bodies in a ocean Abruzzi, you can use one of my car”. Nicklaus said walking away.

“What About the lady boss?”. Abruzzi asked and Klaus paused.

He Turned Back slowly and bite his lips.

“What can you do best apart from cooking?”. Nicklaus asked.

“I was a street racer and ….”.

“Enough. What’s your name?”. He Asked.

“Jai Mi”. She replied.

“Well Jai Mi you’re my new driver”. Nicklaus said.

She cleaned her tears and forced out a smile.

“Thank you”. She said.

“Boss”. Abruzzi corrected.

“Sorry, thank you boss”. Jai Mi said.

“Boss i found a black market that trade the guns we desire but cops are hanging around all over the place, trying to evade them with a vehicle might he difficult, S.K.P.D are quite good chasers”. Abruzzi said.

“Just Dispose this bodies I’ll take care of it”. Nicklaus said and Abruzzi nodded.

He carried one of the bodies and left.

Nicklaus turned to Jai Mi and she was frightened once again.

“So tell me Jai Mi how fast can you outrun cops?”. Nicklaus asked with a wicked smile.


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