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Frozen Love: Season 1 – Episode 39

Frozen Love

Frozen Love

Morgana raised her hands up slowly with an innocent look.

Nicklaus grabbed her from behind and placed his gun on her head.

“Let go of her now!”. The cops screamed pointing their guns but he had her as an hostage already.

“Nay.. Am in charge here, drop your guns or I’ll blow her fvcking brain out”.

Nicklaus commanded.

“Please”. Morgana begged.

The cops stared at themselves and slowly retreated their guns.

“You all move aside”. Nicklaus commanded pointing his gun to a group of cops at the right..

They quickly moved to the left and Nicklaus dragged Morgana forward using her as cover.

“You open the door of the vehicle”. Nicklaus said and the cop opened the door of Morgana’s Lamborghini.

“Move aside”. Nicklaus said as he open the back door still holding Morgana.

“Now”. He whispered into her ear.

He let go of her and dived onto the driver’s seat.

Morgana entered into the passenger’s seat and the doors closed up.

The cops quickly picked up their guns and fired at the vehicle as it reversed speedily and drove off.

“stupid cops!”. Morgana said as she found her way to the seat beside Klaus.

She pecked him on the cheek as he continued driving.

“i guess that was better than using my sword”. Nicklaus said.

“New rule Klaus, no killing of the innocent anymore.. Our insanity caused the dead of a lot of innocent people”. Morgana said. “What about your coffins? “. Nicklaus asked.

Well anyone in there deserves it, they’ll learn not to lost after me in their next life… I burn the coffins Klaus “. Morgana said.

You mean you won’t be putting me in there again? “. Nicklaus asked.

Common, when you’re in my heart i don’t need to put you in a coffin “. Morgana said as they approached the black market.

What do you say Morgana? “. Nicklaus asked.

I’ll say Hayato and his men ain’t innocent so… “. Nicklaus said as he stepped on the brake.

The gateman approached the vehicle to check out who’s in.

Finish them”. Morgana whispered.

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The door slides open and Nicklaus kicked away the man.

He moved to the back of the vehicle and opened the truck.

Nicklaus carried the AN94 rifle and handed over one to Morgana.

“Your favorite”. He whispered.

“Thanks honey, using this toys instead of our powers… Awful”. Morgana said.

They moved to the locked gate and Nicklaus kicked it with fire.

The gate dropped down flat raising dust that reduced visibility.

They slipped their fingers into the trigger and opened fire on the guards.. Nicklaus and Morgana bounced forward as they kept firing at different angle making circular turns.

Morgana was out of ammo and two men appeared from the left wanting to shot at her but Nicklaus drew her back and fired them down. “Am immortal Klaus”. Morgana said.

“I know”. he whispered.

Gunmen appeared from different angles all aiming their guns at them. “Coming into my empire, that the craziest thing Mr. Nicklaus “. Hayato said standing on a podium.

You should have known who you were dealing with Hayato “. Nicklaus said. Five monster trucks drove in speedily and the gun men on top opened fired on Hayato’s men.

The doors of the truck opened up and gangsters raced down all armed with dangerous rifles.

Oh Klaus, you never told me you were involving your gangsters”. Morgana said. “Don’t worry dear, i don’t want you to stress yourself you know”. Nicklaus whispered.

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Abruzzi and Jai Mi lead the gangsters as they formed perimeters firing at hayato’s people.

Of course there was casualty as some of the gangsters were unfortunately hit by bullets.

Hayato jumped out of his hiding and fired at Nicklaus who quickly took cover. “What’s the essence of hiding when you can’t be killed”. Morgana asked. “Don’t worry dear, am making his death an interesting and memorable one”. Nicklaus said.

He placed a kiss on her lips and pulled out the desert eagle behind him. He strafed out and fired and Hayato who took cover immediately.

“You wanna bite the hand which feed you Klaus, you’re an idiot”. Hayato cursed from his hiding.

“Don’t hide yourself bitch, show yourself and I’ll put a fvcking bullet in your brain”. Nicklaus said walking out.

“Am the lord of gangsters Nicklaus”. Hayato said.

“Good..i think i have a confession to make.. Aw… I had a night stand with your wife and it was really good”. Nicklaus said.

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Hayato was furious as he dashed out of his hiding. Nicklaus had the time to shot him but didn’t.

Hayato aimed at Klaus’ head and released two bullets. Nicklaus dropped to the ground and Hayato retreated his gun. Morgana quickly raced from her hiding and raised Nicklaus up. “Nooo”. She screamed.

“I never expected you two to be together”. Hayato said. “Keep quiet you bitch”. Morgana cursed out.

“Come be with me and I’ll forgive you for siding with this idiot”. Hayato said and Morgana grinned.

“You want to have a night stand with my one and only.. Hush.. I guess I’ll have to postpone my death for now”. Nicklaus said and it sent shock to Hayato.

Nicklaus rose up slowly pulling the bullets from his head. Hayato dropped his gun and took to his heels.

Morgana and Nicklaus chuckled as they bounced after him.

Hayato’s men quickly covered him firing at them but the bullet had no impact on them.

Abruzzi and Jai Mi appeared from behind and shot down hayato’s men.

Morgana and Nicklaus held hands and they walked on the death bodies.

Hayato raced to the sea behind the black market and entered into a speedboat .

That was when they appeared at the jetty watching his as he rode away.

“Shall I?”. Morgana asked.

“As you wish dear”. Nicklaus said.

Morgana raised her hand up and the entire sea rose up causing a wave which threw the speedboat back.

She clenched her fist and the waters iced causing Hayato to fall off the boat.

He landed in front of them and groaned in pain.

“You shouldn’t have bite more than you can chew Hayato.. I once thought of sparing you but stealing my tech and thinking of a night stand with my babe oh, grievous offense “. Nicklaus said.

What do you think I’ll fvcking beg you? “. Hayato said.


Hayato pulled out his dagger and made to stab Klaus but he caught Hayato’s hand.

“By your hands you die”. Nicklaus said and holding his own hand.

Nicklaus Forced the dagger into his chest and he gasped.

He dropped dead slowly to the ground.

Nicklaus recovered his tech plus everything else he needs and left with Morgana, Abruzzi and Jai Mi leaving the gangsters to finish the war. Yakiza was already at Nicklaus mansion waiting for them.

He completed the tech while Morgana created an ice barricade to stop the cops from gaining entrance.

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Jai Mi and Diana resolved to follow Nicklaus and the rest back to Kepler. Nicklaus was going to confess he was responsible for the pregnancy and she’ll be allowed back to Kepler while Jai Mi would be a new citizen there.

But the law was Nicklaus should get married to Diana but if the woman refuses to marry him then so be it, he’s free but will take care of the kids. Yakiza finished up the tech and pressed a red button on it.

A bright blue portal appeared and they all went it one after the other, Yakiza also followed after them since he’ll be a wanted criminal on earth.

They appeared at the xender desert and could feel the heat caused by the sun.

“Your planet is no different from earth”. Jai Mi said.

“You’ll get to like it”. Elisa said.

“Where’s this mom?”. Esther said pulling Diana’s hand.

“Home”. Diana whispered full of smiles.

Suddenly the entire place began to tremble like an earthquake was occur.

Unannounced a lightning like barricade separated them from Diana and her kids.

Nicklaus and Morgana tried to go through it but it shocked them really hard. A portal appeared behind Diana as she looked around wandering what was happening.

A sword thrust through her back from the portal and gasped as Nicholas stepped out.

The kids turned back and screamed out loud, they made to hold hands but a portal appeared behind them and jumped out Abruzzi grabbed Esther away. Claire made to move by her legs were stuck to the ground.

“No Nicholas you don’t have to do this”. Nicklaus begged.

“I can brother”. Nicholas said and pulled out the sword.

“Nooo!”. They all screamed.

Diana dropped dead to the ground.

“This the weapon to kill immortal Nicklaus but she’s not immortal… Why don’t we try it on father and see how it works”. Nicholas said with an evil laughter.

“You always thought the Dai Shi, council, Min Ho or Gwen was the evil all the whole time, no its your right hand man”. Nicholas said.

Abruzzi chuckled holding Esther who threw weak punches to break from his grip.

“You?”. Nicklaus said angrily.

“It’s been me the whole time boss…i was the one who used the charm on you to believe you killed Jason”. Abruzzi said.

“He was my plan B you know, not even betrayal called Dai Shi knows about him, i sent Gwen after him Just to seal the secret but as it went wrong i have him erase her memory, she was no use anymore “. Nicholas said.

I promise you brother I’ll rip you apart “. Nicklaus roared as he hit the barricade with fire but it became stronger.

Elisa screamed at it but nothing happened.

Do not not waste your strength brother.. Worry about me killing your kids really soon”. Nicholas said.

“No, you dare not”. Nicklaus shouted.

“Really”. Nicholas said and placed his sword on Claire’s neck.

“Go on your knees Klaus or your daughter joins her mother”. Nicholas said. Nicklaus clenched his fist angrily and dropped on his knees.

“Good”. He said retreating his sword.

Claire heaved heavily in tears.

“What do you want?”. Nicklaus screamed angrily.

“You have two choice Klaus, help me kill father or I’ll kill the thing you love most, your kids”. Nicholas said with an evil smile.


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